Happy Halloween!

Okay I simply love Seth Green, there’s something about him.  I practically drool when he’s on film.  He may not be traditional eye-candy but I like to think he’s sweet enough to pass around.  🙂  So did you get a chance to vist all the sites on the trick or treat blog.  You should have visited:

  1. Savanna Kougar         http://www.kougarkisses.blogspot.com
  2. Nina Pierce              http://www.ninapierce.com/romanceblog
  3. Jeanne Barrack         http://jeanneworldsnewsletter.blogspot.com/
  4. Erotic Muses            http://eroticmuses.blogspot.com/
  5. Paige Tyler              http://paigetylertheauthor.blogspot.com/
  6. Kate Willoughby        http://katewilloughby.blogspot.com/
  7. Shara Lanel             http://sharalanel.wordpress.com/
  8. Stephanie Adkins      http://stephanieadkins.wordpress.com/blog/

Okay so now here’s my question out of all the sites listed above which one did you like the most and why? 

I’ll randomly select a winner for a free download of one of my books if you post an answer.

Don’t forget some lucky person will receive a grand prize as well if you visited and posted on each author’s Blog.



23 comments on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Great eye candy. As for picking a site I like the most, thats hard. Can I say all of them? No? Darn! Wellll..if I really have to pick just one I would say Nina Pierce’s blog. Why? I like all the pictures she has up on her blog. Both the eye candy ones in the post for today and the ones with her books. Out of all the author sites I clicked through, her pictures seemed to be the most striking to my eyes. I hope you understand what I mean. But really, again, its a hard pick. I so enjoyed going to everyone’s blog. Happy Halloween!


  2. Marcy Arbitman says:

    He’s (Seth) sooo cute! My favorite site was Erotic Muses’s. Happy Halloween, everyone!!


  3. I shoulda put more eye candy on my blog!!!


  4. Rebekah E says:

    Well I would have picked your because I have always thought Seth green is the cutes. Ever since his show Birds of Paradise. That is one amazing picture of him you have posted. But since your not on the list I guess I really like the eye-candy on Shara Lanel’s. This has been loads of fun thanks.


  5. Nina Pierce says:

    Hi Tina! I’m just swinging by to check out everyone’s eye candy. And it’s been a wonderful journey. I’m glad I don’t have to choose the best.


  6. Stephanie says:

    I have to say Stephanie’s (no relation LOL) made the most impression on my mind the black background with the white font is striking.

    I love Kate’s banner and the red back ground.I am partial to red anyway but I like the look of it! And I’ve always LOVE Jeanne’s blog decorated with all those Lovely shadow pegasus, as she knows 🙂


  7. Val says:

    Happy Halloween! And I loved them all butt (whew, too much eye candy! lol) BUT if I had to choose just one, I would probably Paige Tyler! She has some HAWT! (Yes, I am from the south) book covers. I had to stay on that site for a while. I have enjoyed the trick or treating. You have a great one!


  8. Debby says:

    Wow, hard to pick. I liked them all. But if I have to pick, I will say I enjoyed Shara’s but that is not fair to the others. I liked them too


  9. Kim S. says:

    Which ONE?? Well…that’s not fair! I can’t choose because I liked something different about all of them. Plus, I found some new-to-me authors!!

    Happy Halloween!!


  10. Patricia says:

    Shara Lanel’S I loved the outside pictures . one of the guys is from Criminal minds and so good looking. The wind mill behind the guy is a great picture showed just enough skin


  11. ann marie says:

    Hi, Happy Halloween.

    I liked seth as a werewolf on buffy, he just made you want to take home and cuddle up with. I liked Paige Tyler’s site she had supernatural on there, do i need to say anymore.
    I enjoyed the trick & treat blog run and even found a couple of new authors.


  12. I have to say I liked Savannah’s candy the most. What, am I the only die hard that made it this far???


  13. Lu says:

    Everyone had scrumptious eye candy, but my fave is Nina Pierce. She had great ideas to spice up all my meals, LOL!!!!



  14. Carolyn O says:

    Shara Lanel’s. She had a guy on there that just made me want to pounce like a pretty kitty would. Rarl!


  15. Lindsey Ekland says:

    Nina’s has choices for each part of the day. While Savannah’s good all day long.


  16. Dani K says:

    Seth green is such a cutie! You are so right about him.

    Honestly, I really can’t decide whose blog I liked the most because all of them had some excellent (and not to mention HOT) eye candy.


  17. Pollyanna says:

    Its a really hard choice to make. They are all fantastic. I have have to choose, it would be Stephanie Adkins’ – her eye candy are to die for!


  18. Valerie O. says:

    Seth is one of my favorite actors, yes he’s not traditional eye candy, but there is just something about hi that makes you want to cuddle him. As for a favorite site, I loved them all. Kate had a pic of Jensen Ackles and Shara had an eye candy pivc that made me cuss the photographer for cropping it, but like the books all of the sites are fun and entertaining.

    Valerie O.


  19. Please, please don’t ask me to choose. I love them all.

    I have to admit that the Criminal Minds guy is HOT!


  20. Krissy says:

    I like Seth Greeen too.


  21. Michelle B. says:

    If I have to pick one my favorite would be Savanna Kougar’s because she had two of my favorite sweets…Adrian Paul & Tyr from Andromeda….

    I really your enjoy your contribution to our overindulgence in this sugary goodness….


  22. Cynthya says:

    I liked Kate Willoughby’s site because I found a book I just have to have (but I have to wait because it isn’t out until Nov. 26.) I really enjoyed all the great photos on the sites.


  23. Rain says:

    Seth always seems like a lot of fun no matter what role he plays.

    I really can’t decide which blog is best. Although I liked the Supernatural pics on Paige Tyler’s blog.


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