Saturday Sexcerpt – In Her Defense by Denise Agnew

Here’s an excerpt from IN HER DEFENSE, the second story in the HEART OF JUSTICE story and the next novel releasing from Liquid Silver Books

She turned away and decided to make a pit stop in the restroom. As she came around a corner, she ran full force into a solid body and started to bounce back. She let out a startled sound as her pulse fluttered and her heart banged against her ribs. Two big hands clasped her upper arms to steady her, and she ended up plastered to a tall, hard body. Her heart did a little stutter and leap of relief as she recognized him.


His fingers caressed her arms, but his face remained a grim mask. “Hey, I’m sorry. You okay?”

She grinned. “I’m fine.”

The intimate press of their bodies played havoc with her libido. Every leanly-carved sinew reminded Celeste that she wasn’t immune to a healthy dose of pure male testosterone in a gorgeous package.

He heaved a deep breath and released it slowly, as if he tried to restrain himself.

From doing what?

Mick’s touch slipped up to her ribcage, the movement of his fingers startling a shiver of enjoyment from her.

A stirring of white-hot need developed in her belly. She caught a slight whiff of musky delicious aftershave. He looked fresh, put together, and yet the animal in him hovered around the edges. He released her, and some of the tension ebbed away.

Mick’s gaze skated over her from head to toe, his attention blatantly admiring. “I didn’t know you were going to be at this party.”

She shrugged. “Why should you know?”

His eyes, so crystalline and as mysterious as the deepest sea, boiled with either perturbation or passion and it stirred a primitive reaction in her deepest being. “Because if I’d have known you planned to attend, I would have offered to pick you up.”

“I saw you earlier, but then I thought maybe you’d left the party.”

“Hell, no. Maria has the best parties in town.” His eyes twinkled with amusement. “What’s up?”

“A couple of things.”

His eyes narrowed, and he looked around as two people walked down the hall, laughing and appearing somewhat inebriated.

“Can we talk somewhere more private?” she asked, not wanting anyone else to be privy to her business.

“Come this way.” He clasped her and pulled her into the guest room. He flipped on the light and closed the door.

Large and well appointed, the big room invited visions of cozy nights curled up on the king sized four-poster bed with a lover.

He placed his hands on his hips. “Okay, shoot. What did you want to talk about?”

She took a deep breath. “It’s Darrell.”

He let out a puff of air. “Great. What’s he done now?”

She explained the phone calls and the fact she’d made a report with the city police, and Mick’s grave expression turned icy.

“Son-of-a-bitch,” he said the sound harsh and certain. “You should have called me like I asked you to.”

His imperious tone irritated her. “What could you do? I mean…it’s not like I know where he is so you can go and talk with him. Like I said, I put in a report with the city police.”

His eyes calmed, his mouth softening. “You’re right. I can’t talk some sense into him if I don’t know where he is.”

“I didn’t want to bother you when I know you can’t do anything about Darrell’s idiocy.”

“No, I can’t, but…” He took a deep breath. “Keep his phone messages just in case. You might need it for evidence and for the phone company.”

She grimaced. “I was so angry that I erased the messages he left on my cell and home phone.”


“I wasn’t thinking.”

He clasped her shoulder. “No sweat. Just record them from now on. And if you answer the phone and it’s him, hang up immediately. Don’t engage him in conversation, okay?”

Feeling safer and more reassured, she brushed her fingers down his shoulder to his powerful bicep. Then she released him.

His breath drew inward, slowly and deeply, and then he edged nearer. “What else did you want to say?”

“I thought about what you said Friday night.” She dared to take the next bold step that would leave him in no doubt she wanted their intimate connection to continue. “That I needed to decide what I wanted.”

His gaze went hot as she inched nearer. “And?”

She slipped her hand along his muscular chest. As she explored in pure pleasure, his gaze burned with obvious intent. Sparks of electricity danced over her skin. Their noses almost brushed. His warm breath touched her lips.

“This. I want this,” she said.

Celeste reached up and clasped the back of his head, urging him down. She brought his mouth to hers.

With a groan, he hauled her up against him. His mouth twisted over hers, ravenous, tasting like chocolate as he plunged into the kiss with feral possession. With deep tongue thrusts, he left no doubt that he wanted more. Her heart thumped heavily, her skin tingled. Her mind shouted with a primal joy.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Mick tore his lips from hers, his gaze holding the scorching passion of a man who didn’t want to stop at one explosive kiss.

Voices sounded outside the doorway.

“Damn it,” he said in a low whisper.

Before she could make a sound, he grabbed her hand and tugged her toward the walk-in closet.

“What are we–” she started to say.

He urged her into the closet, snapped on the light and closed the door. A wild, forbidden thrill coursed through her. Oh.

Celeste got the impression of bright clothes and a shoe rack with a dozen pairs of shoes of all different colors. As he loomed over her, she forgot everything but his fresh masculine scent and potent male presence. His muscled frame tantalized her and crumbled her ability to stay indifferent. Her libido became an infuriating traitor, wreaking havoc with sensibility.

She fell into the moment, excitement snatching her breath away.

“You kissed me,” he said matter-of-factly.

She smiled crookedly. “Yes, I did.”

Mick looked like a man ready to start an inquisition. She blinked, surprised they’d ended up here, and wondering at his nerve. At the same time, she couldn’t squelch the thrill bubbling to the surface. She’d never surrendered to crazy impulse like this until now.

Only her fantasies were this wild.

“What are we doing here?” She felt a tad breathless. “I’m not sure Maria would like this.”

His grin turned sinful and sexy. “Then we’d better be quick.”

She responded to his playfulness with a smile of her own. “Are you sure this isn’t illegal, officer?”

“It’s probably illegal somewhere.” He nuzzled her temple. God, Celeste, I’ve been thinking about you.”

Secretly thrilled, she said, “Really? I tried not to think of you.”

“Did it work?”

“No. Then I made the mistake of turning on the news and I saw the SWAT team.”

Wariness filled his eyes. “The drug bust.”


He tilted his head slightly to the side. “How did you feel when you saw the report?”

“I’ll admit it. It scared me. The thought of anything happening to you scares me.”

He moved in, cradling her head in his big palms. “You care about me?”

She slipped her hands onto his taut waist. “I cared about you ten years ago when I walked away.” Unexpectedly, tears stung her eyes. “I’ve always cared for you. We were such good friends when we were kids. Can we be friends again?”

His eyes were warm and soft as he smiled. “Yes.” His fingers slipped through her hair, cupping the back of her neck. “You know what I’ve done every night when I’ve gone home? Even when I’ve had one hell of a day?” He kissed her nose, then her forehead, each exquisite brush of skin-to-skin a tender touch. “I’ve jumped in the shower and closed my eyes and wondered what it would feel like to be inside you.” His voice went low and throaty. “It’s driving me nuts.”

She flushed, arousal rising inside like a wave. She smiled, trembling deep inside and wanting his caresses, his kisses. “I think I like the sound of that. Big, tough cop under my spell.”

Thanks Denise for sharing you time with us this week. 

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  1. Gem Sivad says:

    This is an excerpt that makes it hard not to have the rest of the story right now! Isn’t this one by Denise up for an EPPIE?
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  2. Gem Sivad says:

    Oops! Wrong Denise but this could be next year’s EPPIE winner.

    Gem amended.


  3. Hi Gem! Thanks for asking about IN HER DEFENSE. I didn’t final in the EPPIES this year…oh, well. But I may enter IN HER DEFENSE for the next time. 🙂

    Glad the excerpt made you want to read more.

    Denise A. Agnew


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