Saturday Sexcerpt – The Human Touch by JL Wilson

HumanTouch_w1829_300Here’s an excerpt from Human Touch, which released on September 4 from The Wild Rose Press. It’s the story of Cyrus Durant, an undercover cop on Delmorna, a distant planet. He’s undercover as a Paid Male to Isbel Kensington, a suspected traitor. There’s only one problem: Cyrus is a programmed clone & he’s never had sex before.

Until now ….

“Is it supposed to feel like this?” he whispered, exploring her with his warm, restless fingers. His hips took on a rhythm of their own, a sliding, grinding, pulsing motion making her squirm with anticipation. Isbel’s orgasm started at her toes and worked its way upward until she was solar-charged with it.

“Like what?” Isbel managed to gasp, her entire body beginning to ignite.

His hands dug into her bottom, pulling her hard against him. He ground into her body as Isbel felt the explosion begin. “Like I’m being torn apart by you and I love it,” he gasped. “Oh, Isbel—what’s happening?”

Cyrus expanded in her, filling her even more. “It’s an orgasm,” she murmured.

He put his hands on the sides of her head, holding her face cradled in his palms. His body pushed her against the platform as he stared into her eyes while his orgasm rocked through him. “Isbel,” he breathed. She saw pleasure wash through him, shaking him. Isbel longed to close her eyes so he wouldn’t see the pleasure she, too, was feeling. But his eyes hypnotized her and she had to watch as his expression changed to something like pain then a stunned pleasure. Then her own orgasm began, washing through her. He held her pinioned by his body, pulsing in her as the pleasure rolled through her like the tide.

When it finished, she clung to Cyrus, her body so sated she felt boneless. The water washed over them while she was suspended in love and pleasure. He stared at her with a look of such awe she touched his face gently. “That’s what it feels like, Cyrus.”

He shook his head, dazed. “I’m surprised anyone gets out of bed. It feels so good.”

She laughed aloud then slid her hands over his arms. They were still connected by their sated bodies. She squeezed experimentally and he twitched then began to harden. “My, my.”

He looked surprised. “I didn’t know that could happen.”

She laughed again but reality was starting to intrude on her happiness. “Cyrus?”

“Hmm?” He was staring at her breasts, the fascinated look on his face making it evident he’d never been so close to breasts before.

“Why is a virgin a PM?”

He raised his eyes slowly to meet hers.