Saturday Sexcerpt – In Alien Arms

Etienne has given us a short excerpt from   In Alien Arms 

All Etienne’s work contains Ménage, m/m, light bondage, toys, anal, and some rough sex . 

Like that would stop you from reading on naughty boys and girls….


In Alien Arms

The bathroom was old, tiny but clean, and it didn’t take much to steam it up. I stepped to the stall and pulled the translucent shower curtain back. Sophie was standing under the spray with her eyes closed.

 “Want some company?” I asked. She jumped at the sound of my voice, turning to look at me. She was truly beautiful. Curves where they should be, soft and rounded, not like these models and actresses who were so skinny you could count their ribs.

 She looked around, puzzled. “Where’s…”

 “Desah?” I cut her off, smiling.

 “Right here,” Desah looked around the other end of the shower curtain.

 We got into the shower with her. It was a tight fit and I turned her to face Desah, my hands sliding over her wet skin. “Ever had a three-way?” I asked in a low whisper. She shook her head. “Ever been ass fucked?” She gasped and shook her head again. I licked her ear and kissed just behind it. “Want it?”

 She nodded slowly, “Oh yes…” I smiled and winked at Desah.

 Desah joined in, taking her hands and putting them on his shoulders. She nodded and he leaned in to kiss her. I moved down to the crook of her neck and kissed there. She shivered.

I almost hate teasers but I love that Etienne has shared his talented style with us this week.  Here is a short blub for his time traveler series over at Mojocastle press!

Time Traveler: An Erotic Trip Into The Past


Caught up in his Uncle’s intrigues Cody is swept into the past. The only problem is his Uncle’s time machine doesn’t work quite right. He’s never sure where or when he’ll be when he jumps. All Cody wants is to get home and back to his life, but the Time Police have different plans and now they’re after him.

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  1. Tina & Etienne: Thanks for the excerpts! IN ALIEN ARMS sounds really interesting. Teaser blurbs are great because they just force me to go searching for more because I want to know what happens next. I’ll definitely check out the link in a moment.

    On a side note: It’s hilarious to see what Word Press perceives as posts related to this topic. Above the comment field, Word Press has links to articles on Poop, vomit and other “fun” parenting stuff, as well as the police. Go figure.


  2. Tina Holland says:

    Thanks for visiting Michelle! Be Naughty be very naughty.



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