AuThursday – Tatiana March

Project Seduction by Tatiana March

Project Seduction by Tatiana March

Welcome Naughty Boys and girls today one of my fellow Resplendence Authors joins us, Tatiana March.  Welcome Tataiana,  Would you tell us a little about your most recent book?


 My last release was a while ago, in July 2008. PROJECT SEDUCTION is a contemporary romance from Resplendence Publishing. The heroine is a banker who decides to reinvent herself when she moves from the UK to the US. She wants a social life, but hasn’t got a clue how to go about attracting a man. So, she applies the skills from her job and draws up a flowchart how to seduce a man. As a target she selects her neighbor, a surly cop who is the single parent to a rebellious 12 year girl.


Q: What was the most difficult aspect of this book?

 To keep the balance between the romance, the side plot of money laundering, and the meddling antics of the hero’s daughter.


Q: How much research did you conduct for this book and what was the most interesting thing you did while conducting your research?

 I did lots of research on money laundering. My background is in finance, and I worked really hard to keep everything accurate without getting too technical. I also researched the locations, traveling out to San Diego. The nicest bit was trying out the scene where the heroine and the hero’s daughter are in a swimming pool on a cold autumn evening. You really do get a thick mist hovering over the pool when the air temperature gets cooler than the water.


Q: How do you make time to write?

 By neglecting everything else. I write in big chunks, up to 15 hours at a time.


Q:  When you are writing, who is in control? You or your characters?

 Definitely the characters. I don’t write outlines. I plot in rough terms, but I keep it all in my head. I’ve tried outlines, but they don’t work for me as I end up not following them.


Q: What advice do you have for other writers?

 Don’t take the “rules” too seriously. By rules I mean stuff like no back story, no telling, keep clean POV, etc, etc. Virtually every bestseller I’ve read breaks almost every rule. It is important to be aware of the guidelines of good writing, but you should feel free to break them if you believe it makes the scene better.


Circle Star by Tatiana March

Circle Star by Tatiana March

Q: Would you tell us your story of getting “the call?”


 My call was an email. I had an agent for a couple of years, but they didn’t sell anything. So, after we ended our relationship, I submitted CIRCLE STAR, a western historical, to Resplendence Publishing. They asked to see the full manuscript. I emailed the file and was offered a contract two days later. Two days!!!


Q: What was the most exciting thing that happened to you after you signed your contract?

 Getting reviews. It is so hard for an author to evaluate their own writing, getting feedback from readers is fantastic.


Q: If you weren’t writing, what would you be doing?



Q: What books can we expect to see in the near future?

 I have a full length romantic suspense, SECRETS OF THE PAST, released from The Wild Rose Press on 4 September. After that, I’m working on several contemporary novellas for Resplendence Publishing. Shorter books, higher heat levels. The first, TROUBLE WITH THE LAW, will be released on 17 November. The next, HOME FOR A SOLDIER, will come out in March 2010.


Q:  Where can readers find you on the World Wide Web?

Thanks for joining us today Tatiana!  Join me on Saturday when we read a sexy excerpt from one of Tatiana’s books.

Until then Be Naughty,