Saturday Sexcerpt

This one is from Saving Jenna one of Voilet Summers new Paranormals!

Jenna waited in silence, like she did most nights in her dreams. Tucked away from the real world, here she was safe, protected and cared for. Even if he was only imaginary, her dream lover gave her the comfort she so desired.

Nico, she’d screamed his name in pleasure in more than one erotic dream. He came to her nightly, bringing pleasure and comfort and the escape from reality she so desperately needed.

Jenna looked around. Tonight she was in a bedroom that looked like something out of a gothic novel. The walls were made of stone. A fireplace twice her height covered one wall, providing heat and low lighting, and casting eerie shadows on the wall.

Jenna knew this was a dream and would last for only a short time, but these dreams were her saving grace from the evil she witnessed on a daily basis. She closed her eyes, imagining him there with her.

Strong hands gently came down on her shoulders, hot breath whispered along her neck.

“You look ravishing tonight, My Lady.”

Jenna leaned her head back. She loved it when he called her his Lady, or his woman. He was possessive, something Jenna had never experienced before. A plus-sized gal whose father rarely let her out of his sight, her social skills were almost nil. The brief affair she’d had with one of her father’s cronies ending almost before it began. After taking her virginity, the man treated her cruelly, afraid she would tell her father about what they’d done. He certainly hadn’t ever been possessive. Jenna decided that sex was extremely overrated.

His mouth grazed her earlobe. “I have missed you.” His dark-velvet voice caressed her while his cool hands drew circles around her shoulders and down her arms.

“I can tell,” she whispered, smiling at the feel of his cock as it rode the crack of her ass through her elegant dress. Her body ripened with his simple touch. It was hard to find her voice. She sighed as his full lips found her neck, sliding slowly over the sensitive length. His arms came around her, pulling her back against his solid chest. “You smell delicious,” he growled, nipping the delicate skin at her nape.

“Do I, now?” She pushed her ass against him and wiggled. His cock pressed even harder against her soft derriere, and she smiled. “You’re a bad boy, Nico,” Jenna was amazed at how good it felt to be carefree. There was little room for such feelings in her real life.

“Say it again.” He licked a hot path down her neck to just under her ear. “Say my name again.”

Jenna put her hands up, winding them around his head pulling his mouth further onto her neck. “Nico.” Her voice faded as he bit lightly into her flesh, nipping, and then soothing with his wicked tongue.

She loved it when he kissed her neck. It sent tingles of electricity straight to her pussy. The first time he’d kissed her there, she’d nearly come from that sensation alone, it was so pleasurable, a new erogenous zone for her.

She threaded her fingers through his hair, pulling his mouth tighter to her neck. He moaned deeply as he took her skin between his teeth and sucked hard.

“Mark me,” she whispered, and was rewarded with his low groan vibrating against her skin. “I want to wear your mark, to show the world I belong to you.”

“Oh Jenna, I need you.” His rough voice tickled her neck.

“You make me feel beautiful,” she said, her hands sliding up the front of his white silk shirt, savoring the ripple of hard muscles under her palms.

He cupped her jaw, tracing the edge with his rough fingertips. “Never doubt that you are indeed beautiful, absolutely the most beautiful woman in the world.”

She sighed and blinked up at him. “How can you possibly be this perfect?” She shook her head and laughed bitterly. “Of course you are. This is my dream. It makes total sense that you would be perfect.” she murmured when he’d released her lips. Tall and hard, his thick arms and thighs were roped with muscle. While the strength and sheer size of him was impressive, it was his face that captured Jenna.

Sculpted as if from marble, smooth and flawless, a face like that should never have worked on a man as big as he. Somehow, though, it fit him perfectly.

His nose was straight and strong. Thick black lashes framed a set of the palest blue eyes Jenna had ever seen. They were hypnotizing in their intensity. Those eyes held Jenna enthralled. Looking into their crystalline depths, she could see his very soul if she looked deeply enough.

Nico pulled her close, kissing the top of her head. “Beloved, I love your body. Your curves entice me. Your soft skin satisfies me more than any lover I have known.” He leaned back to meet her eyes and Jenna smiled feebly. “Open your eyes for me Jenna, I am real and waiting for you to open your eyes.”

Is it hot in here or what?  I think I need a glass of water.

Saving Jenna

Saving Jenna