Rick the Dick! – 3

Caroline watched as Rick seated himself across from her.  He wasn’t what she expected.  She specifically told Laurie not to tell her anything about him.  Caroline didn’t want assumptions to cloud her perception.  She knew Rick would be good looking but she didn’t want to hear that he was built like Fabio, The Rock or Lou Faregno.  He wasn’t.  Rick was tall and lean and he was strong judging by the muscles moving under his skin.  His blonde hair was short in a modified “high and tight” with the hair a little longer toward the front. His eyes were gray and originally unexpressive but now they seemed brighter and bluer.  Caroline was blushing and couldn’t help it.  Rick was handsome and probably knew it. Stop it Caroline!  She needed to stop pigeon-holing him.  In many ways this experience was good for her too.  It would serve as a reminder not to judge men based on their appearance.  “Caroline?”  Rick was waving his hands at her.  “Earth to Caroline.” “Sorry, like I said I’m new at this.” What was wrong with her?  She was a professional who dealt with men like Rick everyday. Why couldn’t she have a simple conversation?  “I like your shirt.” Rick looked at his shirt and back up at her grinning. “Thanks.”  “So what do you do?” The minute the words left her mouth, Caroline felt her cheeks flush. “What do you mean?” He grinned knowingly at her. “I mean….uh…hobbies, what kind of hobbies do you have.”

“Hobbies?”  The question seemed to catch him off guard. “Yes.  What do you like to do when you are not working?”  Caroline regained her composure by unsettling him.  She didn’t like to be out of control or feel insecure by having someone enjoy her embarrassment. “I like to fly.” “Oh you travel!”  Excitement flowed through her.  She very rarely got away from her practice to enjoy traveling. “Where have you been?” “You don’t understand.  I’m a private pilot, I don’t travel.  I fly.” “Oh.”  Caroline could feel herself losing control of the conversation again.  She felt about two inches high and began to understand why this man was Rick the Dick! Caroline fumbled to find the right words to regain control of the situation.  “Like I said, I’ve never really done this sort of thing before.” As she looked at Rick she noticed his attention drawn behind her.