Rick the Dick – 2

Rick made his way to the bar to meet his appointment.  He anticipated the usual one-night stand and learned long ago that he didn’t attract repeat customers.  His clients were usually guests of Bordella members and very often wanted a “quickie.”  Rick’s regulars were all about getting down to business.  At first it was easy to give them what they wanted, he enjoyed it himself. But lately, well lately it was more difficult.  Rick didn’t like be treated as an object.  It was ironic, he felt working, not enjoying, was his penance.  Although, he wasn’t sure how much longer he would be working.  Rick lost his sense of compassion months ago and missed Laurie’s last two seminars.  Recently Laurie called him into her office.  He remembered it vividly. “Rick is everything okay?” she asked him. “Everything is fine.  Why wouldn’t it be?” he countered. “You are getting along with everyone?” Laurie questioned again. “Yes.” Rick clipped. “Okay.  I was just concerned.  I’d heard…” Laurie paused trying to phrase it correctly.  “Heard what?” “Nothing.  It’s nothing.  If you need anything let me know.”  “I don’t,” he turned, “but thanks Laurie.” He knew what she heard.  Laurie found out his infamous nickname “Rick the Dick.”  Originally it started with a couple of clients for obvious reasons.  The epithet kept him booked steady for almost three months.  It was also to blame for his attitude, which recently brought the title back again in a not so flattering form.  As his clientele became almost type-cast, he became further resentful towards his co-workers.  Rick couldn’t say anything.  He couldn’t admit he might not be able to handle the job. Rick was nearing the bar.  His note said blonde at the end of the bar.  As he walked in, Harry, the bartender, nodded over to a corner table with relaxed chairs.  She was sitting looking out the window.  As he approached, Rick took in the classic dress style.  Appearing very chic, holding a wine glass and twirling her index finger around the rim. Composed.  She looked like so many others-snobbish.  She turned her head and smiled, a warm inviting beam.  Her face was full and her eyes matched the night sky outside. Refreshingly Surprising.  “Caroline.”  Rick nearly forgot to breathe. “Rick?” The sparkling eyes turned inquisitive looking him over.  

“Yes.  I’m Rick.”  He started to sit down but Caroline rose to meet him shook his hand instead, by grasping it between her own. Rick couldn’t help it and chuckled. He saw humor in the situation.  When had that last happened?  Taking her small hand and lifting it to his lips, Rick noted that it went with a small frame.  She was barely under his chin.  He also noticed as his eyes roved her body along with her face were other round features to be admired. 

 “I’m sorry.  I’m new to this whole experience.  I should have stayed seated.”  Carline blushed, it spread down her neck and was a lovely shade of pink…. “No need to be sorry.  I’m here to hold your hand.” Rick said and gently lowered her back into the chair.  He took the chair opposite her. Rick looked forward to this evening.