AuThursday Thirteen

Normally I have an interview with one of my fellow authors at one of my current publishers (Liquid Silver Books and Resplendence).  Today I thought I’d share 13 things about me in leiu of my usual interview. 

1)  I love to watch Ballroom Dancing!  Not Dancing with the Stars mind you, the actual annual Ballroom finals.  They are usually on your local PBS station.  I’m not sure what it is that draws me in but I thoroughly enjoy it.

2) I’ve been married for 19 years.

3) I work Monday-Friday for a Fortune 500 Company.  Alas I wish it wasn’t true but it is for a little bit.

4) I love Soduko puzzles.

5) The Ringtone for my phone is “Sedated” by the Ramones

6) I have Frank Sinatra, Gary Allen, Smashing Pumpkins, INXS and GreenDay on my MP3 player but no Ramones.

7) Ironically, I detest Romantic Movies.  Okay, detest may be too strong of a word but I really struggle deciding to make a Romance my number one visit to the movie theatre.  I’ve been drug to most Romances by DH or Lyn Armstrong.

8) I’ve been friends with Debbie Cairo & Lyn Armstrong for 5 years.  We met at the RT Con when we were all aspiring authors.

9) Holli Winters is my Critique Partner.

10)  I love Science Fiction. 

11)  I don’t have Cable TV.  I read and write.  I don’t have time for more than 8 channels.

12)  I still have Dial-up.  I know – it’s practically the dark ages but I’m seriously considering an upgrade.

13) I’m going to be appearing at CoreCon in April.

Join me on Saturday when I share an excerpt from my latest story “Sexing up the Spy”

2 comments on “AuThursday Thirteen

  1. I want to add an extra point to Tina’s blog.

    Tina Holland is one of the coolest chicks in the world. Yes, that’s right, I said in the world. LOL.

    Love ya heaps, babe.


  2. Oh yeah, one more thing. I swear we did not drug Tina. However, we may have “dragged” her to see a romance movie. LOL.



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