Saturday Sexcerpt

Cat's Curse by Kelley Eckhart.

Cat's Curse by Kelley Eckhart.

Here’s a Naughty Nibble from Kelley Heckart’s book, Cat’s curse.


Setup: Cardea is captured by a Pict king who is infatuated with her, knowing she is different. She thinks Aedan has given her to him to gain the king’s alliance. 


Cardea lowered herself into the large basin, washing the filth from her body, enjoying the tingling sensation of having clean skin. Sitting on the carved bench near the fire, Galan watched her with undisguised yearning. She rubbed her breasts clean in slow circles, enjoying the look of pure lust on his face. Rising from the bath, she stood before him, naked and unashamed.

 Galan came to her drying her with a soft cloth. “Your skin is so soft,” he whispered.

He pulled her into his arms. “Will you bite me again?”

 “Do you want me to, my lord?” She touched the healed puncture marks on his neck. “I did not kill you.”

 “I know that if you wanted to kill me, they would be burying me right now.” He gazed at her with a glimmer of affection and trust. “The biting…it was a strange feeling, almost pleasurable.”

 “I can do it at just the right moment…” She brushed her naked body up against him. “I promise not to take too much blood.”

 He gazed at her with desire and trust in his eyes, placing her on the bed and tearing his clothes off. He stood before her tall and proud, his body rippling with lean muscle like a powerful, dangerous lion. Dark blue tattoos coiled all over his lean, muscular body–serpents and other creatures ready to pounce. Her demon half brimmed with desire for him, her body surrendering to his ravenous kisses. Galan’s kisses spoke of passion and lust, so unlike Aedan’s passionate, tender kisses that spoke of love. 

 Mounting her, he licked a trail down to her throbbing sex, stopping just before he reached her sensitive bud. His long hair brushed her body, caressing her skin. He bit her inner thigh, drawing blood, sending shockwaves throughout her body. Her demon half writhed with need, her body betraying her. He licked the blood on her thigh, his silky tongue causing her to quiver all over. Moaning, she arched her hips, aching for him to plunge into her. 

 “I have never wanted a woman as much as I want you right now.” His pale green eyes flickered with want, the tattoos on his face giving him a fierce, exciting look.

 “I am not a woman, my lord,” she purred, rubbing her sex against his erection, all restraint gone. 

 He impaled her with roaring passion, driving himself deep into her willing sheath. The fierceness of his thrusts fed her bloodlust, filling her demon half with untold pleasure. Their bodies joined, entwining like writhing serpents, slick and blazing, born from the fires of the Underworld.

 Their furious coupling raged on, the room spinning above her as her orgasm climbed to the surface, eager for release. Cardea cried out, biting her lower lip, drawing blood.

 He licked the blood from her lip, grinning at her.

 She’d never known such a man.

 Rough bites pinched her nipples, laving them in thrilling nips that left her quivering with delight. Galan’s neck emerged before her, stirring her senses. The pulsing vein called to her, roaring and unrelenting. He aroused the bloodlust inside of her like no other. Still entwined together, she rolled him over, straddling him, the power of the demon awakened. Her body thrummed with the singing of his blood. Blood. Sweet, warm. Powerful, blessed blood. Her eyeteeth lengthened, arcing downward toward his exposed neck.

 “Be gentle, my pet,” he begged, his thrusts growing more urgent.

 As the orgasm claimed them both, she pierced his neck, the warm blood bubbling in her veins like tender strokes. Her sex throbbed with release as the orgasm washed over her in violent waves. He was the first man who willingly allowed her to take his blood. It took all her willpower, but she pulled away just before she took too much blood from him thus honoring her word.

 With rough hands, he flipped her over onto her knees and took her from behind like a rutting beast. His fingers dug into her hips, pinching her. The pain of his hard thrusts excited her, raising her bloodlust again. Overwhelmed by arousal, she thrust her hand between her thighs and caressed herself to orgasm. He came in a violent jerk, roaring with pleasure. They lay on the bed, naked and sweating from the rutting. Her bruised body ached with satiation.

 “You are exquisite,” he whispered, staring at her with deep affection. 

 Galan trusted her, allowing her to feed on him. She stared into his eyes, wondering if she could love a man like Galan, a man much like herself. Perhaps she was supposed to be with a man like him–after all, she was a demon.

 Then why does Aedan command my thoughts?

Why indeed!  Thanks to Kelley for sharing such a delicious delight. Join me on Tuesday when I post one of Kelley’s trailer’s