Saturday Sexcerpt – Over My Undead Body by Debbie Cairo

Over My Undeady Body by Debbie Cairo

Over My Undeady Body by Debbie Cairo

Here’s an excerpt from Over My Undead Body by Debbie Cairo.


 As if he sensed my hunger, Billy unbuttoned his shirt sleeve and rolled it up. He offered me his arm and I could smell the blood coursing just under the skin. I turned away feigning disgust, mainly to hide the fangs which were now filling my mouth.

“You must eat,” Billy stated matter-of-fact. “I need you strong and you haven’t fed this evening.”

I didn’t answer him. I was too busy hiding my fangs so he wouldn’t see how much his offer had affected me.

“Fine, if you won’t take from me, take from the underling.” His anger was barely veiled. He pushed a button on the door and the partition between me and the front seats opened. “Underling, your mistress needs to feed.”

Without hesitation Louis’ arm emerged through the opening. This time I didn’t need to act as if I were revolted, I actually was. I know at some point Julia must have drank from Louis, but to me it seemed almost incestuous. I moved my head even further away from the offering. Billy let out a loud sigh of frustration and closed the partition, almost catching Louis’ hand in the process.

“This is not a game. What is your name anyway?”

“Lizzy,” I said, my face still buried in the car seat.

“Well Lizzy, you’re just going to have to suck it up. You must have agreed to the exchange and now you need to deal with the consequences of that decision. You’re weak, you haven’t fed, and we don’t have time to find you an alternative food source—so drink!”

He thrust his arm at me again. This time he wasn’t offering, he was demanding and he wasn’t holding it out to me, he was pushing it right at my mouth. My body betrayed me again. The burning hunger emerged again and with it fangs. I closed my eyes and bit down on his wrist. Warm blood flooded my mouth like a tongue during a passionate kiss. Billy moaned and it pulled me out of the moment. He was sitting with his head lying back, a look of ecstasy on his face. As I sucked groans traveled from his chest out his mouth. There was a noticeable erection through his pants.

The warmth flowed from my mouth and circulated through my body, pooling in the most intimate places. His blood was intoxicating. My strength was growing and with it the need to have his body. I wanted him naked and I wanted him inside me. It was a singular thought and it was consuming me. I withdrew my fangs from his arm and through force of habit dragged my tongue across the bite marks which elicited another deep groan from him. His eyes opened halfway, still drunk with desire and lust.

 Okay definately more of a Tease!  Dammit Debbie!

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