Saturday Sexcerpt – The Virtuous Vampire

The Virtuous Vampire

The Virtuous Vampire

Today’s Excerpt is from The Virtuous Vampire, by Monette Michaels and currently available at Liquid Silver Books:

Pale light tickled Abbie’s eyelids. Blinking sleepily, she opened her eyes. The view from where she lay was of a large lake, lined with trees and the occasional house clinging to the rocky hillsides leading down to the body of water. It had to be Lake Travis; it was the largest lake in the area with such rugged terrain.

She snuggled into the warmth surrounding her. Her rear end touched a long hard object. An object which twitched when she moved against it.

“Have mercy, little cat,” a husky, sleep-warmed voice whispered against her ear. “If you keep wiggling your cute little butt, I can’t be held responsible for what happens next. I’m a mere man, you know, and you are temptation defined.”

“Luc?” Abbie turned within the circle of his arms. What was she doing in Luc’s bed? What was he doing in it with her?

She vaguely recalled being handed over to Van, and Luc kissing her. Then nothing, until now. She hated being out of control for even a second, let alone hours.

His golden eyes glowed at her like twin suns, warming her and coaxing an answering smile. “How are you feeling?” He kissed the tip of her nose. “You’re peeling a little right there. Looks like the visit to Van’s tomorrow will be needed.” He swept a hand down her back and pulled her toward him.

She winced. A small pain-filled moan escaped her lips before she could control it.

Luc frowned as he pulled the covers down to their waists. Before she knew what he was doing, he had stripped whatever she wore off. His hands slid over her shoulders, cursing at the claw marks. His hands continued on down her arms, then over to her chest, breasts, and on down below.

“Luc! Don’t…” Her protest was cut off by a full-body shiver as his touch sent a frisson of lust to her loins. It was as if he were claiming her, inch-by-inch.

“You’ve got some burns, not serious. Probably from the heat of the fire.” He swore under his breath. She couldn’t catch the words but knew they were vile by the tone in his voice.

Now, he retraced the path his fingers had taken with his lips. She moaned at the sensations he created. She swore her toes curled with desire. No one had ever made her feel this way before. Every other man’s touch was one of a clumsy boy compared to Luc’s mastery.

“Luc, please.”

“Please what, little cat? Please stroke and pet you until you beg me to make you mine?” he whispered right before he took her left nipple into his mouth. Releasing it, he said, “Or, please stop? Which is it, Abbie?” He nipped at the nipple, then kissed it before licking his way down her ribs to her navel.

With a surge of strength she didn’t know she possessed, she shoved him onto his back and straddled him. She braced herself on his shoulders with her hands and proceeded to kiss the tip of his nose, then mimicked on his body the route he’d taken on hers.

“Have mercy, little cat,” he groaned. His sharp inhalation when she licked his flat nipples told her he, too, felt the sensations to his very toes and back again.

“Does this answer…” she licked his six-pack abs, “…your question?” She punctuated her query with a stab of her tongue in his navel, then took a path further south to the long hard rod which had poked her awake and started it all.

A growl reminiscent of a hungry beast warned her she had her answer. Let the petting and stroking begin in earnest.

Copyright, 2009, Monette Michaels.

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