Saturday Sexcerpt – The Centurion & The Queen

by Minnette Meador

by Minnette Meador

by Minnette Meador

“Will you behave yourself?” he asked.

 “No, Marius,” she whispered, her voice deep with hunger and mirth. “Do you want me to?”

His lips curled into a grin, and he released her face and hands. “Absolutely not.”

With a fluid motion, he pulled the tunic and cloak off her body and watched the sudden chill make her breasts shiver.

Marius pressed his lips to hers slowly, evenly, sending a ripple through her flesh. Delia could feel nothing but the weight of him as it enfolded her, pressed against the length of her naked body. His strong arms wrapped around her and his wide chest crushed her breasts, her nipples begging for his lips. The feel of the hard skin and taut muscles of his buttocks under her fingers was exquisite. The pressure of his hardness grew against her pelvis, made her whimper with longing for it.

All at once, there was nothing in Delia’s universe but Marius kissing, touching, biting, and exploring every inch of her body with his mouth, his tongue, and his hands. For the first time in her life, Delia forgot everything else. The bliss sent an earthquake through her loins, causing her body to teeter on the brink of the sublime.

Nothing in her experience prepared her for the new sensations; the tingle in her neck, arms, and hands; the tightening of her belly when a wave of lightning engulfed it; the escape of her moisture as it saturated her, swelled her. Once unrestrained, her passion was urgent, desperate, and critical, but Marius forced her to yield to his slow pace, his unhurried touch, bringing her, again and again, to the edge of rapture and then denying her, until she wanted to beg for it.

Marius’ lips devoured hers; his tongue explored her mouth, her neck, and her ears. His teeth found her breasts and her nipples, his tongue torturing them until she moaned in need.

With a movement that startled her, he forced her legs open with strong arms, cupped her buttock in his hands, and lifted her hips to meet his mouth. With gentle, delicate flicks of his tongue, he brought her close to the edge so many times she lost count in delirium. Delia could do nothing more than squeeze the blankets.

His hands finally opened her, slowly, gradually, insistently. With his thumbs, he spread the softness, the moistness, grabbing her wrist to force her own hand to feel for herself, and laughing at her greedy caresses. Marius moved Delia’s fingers to the soft head of his erection where she let them linger and explore, running the tiny, delicate pads over the heavily veined skin. Delia could feel herself blush and prickles of pleasure moved through her arms when he grew harder in her hand. She squeezed instinctively, feeling the muscle throb and flex, forcing her to tighten her grip. More moisture drenched her in anticipation.

Marius’ fingers slowly entered her, first one for a slow count of ten and then a second one, stretching her, kneading her hot flesh, preparing it for something more. He stroked her with a gentle urgency and held onto her when the first wave of ecstasy took hold, making her back arch uncontrollably and forcing a scream from her lips.

Marius was on his knees, his erection full. He pulled Delia onto his lap, and slowly, very slowly, an eternity it seemed, slid her down the stiff muscle, inch by inch, sucking her erect nipples into his mouth, his teeth, and guiding her body with his warm hands.

When she was full with him, hardly able to take him all, she opened her eyes and touched his dark, creased face, losing herself in his black gaze. Love flooded her senses, mingled with the urgings of her body, and left her breathless. There had never been a moment like this in Delia’s experience. Marius began his rhythm—up and down, slowly, methodically, in and out. Again, Delia could barely hold her passions, but Marius used his eyes to command her to comply with his touch, bringing her repeatedly to the edge, but not letting her pass over. Pulling her wrists behind her back, he held them in one hand, forcing her to submit to the rhythm of his body.

Soon, their breathing, the movements of their bodies, and even the hiss of their blood, reflected on their glistening skin and resonated in their pounding hearts.

Finally, as the beat of their desire reached its climax, Marius let go of her wrists, wrapped his arms around her, and let them release together in an explosion that neither of them had ever experienced before. The room disappeared, the night became a cloudy blackness around them, and they clung to each other as if their lives, their minds, and their souls had melted into the darkness. The only sound was the scream of voices echoing repeatedly in their ears.

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