Saturday Sexcerpt – Rough Edges by Jannifer Hoffman

A scene from Rough Edges by Jannifer Hoffman

Their bodies barely moved to the music. He had no idea if the song was even playing anymore, or if the other dancers had left.

He nuzzled his face close to her ear. “Lord, Julia, I’m not sure what just happened here. I’m charting new territory. What do we do now?”

Julia raised her head to look into his eyes. Her limbs were Jell-O and her female parts were charging full speed into overdrive. She wanted to kiss him, to climb inside him, but something in the back of her mind warned her that this wasn’t the place. “I don’t know,” she whispered. “But I want you so bad I ache with it.”

Dirk’s breath was hot and labored against her cheek. “Will you hate me tomorrow if I suggest we get a room?”

She gave a throaty laugh. “I’ll hate you if you don’t. Bruce needs the commission.”

He drew back, chuckling. “Thanks, I needed that right now. Come on.”

He grasped her hand, went back to the table and picked up her sweater and handbag. He released her long enough to fumble in his wallet and throw a hundred dollar bill on the table. With his arm around her shoulders and her arm around his back, they moved like Siamese twins, past the bar to the check-in counter. Julia suspected everyone in the room was watching them, but for once in her life she was going to be spontaneous and she wasn’t going to worry about what anyone else thought.

It took an interminable ten minutes to check-in. Before they left with keys in hand, Dirk reminded the clerk that Bruce recommended the room and to be sure he got his commission. Heady from the wine she’d drunk, Julia stifled a giggle as they all but raced each other like teenagers up the wide stairs to the second floor.

At the door, not wanting to be separated from Dirk even for a moment, she leaned against his back encircling his waist with her arms while he struggled to work the key card. When he finally got the little green light to come on, Dirk opened the room, pulled her inside and kicked the bulky pine door shut behind him.

Their lips met in a wild crashing frenzy. Julia tore at his clothes trying to reach his skin, barely conscious of the cool air on her own flesh as her dress, assisted by his eager hands, hiked up to her waist. Those buttons that didn’t give willingly under her trembling fingers popped free of their bindings.

Her mouth opened to devour his kisses, sensations crowding her brain. She was on fire, driven by a passion more urgent than anything she’d ever experienced in her life.

Finally his shirt pushed off his shoulders and her racing hands sought the taut muscles on his broad back, his solid arms, his firm chest.

He dropped his arms long enough to shake free of the shirt and when his hands came back up, the remains of her dress came with them. She gave a whimpered protest when their lips had to part long enough for him to pull the stretchy fabric over her head.

His warm hands touched the sensitive skin on her bare back, and a moment later, her lacy black bra dropped to the floor. When her black panties followed, and she’d kicked free of them, he lifted her in his arms and carried her to the bed.

It took him only seconds to shed the rest of his clothes and join her.

“You are so beautiful,” Dirk said before his lips came down to take her in another hungry kiss. Julia couldn’t get enough of running her hands over his solid shoulders, his arms, digging her fingers in his dark curly hair, moving her mouth to mate with his kisses.

“I love feeling you,” she managed to say. “You’re so strong, so muscular, your body is—” She cried out with pleasure when his mouth moved to her breast. “Please don’t tease me… I need you…inside me.”

“I know, honey, I need you too. I’ve needed you so long.” Instead of entering her, he slid to the side and touched her where the heat was building her need. He found the tiny nub, and began rubbing it as his mouth sucked at her breast. He pushed his leg between her knees and held her down as she cried out in release.

She panted, drawing deep gulps of air. “I want more, Dirk. I want to feel you inside me.” He gasped when she reached down and circled her fingers around his rigid shaft. “Please…now,” she pleaded.

“Oh, honey, I want you too. You are so wet, so ready for me. But honest to God, sweetheart, I didn’t plan this”

“It’s okay,” she said. “I didn’t either.”

“You don’t understand. I didn’t bring protection. I could make you pregnant.”

“You won’t. I had a depo shot…after my miscarriage… I won’t conceive.”

He paused for only a second to absorb what she’d said. He rolled on top of her and positioned himself between her legs. With his erection poised at the opening of her heat, he paused, took her face between his hands and stared down into her eyes.

“I think I’m falling in love with you, Julia.”

His raspy whisper came just before he claimed her mouth again, entering her at the same time. He moved slowly at first, quickly building to a starving urgency. Julia matched his thrusts with a fury of her own. She moaned, climaxing again only moments before he gave a roaring shudder. His body collapsed on top of her, his seed propelling with driving force inside her.

Dirk rolled to his side pulling her with him, reluctant to break the contact between them. “Sweetheart, you’ve done me in,” he said, chuckling.

She nuzzled his neck. “I think it’s the other way around. I’m exhausted. I’ve never…”

“Never what?” he asked when she stopped talking.

“Never climaxed twice in one night.”

Dirk lifted her chin until he could look in her emerald green eyes. “Are you serious?”

She nodded instead of answering.

He kissed her, tasting her with undue tenderness. “Honey, it’s not even fully dark yet. You’re going to do it more than twice before the night is over—and that’s a promise.”

She gave a soft chuckle. “You can’t do that again until you have a few hours to regenerate.”

He grabbed her buttocks and pressed his rigid erection against her. “Wanna bet?”

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