Saturday Sexcerpt – Surrender Love by Kayelle Allen

Kayelle_Allen_SurrenderLove_coverin360x540Warning:  Content below contains M/M love.

When I asked Kayelle for a Sexcerpt this is what she gave me. 

This is from my latest book, Surrender Love. Remember, you asked for Sexy!

This scene takes place shortly after Luc Saint-Cyr and Izzorah “Rah” Ceeow make love the first time. Luc helps the shuddering Izzorah into a bath and wraps himself around him to keep him warm, resulting in a hot surprise for Luc.


Set into a corner, the tub had three angles. Luc settled into the biggest and drew Izzorah back against him, between his legs. He grabbed a hand towel, dipped it into the hot water, and then draped it around Izzorah’s shoulders. He wrapped his arms around him from behind.

“There, love. Warmer?” He pressed one cheek against Izzorah’s and held him until his shivering lessened. “What a perfect beauty you are.” Luc splashed hot water over him, wetting down the towel. He drew him close. “I loved seeing you come apart in my arms.” He laid a hand on Izzorah’s cheek and leaned down for a kiss.

Izzorah tilted up his face.

“Mine,” Luc whispered against his lover’s lips, and sank into the welcoming heat of his mouth. He broke away to take a deep breath. “Mmm.” He held him fast, nibbling little kisses down his cheek and out his jaw. “I want to kiss you forever.”

Izzorah twisted around to face him, chest flat against Luc’s, arms beneath Luc’s to hold himself close. He devoured Luc’s mouth with kisses.

Izzorah’s passion inundated him, and Luc groaned with pleasure. Feet out, Luc braced himself and wrapped both arms around his lover. He slid his hands over the wet velvet of Izzorah’s skinfur, the solid muscle beneath. Exploring, Luc skimmed down Izzorah’s body, out over the firm cheeks of his ass. He pulled him up tight against his own rigid cock, gasping at the unexpected joy of a hand around his shaft.

“Want to please you,” Izzorah kissed down the side of his throat, along the top of his shoulder. “Show me how.”

“Kosset, as hot as I am for you, all you have to do is move.”

“What is a kosset?”

Luc brushed a kiss across his mouth. “The ultimate luxury. A treasure beyond compare. That’s what you are to me.”

Izzorah blazed one of his perfect smiles up at Luc. “Do you like this?” Hand tight around Luc’s cock, he slid it down, rocked it back up, fingertips sliding along the underside.

“Oh!” Luc hissed in air over his teeth, eyes shut. “Oh, oh, yes, kosset. Yes.”

Izzorah squeezed as he stroked. “I want to watch your face while you come. I want to see you lose it like I did. I want to make you as crazy as you did me.”

Luc laughed-sobbed, the pleasure piercing. “Tighter. Yes! Oh, yes. Like–like that. Mmm.” He thunked his head back against the wall. “Perfect, Rah. Keep–mmm–yes.”

“You are the one who’s beautiful, Luc.”

He opened his mouth as Izzorah rose to capture it, and stroked his tongue across fangs half-again as long as a human’s canines. Luc sighed, lost in the tender roughness of a Kin’s kiss. The feel of that cat-scratchy tongue along the corners of his mouth sucked a raspy groan out of him.

The wet heat of the water, the tightness of his lover’s grasp, the squeezing, milking pressure sent Luc close to release.

Izzorah kissed along Luc’s throat to where shoulder and neck met. Open-mouthed, he dragged his fangs across Luc’s skin.

The sting of fangs jerked Luc to the edge, the precipice of climax. “Rah! Oh, yes. Yes. Bite me.” He wrapped both hands behind Izzorah’s head and held him against his shoulder. “Hard. Like you love me. Like you mean it.”

Luc stiffened, his neck as rigid as his cock as the piercing bite sank home.


Izzorah — A little feral, a little innocent, all male. Fleeing a world that denies him basic rights, forced into a society blind to his needs, his music keeps him alive. When a freak accident throws him into the care of the most powerful man in the empire, the attention he receives is beyond anything he’d ever dreamed. But is the attraction he feels toward his rescuer gratitude, lust, or a deeper, abiding call to yield all that he is?

Luc — the prestige of his power, wealth, and influence directs an empire scattered across the stars. His word shapes the foundations of business and his financial prowess is of mythic proportions. Yet beneath the myths beats the heart of a man who craves what he has never given and is certain he will always be denied — steadfast, faithful love.

This is book one of the Surrender series; Love, Trust, and Will.

Surrender Love
It’s not rebound, payback, loneliness, or the great sex, and it’s way beyond love. It’s surrender.

Buy link:
Genre:  Erotic M/M Science Fiction Romance, GLBT Multicultural/Interspecies Action Adventure
ISBN: 978-1-59632-874-7
Heat Level:  R=graphic sex, plus extreme cuddling, tenderness, and the seduction of a virgin who knows exactly what he wants
Warnings:  male/male sex, explicit content, anal sex, violence (referenced, not portrayed)
Format:  ebook in multiple formats, including Kindle

AuThursday – Kayelle Allen

Kayelle-Heroes-banner468x130Welcome back one of my co-authors from Liquid Silver Books, Kayelle Allen!   It’s a challenge finding new questions but it’s a great opportunity to learn more about this wonderful author.

Q:  Where are you from?

I was born in Idaho, but my parents moved to New Mexico when I was a few months old. Since then, I’ve lived in almost every state and parts of Central America. However, from 7th grade up, we lived in Henderson, Nevada, right outside Las Vegas. So I consider Vegas my home town.

I love Vegas.  My favorite town.  Q: How long have you been writing?

Since I could hold a pencil! I wrote a Science Fiction book at eighteen, filed it away and got it back out a few years later and created a map of the galaxy as it would be in the story. I put it away to attend college. You don’t make the dean’s list while raising three kids under the age of six unless you really knuckle down, and I did. Once all my kids were in school, I got the book out again, but the editor I sent it to made so many suggestions about changes that I got cold feet and tucked it back in the closet for a few years. In the meantime, I submitted a short story to Writer’s Digest Magazine for their annual “Short-Short Story Contest” and was one of the Honorable Mentions. I started working on a book of rules and laws, a compendium of races and background info for the universe I’d created. Finally, all my kids were in high school, and I thought, when is it finally going to be time for me? I realized no one would give it to me, and I wouldn’t “find” it. I had to make it for myself. That December I joined a critique group online, submitted my first chapter, and by April, I had a finished book and a contract. I haven’t slowed down since.

Q: To date which of your books was the hardest to write and why?

It was one I never got published because the hero and heroine absolutely refused to cooperate with me. I’m not kidding! I rewrote it completely three times in one year, using different plots, trying to get them together. However, the hero’s younger cousin kept flirting with the heroine, and she kept flirting back. What was I going to do? Finally it dawned on me like a smack to the head that the cousin was her hero, and until I got them together that story wasn’t happening. Trouble is, I write on a timeline for an overall series that this book fell into, and the young cousin was too young for an erotica. He might be old enough to flirt, but not be the hero. Their story would have to wait a few storybook years. So that one is out in the future and it’s tentatively called Rebel Son. It will be an older woman younger man story, but he will teach her more than she ever thought she could learn. From that one “failed” book, I got the ideas for five more, three of which have now been written and published. So not a total loss!

Q:   Do you have a specific writing style?

Yes. I do things editors tell you not to do. *grin* I use fragments, change the pacing in the middle of scenes, and tend to use ellipses and dashes at the ends of sentences. Why? Because my characters sometimes forget what they’re talking about (like I do) or interrupt each other. Their thoughts ramble. They get so riled up at the idea of making love to the one they love that they can’t speak in full sentences. Especially the males. I do not head hop, however. I hate it when we’re seeing through Mary’s eyes and suddenly we’re John and then Mary again. Arrggh! I always make sure that changes in point of view are clear between characters. Another aspect of my style is to show, not tell, so I use narrative only where absolutely necessary. I also refuse to use the word “said” unless it’s in a sentence such as, “She said you’d take the kids today.” Instead, I use gestures and action. One of my favorite authors, Susan Johnson, used to write dialogue tags like “She lightly said,” and so on. She doesn’t write that way now, but her earlier books were full of such examples. If you think about it, it’s simply describing how someone speaks, and “lightly” is not a precise description. However, if your heroine lifts her head, tosses her curls, and gives the hero a shy smile before speaking, you not only know she is speaking lightly, you see her doing it. The main thing I’m known for, though, is that I lead readers down a path where they think they know what’s coming, and then I pull the rug out from under them and send them in another direction. I get comments all the time about plot twists and how riveting my stories are, which delights me no end. I love it when people email me to ask a question about a twist or a change I made that they didn’t expect. One reader wrote, “Think you know what’ll happen next? No way, it’s by Kayelle.”

Q:  How did you come up with your titles?

My first book title came from something the hero’s master warned him to avoid. The young hero would be working with an older woman whose genetic enhancements could addict him to her. His master warned, “If she subjects you to her passion, you’ll be at the mercy of her pleasure forever.” At the Mercy of Her Pleasure received multiple four and five star reviews, as well as being named as a “recommended read” and was awarded the Most Memorable Paranormal Romance of the Year. Everyone loved the title, and the moment I told people what it was, their eyes would light up. Each book’s title tells its own story about the hero. For Women Only had a line explaining to a man that the hero was like the company he worked for: For Women Only. I have two short stories, The Last Vhalgenn (from an EPPIE Finalist anthology) and A Romance for Christmas (in the anthology Naughty is Nice). Vhalgenn is a title for the king’s (or queen’s) companion of the opposite sex who learns everything they learn. How to rule, how to fight, how to judge. Why this Vhalgenn is the last one is the crux of the story. It was nominated for a Tiptree Award, which is for challenging traditional gender roles. A Romance for Christmas is literally that, in all senses of the word. My three Tales of the Chosen books revealed stories about three Chosen — the servants of immortals called the Sempervians. Wulf, Alitus, and Jawk all related relationships of the three to one or more of the immortals. Surrender Love is the first of a trilogy which will include the titles Surrender Trust and Surrender Will. It’s about one couple who must go through three stages before they are completely bonded to one another. First comes love, then the ability to trust, followed by the surrender of will to the other person in total trust. Each aspect goes both ways.

Q:  What books have most influenced your life most?

Interesting question! I would say as a child it was reading The Languages of Pao by Jack Vance, then as a teen, The Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov, as well as many of his short stories. Later, I read the Chanur series by C.J. Cherryh, and Little Fuzzy by H. Beam Piper. I also attended a Bible college for three years, studying to become an adult teacher. Learning the King James version as well as others helped me learn the beauty of words in rhythm and balance. I understood the King James easily, because I had a strong background in English literature. Not only did the book have an impact on my spiritual life, it also gave me a deeper understanding of symbolism, which I’ve always found fascinating. When readers learn that I attended a Bible college and write gay Romance, they sometimes think these oppose one another. That’s not true. If God is love, then He should certainly want His children to know love and experience it fully. I don’t use my books to preach religion. In fact, most of my characters are far from religious, but the symbols are there if you search for them. And later, I will have a character whose spiritual beliefs lead her into war. That should create some talk!

Q:  If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

Wow. I have so many! I really listen to other authors. However, I’d say Barbara Karmazin was the first. I truly love this woman. When I’d email her a reply, my spell checker always wanted to change her last name to Amazing. That would certainly fit! A lot of folks call her Chainsaw for her critique techniques ^_^ but I’ve come to know her as BK. Her first critique sent me reeling for three days. I was angry, upset, and confused all at the same time. I thought briefly of giving up, but I’d come too far for that, and I finally realized that if I couldn’t take a critique from someone who wanted to help me, how could I take reviews? I made her suggested changes, tried to learn how to watch for those mistakes in the future, and resubmitted the manuscript. When Barbara saw that I was serious, she took me under her wing. It was through her recommendation that I received my first contract. I owe her a great debt.

Q:  What do you feel is the most important aspect for all new authors to remember when writing or creating their own stories?

The most important is never to quit. You won’t fail until you quit. The winner keeps going back no matter how long it takes. Sherrilyn Kenyon had multiple rejections for her books and used the last stamp she had to send out a query to someone she had heard was now an editor. Imagine if she had quit. If she hadn’t sent out that one more query. We’d have a world without the Dark Hunters, Dream Hunters, without Acheron or Simi. What a terrible loss! Never ever quit.

Q:  What do you think is the biggest misconception in erotic romance fiction?

That it’s porn. Porn is a sex scene with no concept or plot. It’s sex for the sake of titillation (what a great word to describe porn!) and excitement. Erotic Romance is the developing relationship of lovers revealed with — and often by — their sexual relationship. In this type of story, the sexual aspect of the characters’ lives is as important as all the others. For me, writing erotic romance was like getting a box of thirty-two crayons after having only eight before. Gay Romance gave me a box of sixty-four. I could never go back to eight and be satisfied with the end result.


Q:  What is on tap for the rest of 2009?

I’m completing Surrender Trust and hopefully starting into edits for an early release in 2010. I’ll be doing various interviews on the net and continuing to guide Marketing for Romance Writers.  I created this group for the purpose of helping others learn how to successfully market their work and create a name for themselves. Our motto is “Seek, teach, share, learn, succeed.” It’s open to authors (published and not yet), literary agents, editors, publishers, author promo services, and artists. With well over 700 members and a staff of four volunteers to help me, we manage to accomplish a monthly newsletter and bulletin as well as annual excerpt books for various heat levels and genres. Helping others is my passion. I’m also holding a character chat on my yahoo group, Romance Lives Forever, and will be blogging and twittering away.

Q:  Where can readers find you on the World Wide Web?

I’m all over. Here are my most used links.     Email      Homepage      Booklist      Romance Lives Forever      Romance Lives Forever – MySpace      Romance Lives Forever – Blog     Twitter      The Romance Studio – Blog      Kayelle’s Coffee Corner      Manloveromance

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Saturday Sexcerpt – My Lord Raven by Jan Scarborough

Here’s an excerpt from My Lord Raven by Jan Scarborough Naughty Boys and Girls!

He entered the solar, shut and bolted the door. Nothing but silence greeted him. Turning, he gauged his surroundings, shadowy in the dim light of candles on two wall sconces and the one he carried. As befit the lord’s station, there was an enormous four-posted canopy bed in the middle of the room, already curtained by linen hangings. Other than that, the contents of the room were a few stools and chests, Castilian carpets on the stone floor and a tapestry suspended on the far wall.

As he gazed across the room, eagerness almost overcame him. He controlled the fires that threatened to explode within and walked forward, placing the candlestick on a chest for safety. Where was Olwen? A heady floral scent filled his nostrils. Preparations had been made for him that was certain. He surmised that she was awaiting him in bed.

In a hurry now, he sat on one of the stools, wishing for Rhys attendance, and pulled off his boots. Rising, he stripped off his outer surcoat and the tunic beneath. Standing in only his braies, his feet upon the cold stones, he stifled the need to cry out with joy. Undignified as it was, he could hardly suppress the strange emotions that ranged through him.

Bran fumbled as he untied the strings that held his undergarments around his waist, and then dropped them to the floor. Cool air bathed him, soothing his overheated skin. He approached the high bed, his heart thrumming mercilessly in his chest.

“Olwen?” No answer. He grasped the linen hanging and jerked it back.

Somewhere in the midst of the sable coverlets, his wife slept, her gentle breathing music to his ears.

Cariad,” he sighed.

Unwilling to disturb her, but eager to see her, Bran lifted the candlestick and brought it nearer to the bed. The soft light spread a dim illumination, enough for him to see Olwen’s gentle brow, peaceful now in slumber. Her fair lashes touched her high cheekbones, her full lips relaxed. Her hair, feathering around her, was smoothed so that it created a natural drape for her ample breasts, and her arms outside of the covers, were pale, her fingers long and tapered.

Bran reached across the bed and touched her velvety hand, fascinated by its beauty. This woman belonged to him. Legally. Physically. He was in awe of her for that reason. Gently, he slid his fingers under hers, holding her hand, rubbing her short, sturdy nails with his thumb. The pad of her right thumb was roughened, almost as if something had nicked it. The thought of any injury coming to his precious possession angered him.

Filled with an instant, overwhelming need to protect her, Bran snuffed out the candle and placed it aside. Carefully, so not to awaken her, he climbed into bed, leaving the hanging drawn back. The mattress sagged beneath his weight. He slipped under the heavy coverlets, feeling the cool sheets on his warm skin, and stretched out, pulling the fur over both their shoulders.

His wife sighed in her sleep and turned on her side to face him. He studied her in the dim light that was left from the dying fire, inhaling her intoxicating floral scent, feeling her breath against his face. How he ached to draw her to him. To feel the swell of her breasts against his chest. To feel his swelling inside her.

Bran tamped down his aching arousal. Snuggling deeper under the coverlets, he shut his eyes. In a moment, he would awaken her. In a moment, he would do what needed to be done, he thought as he relaxed and drifted off to sleep.


“Don’t move!”

Awake in a heartbeat, Bran’s eyes opened with alarm, his senses suddenly alert. Something sharp pressed against his throat.

She loomed above him, straddling his hips, her naked body outlined in the shadows.

“You have me at your advantage, my lady,” he said as courteously as if he’d been at court.

“So tell me, my lord raven,” his wife hissed. “Why did you kill Gilbert Fitzalan, Earl Rothmore?”

You may find Jan’s books at:

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AuThursday – Jan Scarborough

Q: What got you interested/started in writing?

 My 9th grade English teacher was a great inspiration. It was in her class that I learned I loved to write and I was good at it. It wasn’t until after a life-threatening illness in 1988 that I decided to follow my heart and write a book.

Q: Have you ever encountered “negative” feed back on your work so far?

Oh, sure! I’ve collected tons of rejection letters over the years. Although the form letter ones are bad, the “good” ones that say “I didn’t love it as much as I thought I would” hurt even more.

Q: How hard is it to keep love scenes fresh and interesting?

I struggle with that. In fact, I was mentioning my problem to my writing buddies just last night. I think the key is keeping the love scene in the point of view of the character with the most to lose and stressing the emotion of the moment.

Q: To date which of your books was the hardest to write and why?

My Lord Raven, my medieval set in 1283, was the hardest because of the research. I put it aside for years before I finally finished it. I wanted it to be accurate so I was very careful about creating the time period to the best of my understanding.

Q:  Which country would you most like to visit and why?  Or if you have visited that county what surprised you?

I’d like to go to Wales and Shropshire in England because of my research for My Lord Raven. I’ve been to England twice. What surprised me was that it wasn’t very big. We drove from Tintagel in Cornwall to Scarborough in York in about eight hours, if I remember right. That was considered a long trip by the British, but nothing for us Yanks. J

Q:  Which hero is your favorite and why?

I like Jack in Kentucky Woman. He is family oriented and proud. He tried to do the right thing.

Q:  As above but the heroine?

 Alex, the heroine of Kentucky Woman, takes her responsibility of single mother seriously, yet she doesn’t give up on her dream of riding. I like to think she’s the kind of mother I was when I was a single parent.

 Q: How do you make time to write?

 It’s hard with a full time job. You have to put butt in chair and make yourself do it.

 Q:  Can we get an idea of what you’ve got coming up for readers?

A Groovy Christmas, novella

Release from Resplendence Publishing — September 2009

Part of the Three Decades of Love: A Ladies of Legend Christmas Anthology

In the spring Kathleen Fields will graduate from college. By New Year’s Eve, she expects a proposal from her longtime beau. It’s 1968 and women are burning bras and freely making love. Before settling down to a boring life in boring Legend, Tennessee, Kathleen wants to experience a little of the excitement of her peers. And more than anything, she wants to do something about being a virgin.

Hippie and political activist Grant Winchester has received his draft notice. Uncertain about dodging the draft, he stops in Legend to visit his aunt before the holidays. Not finding her at home, Grant rediscovers his high school sweetheart and his plans take an unexpected turn.

Like the Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s, Kathleen and Grant’s families have been feuding for decades. Plus Kathleen is not so sure she approves of his decision to go to Canada. Yet Grant is a likely candidate to help her solve her problem. Kathleen risks her future only to discover that free sex is not so free, and sometimes the man of your dreams comes into your life when you least expect it.

Other novellas in the anthology:

The Christmas Heart (set in 1944) by Janet Eaves

Under the Mistletoe (set in 1975) by Magdalena Scott

Q: Where can readers find you on the World Wide Web?

Join me on Saturday when we read an excerpt from Jan’s story, My Lord Raven. 

Until then Be Naughty,