Hop around the Blog Tour

I hope you are all having a Easter Egg Hunt  and enjoying the many blogs particpating.  

If you just stumbled on this post, head over to Christa Page’s blog, where the fun began.  You should have come from Juniper Bell’s blog, and once you find the Easter egg on my site, it will take you to the next one in line.

The entry form to win the Easter Basket of goodies is at the end of the tour.
You could win your choice of one of my Books…so look them over. (hint, hint)

How about some eye candy for that virtual basket too?

Ah Heck I’m feeling generous….

Now don’t be distracted by the man-candy!  Go find that Egg!

Good Luck,


6 comments on “Hop around the Blog Tour

  1. Tracey D says:

    Oh, that’s right, I’m supposed to be looking an egg, right? Thanks for the reminder! LOL


  2. Tamsyn T. says:

    Happy Easter! and thanks for the eye candy! Made my day!:o)


  3. Fedora says:

    OOh, thanks, Tina! I love how my virtual basket’s filling up with delicious treats!


  4. Stephanie says:

    Oh So Generous you are with the yummies, Tina!! Thanks for sharing! Hoppy Easter!


  5. kaisquared says:

    Okay, my virtual basket is now the size of a van and I just want to jump in with the eye candy!


  6. Kim S says:

    How can we NOT be distracted???

    Happy Easter to all!!


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