Saturday Sexcerpt – Honor Within by Mima

Honor Within

Honor Within

Here’s a scene from Honor Within where Burke finally gives in and begins to make love to Nomi.





When he reached his lair, he sat at the bottom of the stairs. He held his hand out in front of him, memorizing the human shape of it. His dick had hardened in the last hour knowing, despite his best efforts to trick it, who waited for him. Was this the hand of a man with honor? He tightened his fingers into a fist. Was this going to remain a human hand, firmly under his control? He was tired to his very bones.

Control. Control. Control. Spreading his fingers again, he stared at them until his eyes burned, willing them to hold steady despite cat’s pacing and slashing. They did. Hands. The hands he could control. He would. He would give into the need, but he would hold to his honor.

Standing, he went to Nomi. The scent he’d first tasted while walking past the Farm to gather his supplies at the solstice had stopped him in his tracks. It always would. She’d loosened her hair. Burke took off his clothes, and the cat began to fight. She stretched, humming sleepily. One small, strong hand seemed to reach for him, sliding from the furs before relaxing. No. If she touched him, he would go mad. The slightest movement away from him might push him over. The warm smell of her rose up, mingled with his scent left in the furs. His dick ached. He wanted her so badly. Her body against his would be a benediction. It would be hope.  Control the cat. He picked up last night’s tormenting ropes, and the cat drained him at the thought of using them. He took Nomi’s slack hands and quickly tied them, then rested them over her head and tied the rope off to the headboard, holding them there. The cat attacked him. Burke swallowed through nausea, breathed through the blinding pain, and tied her ankles. She had enough give to move, but not to shift away. She arched lazily, and blinked her eyes open. He doused the magelights, but she relit them.  Tugging her arms, she licked her lips. “A variation,” she murmured huskily.

He pulled the fur off her body. Curves, golden skin on her shoulders, neck and arms, paler skin down her torso. Her body was tightly muscled, but not slender.

“Nomi. My Nomi. You have a strong body to match your strong spirit.” He hovered his hand over her belly, looking at the bounty he’d dreamed of. Her skin had tormented him, forbidden.

Her breasts immediately erupted in goose flesh, nipples stabbing tall, thickening.

“Finally. Yes.” Her voice was low, eager.

“I remember watching you from the window.” His hand coasted up the heat of her without contact, hovering at the fragile skin pulled taut between her large breasts.

“Do you like watching?”

“No. I like touching.” He reached out and pressed her breast with his hand, curling his fingers into her softness. The image and the sensation combined to explode through his body. His dick leaked. “Your breasts are gorgeous.”

“So are you. Touch me some more.”

Her tone pleaded, but the phrase was an order, and the cat went insane. The world narrowed down to his hand, steady, human, her nipple stabbing his palm. Taking his hand away made his shoulder ache.

Swallowing, there wasn’t enough moisture in his throat to speak. His gaze drifted to her nipple, brown and tight. The slope of her breast, the gathering weight of it bulging on one side. Saliva burst into his mouth.

“You want this. For me to take you.”

It wasn’t a question but she understood. Her body writhed restlessly, not pulling on the ropes, but presented by them. “I want you to fuck me, deep and freely. I’ve been waiting for this for months. Test yourself. Do whatever little proof of will you require for us to move forward together, before I combust with want of your beautiful body.”

He picked up a soft fabric shirt of his, and loosely draped it over her head.


“Don’t talk.”Crap, his voice was low, and scratchy. No doubt his eyes had bled green. He was losing it.

“All right.”

That was talking but he didn’t rebuke her because her tone was so softly submissive it made him shudder. He wanted to touch her again, lick her nipples as she’d done to him.  He wanted to touch her ribs and belly, and swallow her like she’d done to him. He wanted her to feel as desired, to watch her shatter in pleasure again. He wasn’t going to be able to do it. His hands were shaking.


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  1. kate willoughby says:

    This is a really nice excerpt, Mima. 🙂 I enjoyed it even if I was a bit confused.


  2. Nice job of building the tension.

    Loved the interview as well!


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