Saturday Sexcerpt – Blue Moon Rising

Today Naughty Boys and Girls we will read an excerpt from Nina Pierce’s “Blue Moon Rising” part of the “Furry Fluffy and Wild” Anthology. 


Jayda Kynslan sauntered into the Whip and Bull Tavern wanting only two things: a cold beer and a hot cock. The first she hoped would ease the heavy ache in her chest. The second would be attached to a good-looking man who would replace the images of the jackass who’d broken her heart. This whole road trip to the high mountains of Montana had been a knee-jerk reaction to the asshole’s selfishness. Jayda shook her head, clearing away thoughts of the friggin’ pig of a manwhore. She didn’t want to go there tonight. This night was about getting a little buzz and a lot of sex.


Her first objective was only as far away as the bar on the other side of the room. But weaving her way through the handful of empty tables, her red cowboy boots crunching on the peanut shells strewn on the marred floor, Jayda realized finding someone to fulfill the second thing on her wish list wasn’t going to be as easy. She’d picked a bad night to go cruising for male flesh in a nearly empty bar that seemed to cater to the college crowd.


Plunking her voluptuous ass on one of the padded barstools, Jayda lifted her hand to the bartender. Some might consider Jayda fat, but she liked to think of her size-sixteen frame as curving in all the right places. Why men would go for the little waifs with nothing to hold on to, like the petite blonde behind the bar, was beyond her understanding.


“Bud Lite,” she said to the female bartender, who looked only slightly less bored than she felt at the moment. Except for football season, which had already passed, Jayda figured Monday nights, even in a cowboy town like Lonesome Fork, weren’t really big tavern nights for most people.


The woman’s ponytail swayed as she set down the bottle, offered a glass, which Jayda refused, and slid over the bowl of peanuts. Jayda hadn’t eaten since lunch–just before leaving the clinic. Anticipation had kept her driving through the mountains, but now her stomach rumbled, reminding her she hadn’t bothered to fix herself dinner before leaving the cabin, either. Grabbing a handful of nuts, she scanned the reflections of the patrons in the mirror behind the bar, searching for possible targets.


Tonight, she decided, would be her last go-around with the opposite sex–unadulterated, uncomplicated coitus with a complete stranger. A nice memory to hold onto in the quiet of the night when she was alone in her bed. She didn’t want to need a man. She was a successful vet in a big practice–it should be enough.


After tonight, she’d spend the week in solitude at her friend’s mountain cabin, mending her shredded heart, and planting her feet solidly on the path to celibacy. Obviously, two weeks drowning her sorrows with tears hadn’t helped. Men, she’d come to believe, were nothing but scumbags of trouble on the garbage heap of misery. The sooner she cleared them from her mind, the happier she’d be.


Jayda had chosen this evening’s outfit to accent her best features. Her ass was swaddled in her favorite pair of soft Levi’s, and her cleavage was displayed quite nicely in the white cashmere sweater. Her clothes definitely announced, “I’m yours for the taking.”


She hadn’t wanted to mess with the corkscrew curls of her hair while traveling the ninety minutes from her condo in Blackfish Springs to the cabin in Lonesome Fork, so she’d pulled the whole mess into a long French braid. The thick tail of black curled over her shoulder and draped invitingly over her breast.


Unable to make out faces in the murky light of the tavern, Jayda gave up on her sly inspection of the clientele and kicked the stool a half turn. Leaning one elbow on the padded edge of the bar, she casually sipped her beer, assessing her chances of getting laid.

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AuThursday – Nina Pierce

Q: What got you interested/started in writing?

I’ve just always written. I kept diaries and wrote plays when I was in elementary and middle school. But it was a high school teacher who insisted we keep journals and write every day that really helped me realize how much I love putting words together and create stories. I began really focusing on poetry at that time. Then when my children were born I kept journals in first person of the things they were doing. It’s just something that has been with me.

Q: How long have you been writing?
Seriously writing? About 3 ½ years now. I’m a science teacher by education, but my health made teaching impossible. That’s when I decided I could turn a hobby into a new career. Boy, have I learned a lot since those first days sitting at the computer. But with every book I seem to be enjoying it more and more.

Q: What advice would you give to writers just starting out?
Writing is the easy part. Finding a publisher is hard. I’m sure every writer says it … don’t give up. Finish that book and then keep submitting until someone accepts it for publication. Even the big name authors accumulated LOTS of rejections.

In the meantime, take advice to improve your manuscript only if it works for you and ignore the rest. I’m not sure there are two writers with exactly the same process for getting a story down on paper. What works for some, like plotting every detail, may not work for someone who writes by the seat of their pants. Once you have the story finished, don’t necessarily let every critique change your story. Weigh and measure advice to improve your story.

But did I mention … never give up on your dream. Keep pushing forward. Believe in yourself even if others don’t.

Q: Do you ever suffer from writer’s block? If so, what do you do about it?
Only about every week. *vbg* I have different techniques that help me get through it. Often if I’m stuck it’s because I don’t know my characters or my story. Which means I jump in the shower or take a drive. You think I’m kidding? Seriously, for some reason running water or traffic helps me work through a tough dilemma. If that doesn’t work I’ve been known to skip to a scene that I know will happen in the next chapter. Then I can go back and write to that scene.

If neither of those things work I switch to another story and work on that for awhile. I also love to “flash”. (Oh, get your mind out of the gutter people.) These are short, 100 word stories. They don’t have to connect, but they’re usually written on a specific theme. Free-writing like this will often get my creativity going and I can go back and focus on my story.

Q:  When you are writing, who is in control? You or your characters?
Now that’s an interesting question. Since I channel my characters I’d like to say me. But the fact is, I hear them and see them moving and interacting in my head. I simply translate that “movie” to the page. So they’re in charge?

Q:  Do you have a favorite hero in all your books? For any particular reason?
Don’t tell my other guys, but my first hero, Brenimyn from The Healer’s Garden. He had been in my head for so long that I knew him long before he made an appearance on the page. He’s a conglomeration of all the heroes I fell in love with when I was a kid. Not only is he absolutely adorable with blond hair and blue eyes, but he’s just so sweet and gentle and loving … oh, and absolutely the best kisser! And his hands? Well, they can wipe a stray tear or simply wrap your hand in his and make you feel safe. Oh, yeah, Brenimyn’s my guy.

Q:  What is the HOTTEST LOVE SCENE you have written to date and why?

Oh, you’ve asked an erotic author that question? I’d like to think my love scenes are all filled with emotion and very hot sex. But I’m working on a new book now that is my first ménage, M/F/M. I’m pretty sure the keyboard’s gonna be smokin’ on that one!

Q:  I know you’ve written a story, “Shadows of Fire,” for the upcoming Hearts Afire (Fireman) Series with Liquid Silver Books in the Coming Soon Section.  When a new book comes out, have you ever been nervous over readers’ reaction to it? How much does reader reaction mean to you as an author? What do you hope readers get from your books?
I fall in love with all my stories while I’m writing them (and Shadows of Fire is no exception) and of course I hope readers do the same. I’m nervous every time a book is released. I’m learning so much about myself and the writing process. I hope every book I release is that much better than the one before. So hearing from a reader who tells me how much they enjoyed one of my books makes my week! It’s so much better than a five star review, because I’m not writing for review sites, I’m writing to entertain readers.

Q: What do you think is the biggest misconception in erotic romance fiction?
I think people who don’t read erotic romance believe that it’s nothing but sex. I think of my story as a romance or love story (and often a suspense plot) first. It’s all about the relationship between the man and the woman. When I’ve got an interesting plot and love story then I simply throw open the bedroom doors (which actually is a figure of speech since my characters seem to have sex everywhere but the bed *g*) and let the reader enjoy the sexual experience. There’s a lot that goes on in the love scenes between the hero and heroine, they also become an integral part of the story. Erotic romance plots are intricate and complicated. I think sometimes people don’t understand that.

 Q: Are you working on any books/projects that you would like to share with us? (We’d love to hear all about them!)
Oh, I’ve always got projects going. I’m working on a shifter series that will include ménages between cougars and wolves. But I don’t have enough information to share any more than that. And if I can pull the story idea together I’d like to submit another story to LSB’s firemen series. That’s looking to be a hot series … all the way around. I do have my first book coming out with Ellora’s Cave in May 2009, titled Divine Deception. It’s part of their “fruit” series and takes place on a vineyard in western NY. And of course, you already mentioned Shadows of Fire from Liquid Silver, which is a vampire firefighter story also coming out in May 2009.


Q:  Where can readers find you on the World Wide Web? 






Thanks for joining us today Nina.  Come back on Saturday when Nina will be sharing an excerpt from The Furry, Fluffy and Wild Anthology “Blue Moon Rising”

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Saturday Sexcerpt – The Virtuous Vampire

The Virtuous Vampire

The Virtuous Vampire

Today’s Excerpt is from The Virtuous Vampire, by Monette Michaels and currently available at Liquid Silver Books:

Pale light tickled Abbie’s eyelids. Blinking sleepily, she opened her eyes. The view from where she lay was of a large lake, lined with trees and the occasional house clinging to the rocky hillsides leading down to the body of water. It had to be Lake Travis; it was the largest lake in the area with such rugged terrain.

She snuggled into the warmth surrounding her. Her rear end touched a long hard object. An object which twitched when she moved against it.

“Have mercy, little cat,” a husky, sleep-warmed voice whispered against her ear. “If you keep wiggling your cute little butt, I can’t be held responsible for what happens next. I’m a mere man, you know, and you are temptation defined.”

“Luc?” Abbie turned within the circle of his arms. What was she doing in Luc’s bed? What was he doing in it with her?

She vaguely recalled being handed over to Van, and Luc kissing her. Then nothing, until now. She hated being out of control for even a second, let alone hours.

His golden eyes glowed at her like twin suns, warming her and coaxing an answering smile. “How are you feeling?” He kissed the tip of her nose. “You’re peeling a little right there. Looks like the visit to Van’s tomorrow will be needed.” He swept a hand down her back and pulled her toward him.

She winced. A small pain-filled moan escaped her lips before she could control it.

Luc frowned as he pulled the covers down to their waists. Before she knew what he was doing, he had stripped whatever she wore off. His hands slid over her shoulders, cursing at the claw marks. His hands continued on down her arms, then over to her chest, breasts, and on down below.

“Luc! Don’t…” Her protest was cut off by a full-body shiver as his touch sent a frisson of lust to her loins. It was as if he were claiming her, inch-by-inch.

“You’ve got some burns, not serious. Probably from the heat of the fire.” He swore under his breath. She couldn’t catch the words but knew they were vile by the tone in his voice.

Now, he retraced the path his fingers had taken with his lips. She moaned at the sensations he created. She swore her toes curled with desire. No one had ever made her feel this way before. Every other man’s touch was one of a clumsy boy compared to Luc’s mastery.

“Luc, please.”

“Please what, little cat? Please stroke and pet you until you beg me to make you mine?” he whispered right before he took her left nipple into his mouth. Releasing it, he said, “Or, please stop? Which is it, Abbie?” He nipped at the nipple, then kissed it before licking his way down her ribs to her navel.

With a surge of strength she didn’t know she possessed, she shoved him onto his back and straddled him. She braced herself on his shoulders with her hands and proceeded to kiss the tip of his nose, then mimicked on his body the route he’d taken on hers.

“Have mercy, little cat,” he groaned. His sharp inhalation when she licked his flat nipples told her he, too, felt the sensations to his very toes and back again.

“Does this answer…” she licked his six-pack abs, “…your question?” She punctuated her query with a stab of her tongue in his navel, then took a path further south to the long hard rod which had poked her awake and started it all.

A growl reminiscent of a hungry beast warned her she had her answer. Let the petting and stroking begin in earnest.

Copyright, 2009, Monette Michaels.

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AuThursday – Monette Michaels aka Rae Morgan

Congrats Naughty Girls (and Boys)!  You are in for a treat today.  It’s a two for one.  We have Monette Michaels who also writes as Rae Morgan joining us today.  Let’s get to it shall we?

Q: How long have you been writing?

Since 1997.         


Q: What advice would you give to writers just starting out?

First, write.  Get your ideas on paper.  Then comes the important part, get your writing out there, be it in a writing group or with critique partners or even a creative writing class.  By getting feedback, you’ll see what areas of your writing that need to be worked on.  Learn to self-edit – – hone your craft.

Q: Do you ever suffer from writer’s block? If so, what do you do about it?

Yes!  Life intrudes – – personal and business lives often sap all my energy and I have nothing left for my creative side.  When life happens, there is not much I can do.  In order to write, I need to be able to dream – – and when my life is stressful, I don’t dream or if I do, I can’t recall them.  What do I do?  I try to get my life back on track so I can write.  Once the other issues are out of the way, I have no trouble writing.  Each person has to learn how to deal with writer’s block.  I have no pearls of wisdom. 

Q: How did you deal with rejection letters, if you received any?

Oh yeah, I have received a lot of them.  Most of them were positive rejections in that they complimented my writing but felt that my work did not fit into their particular agency or publishing house.  How do I deal?  I put them in a file and go on.  Someone out there will like what I write – I have been lucky in finding two publishes who liked all the things I write.  I’m pretty loyal and so I stick with the people who stick by me.  If Fate happens to throw another publisher in my way (or an agent), I’ll consider it.  For now, I really don’t need to put my work out there, I am happy where I am.

Q: What, in your opinion, are the most important elements of good writing?

There are all styles of writing.  I am a tight writer so for me plotting and voice are important since I don’t do a lot of flowery embroidering with lengthy descriptive narrative as in historicals or literary fiction.  Self-editing is extremely important.

Q: How do you develop your plots and characters? Do you use any set formula?

No set formula.  I am a pantser.  I usually dream about a beginning of a story.  The characters develop as needed, then they often take over.  LOL.  Once I have the first two or three chapters down (this takes the longest for me, usually), then the rest of the story flows.  There are times I will do a plot-point outline, which is an outline that identifies the main points which I have to hit before I type The End.  But this outline is very basic, just a few words or a sentence or two stating what has to happen.

Q: What tools do you feel are must-haves for writers?

As in physical tools or mental tools?  I’ll take it literally as physical tools.  A computer is, of course, essential.  Word processing programs allow ease of editing and cutting and pasting just in case a scene in Chapter Three needs to go to Chapter Six.  A good dictionary, thesaurus and a Style Manual.  I do not rely on the built-in dictionaries, thesaurus or grammar suggestions in the word processing programs because they are not complete.  I like the American Heritage dictionary, Roget’s Thesaurus and the Chicago Manual of Style.  Another tool – a good set of critique buddies.  I love constructive criticism and good crit buddies give only constructive criticism.  I also have a small group of beta-readers for the finished draft.

Q: Are you working on any books/projects that you would like to share with us? (We’ d love to hear all about them!)

I just submitted the first book in a proposed science fiction romance series to Liquid Silver Books.  It is called Prime Obsession, Book 1 in the Prime Chronicles.  The story is about the oldest humanoid race in the Milky Way Galaxy facing extinction.  The stories will feature Prime males searching for mates outside their particular species and finding them where they least expected. There will be a subplot in all the stories about a radical faction on the home planet who wants to keep the Prime species pure even if it means they become extinct.

I have a romantic suspense book written as Monette Michaels for Atlantic Bridge, Vested Interests, which I have completely revised and added new scenes for Liquid Silver’s Sterling line.  It is in edits now.  The heroine is a lawyer whose life is threatened and the man who loves her and vows to protect her. 

Finally, I am working on the first in the Talisman books for the Terran Realm, an urban fantasy shared universe I created for Liquid Silver Books.  The book is called Earth Awakened and features Lily Redfern, an Earth Keeper, who finds she is the prophesied Talisman who will save the Earth from disasters threatening to destroy all life on the planet. 

Q: If you could leave your readers with one legacy, what would you want it to be?

The good guys win and romance endures.

Q: Where can readers find you on the World Wide Web?

I have two sites since I write under two names:

Rae Morgan writes sexier romantic suspense.

Monette Michaels writes romantic suspense and mystery/thrillers.