AuThursday – Rhonda Print

Please welcome fellow Liquid Silver Author Rhonda Print. 

Q. What inspired you to write your first book?

 I love to read and always wanted to write a fiction. When my children all went back to school, I thought, I can do this and began to fulfill my livelong dream of writing. After that the book just took on a life of it’s own.

 Q. Do you have a specific writing style?

 I try to put myself in my characters world. What would he or she do or say? Then I take it from there.

 Q. If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

 Wow. There are so many excellent authors to choose from and for different reasons. Nora Roberts writes great romance and family dynamics. Keri Arthur and Laurell K. Hamilton have strong female characters and I just finished reading a series by Kelley Armstrong that was awesome.

 Q. Who designed the covers?

 April Martinez and she absolutely nailed my vision of Ian Nightwalker and the way the characters relate to each other.

 Q. What was the hardest part of writing your book?

 Okay, this may sound strange but the first thing that pops into my head is writing the query letters. The second was coming up with names that fit the personalities of the characters.

 Q. Do you have any advice for other writers?

 Write something that excites you. Don’t write to impress anyone but yourself. When I started this, my goal was to finish writing the book. Then I did and my goal changed to getting a publisher to look at, and so on and so on. I took each process one step at a time and had fun doing it, even when I wanted to pull my hair out. J My current goal is to finish writing book two of the series.

 Q:  How do you make time to write?

 I love this question because the answer is simple. I have a very understanding and supportive husband and children. I tried different scenarios, for example, I’ll try to write x many hours a day, or I’ll write from this time to this time. What really worked out was writing when I felt inspired, even if that means jotting down some notes in the grocery store or doctor’s waiting room. When an idea hits me, I try to get it on paper so I don’t forget it.

 Q. When you are writing, who is in control? You or your characters?

 Definitely my characters! My husband and I attended the Tucson Festival of Books last year and there were two seminars that I wanted to take, both at the same time. So he went to one with a notebook and pen and I went the other. One of the speakers said that your characters should always be talking to you. Both of our reactions was the same, “how do you shut them up” I can even picture my characters when I’m not writing standing around doing nothing and saying “hey lady, you started this, tell us what to do next!” J

 Q. Would you tell us your story of getting “the call?”

 I don’t know if it was a call. I just had the ideas and characters floating around my brain until I finally had to start writing. Once I did, it took on a life of it’s own.

Q. Where can readers find you on the World Wide Web?  and!

Join me Saturday when we read an excerpt from Rhonda’s story Nightwalker.


AuThursday – Virginia Cavanaugh

Q: How long have you been writing?

This would depend on when I start counting.  In the summer of 2005 I started to play with the idea of writing a story.  I wrote down stuff in a spiral that eventually turned into a mess of several spirals.  The story was a historical romance that I have not looked at since I got stuck near the end.  To be honest I am afraid to look at it, LOL.  I have since in the time between learned a bunch about the No-No’s of writing.  And I am pretty sure those spirals are filled with them.  It wasn’t until the spring of 2009 that I decided to sit down and write seriously. 

Q:  Which country would you most like to visit and why?

 It would be a tie between Scotland and Ireland.  I am a big fan of historical romance and I have a big thing for accents LOL.  Not to mention it is so pretty in both places. 

Q:  What books have most influenced your life most?

This is a very hard question.  The Bible would be number one.  As far as just reading a book that made me laugh or cry or get mad and throw it, a few stand out.  My very first ever romance novel was This Time Forever by Constance O’Day Flannery.  It made me laugh and cry and become addicted to romance.  So that one will always stand out.  Another is Virginia Henley’s Undone.  I went through a range of emotions while reading that book.  The most recent was Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy books.  Shadow Kiss and Blood Promise really got to me.  And then there is the only series of books that I have read more than once.  Karen Marie Moning’s Fever Series.  I could go on forever because I read a lot.  The last one that stands out is IAD Kresley Cole.  Love this series.

Q:  If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

As a mentor I would have to say LSB and their staff have done wonderful things in mentoring me.  Also my wonderful CP Xakara.

Q:  What inspired you to write “Secrets of Night?”

This is kind of a crazy story in itself.  When any writer starts out they have their eyes trained on New York and the big time.  I don’t know if they ever lose that dream.  But I found out about Harlequin’s nocturne bites line.  It was said to be a good in for new authors.  So I needed a short story.  In about ten minutes I came up with these two characters and could even see them interacting with each other in my head.  I made sure they knew each other already because I didn’t have very many words to make them fall in love.  LOL.  But then I had to come up with the external plot/conflict.  I came up with something for these two characters to deal with but in short time the plot had grown so big that there was no way I would be able to tell it all in a short story.  Then secondary characters started talking to me (No I’m not crazy I promise.  LOL)  I stepped away from writing Secrets to play with the idea of a series.  Turns out the idea needed to be a series.  So long story short, I came up with Secrets as a quick in with a big place that never seen it.  It grew into a series that would not fit the parameters of Nocturne Bites, but lucky me I had a place that I wanted to see publish it and they offered.

Q:   How did you come up with the title?

Each title in this series will (hopefully) end in night.  The series is based upon The Order of Night, a governing counsel of the paranormal beings in the world.  This first book involves some secrets so that is where Secrets of Night comes from.  Book two is titled Deceptions of Night and book three is Visions of Night.  And I have no idea yet how many books will be in this series. 

Q:  Would you tell us your story of getting “the call?”

I actually got the “email”, LOL.  This is a good thing since I don’t think I could speak coherently.  My hubby had to ask me what I said twice.  Once the jumping up and down near crying, laughing blubbering idiot inside me calmed down, I just felt really happy to know that someone else saw potential in my story.

Q: How did you deal with rejection letters, if you received any?

Secrets was my very first sub ever.  The first time I got a revise resub.  Which was great to me.  Some people get down when they receive those.  I didn’t.  The next time I got a full request and then an offer.  Winter’s Shadow was my second sub and I got an offer on it first round.  So this kind of put me on cloud nine.  Recently I chose to sub a proposal to a New York publisher.  First three chapters and a synopsis.  The email I received on it was a very kind rejection and the first time I read it I was very sad.  But after I calmed down a little I went back and read it through a few more times.  The editor who sent it gave me very good compliments on my writing.  Such as competently written.  Obvious research and knowing the genre.  Good setting and liking the way my characters interacted and such.  Their rejection had more to do with little things.  So even though it was my first rejection all in all I feel good about it because I’m choosing to look at the positives and do my best to apply any feedback they gave me to my future writing.  And once again I always fall back on some of the big writers out there have had their share of rejections.

Q:  What do you feel is the most important aspect for all new authors to remember when writing or creating their own stories?

Don’t wear your feelings on your sleeve.  In all manners.  Rejections, critiques, etc.  Look at the critiques you receive with an open mind and not like someone is attacking your writing.  There is a difference.  Most times when someone points out things it is to help better your writing.

 Q:  What is on tap for the rest of 2010?

I am working on Deceptions of Night right now.  When it is finished I am seriously thinking about taking a stab at cyberpunk.  Inside of me dwells an inner D and D geek who loved to play Shadowrun back in the day.  Let’s just say it’s been a lil while, LOL.  But I love the concept and I am a matrix fan and the like.  My character in Shadowrun was a Decker.  But I am just playing with that right now.  I need to also do revisions to Don’t Panic, an erotic short I wrote at the start of summer.  As far as anything else goes I have a drawer full of ideas form Historical to paranormal to otherworld/sci fi.  I read everything and have been inspired to write several different stories in the different sub genres or romance.

Best Wishes,

Virginia Cavanaugh

Join me on Saturday when we read a Sexcerpt from Virginia’s “Secrets of Night”


Saturday Sexcerpt – Secrets of Night by Virginia Cavanaugh


Here’s an excerpt from Virginia’s upcoming novella “Secrets of Night”

 Kierra approached Kale as he caught the Shifter’s weight and dragged him back into the room. She closed the door quietly behind them before turning to face Kale. She raised one brow in question at his seeming lack of surprise over the Shifter’s presence.

He shrugged. “I heard him return as we were searching the second floor.”

“And you didn’t think that I would like to know that we were no longer alone in this house?”

“I already planned to trance him, so why bother?”

“Hmph.” She pursed her lips, but in the end, his plan had worked so she decided to forget about it and move on. “You know, it is pretty freaky to watch you do that.”

“Why? Do you think that I’ve put you in a trance before and had my wicked way with you?” he asked flirtatiously.

The intimate images returned with thigh-clenching intensity. Visions of his lips as they hovered above her own, sharing the same breath with her, flooded into her mind. What would forbidden passion taste like? Would he lightly caress her aching breasts or would he squeeze them in his big powerful hands?   

Her eyelids slid closed a second before she shook her head slightly to dispel the images.



Saturday Sexcerpt-Black Dog and Rebel Rose by Danielle D. Smith

When I asked Danielle if she had a Sexy Excerpt to share with us her response was “Oh, I’m so glad you asked…”

 Well onto the Excerpt Naughty Boys and Girls…

 There was silence between them as they sat gazing at each other. The little fire crackled, warming the space around them. Suddenly their faces were drifting close together; close enough that each could smell the other’s breath. Skriker’s lips parted wet, sensing the sensual electricity that had picked up in the atmosphere surrounding them.

            She leaned in and kissed him. It was official. He wanted to fuck her brains out.

            Her lips were lush and dizzyingly soft, her breath and spit flower-sweet, and Skriker’s head was spinning.          His arms slid around her, his hands slipping up her back and under the fall of her wild dark hair, and their kiss deepened. She rubbed her long hands over his tattooed flesh, over the curvaceous muscle that swelled over his body. She gently touched the stabbing platinum blond spikes of his hair, brought her hands up to cup his face in her palms, probing his mouth with her warm velvety tongue. When she pulled away he was gasping, sweat standing out on his skin.

            “Holy shit,” he breathed. Rose was smiling at him, licking her lips, her arms draped over his broad shoulders.

            “You’re a good kisser,” she said silkily, her long black lashes brushing her cheekbones. Skriker leaned in to her eagerly and they kissed again. His dick was outrageously hard, a chunk of rock in his pants.

            “Yes…” he breathed against her mouth; he reached down and unzipped his leathers, jamming his hand inside to free the monster hiding within. Oh, God, this was perfect; a dead town full of vamps, like his own personal shooting gallery, and on top of that an incredibly hot fuck from the most stunning woman he had ever laid eyes on—

            And then he felt Rose stiffen; felt the energy, the heat, that had been so effortlessly flowing from her body into his suddenly tap out. Rose abruptly pulled away, and he groaned softly.

            “Rose,” he murmured. “Rose…baby…”

            She shook her head adamantly. Her breathing was ragged and trembling. Her cheeks were flushed like the blossom that had given her a name, but there was trepidation flickering across her face. “I can’t,” she whispered.

            “Why?” Oh, God, no. Oh, fuck.

            “I just…can’t. I’m sorry, but I run alone. I am alone. That won’t change. So forget about it.”

            She looked away then and the last of his hopes were crushed. “We’d better get some sleep. We have Bloods to hunt when the sun goes down. Fuckers will be out in full force, I’m sure.”

            Skriker watched as she smoothed out the folds of the blanket, an almost prissy activity that made her appear quite girlish. She lay down on her side, her back to him, using her leather pack as a pillow.

            Skriker sat by the fire, gazing at her. His dick, still halfway out of his trousers, throbbed spitefully as if scolding him for this monumental failure to get some pipe laid. He sank his teeth into his lip and pushed the hateful chunk of meat back into its prison, zipping his fly up with an abrupt jerk.

            He sat for a while longer, looking down at Rose. His eyes traced the smooth ripe slope of her hip, the luscious curve of her ass, and the devastating length of her legs. He could still taste her kiss on his lips, the soft flickering probe of her tongue, and it was an aching torment.

            Finally he asked, “Do you have any tattoos, Rose?”

            She grunted inaudibly. There was a brief silence. Then, “No.”

            She remained silent after that. Skriker balled his wife beater up and lay down on the side of the blanket closest to the fire, resting his head on the rumpled garment. He heard a shink as Rose pulled her knife into her fist, clutching it tight. Soon her breathing slowed and Skriker knew that she slept.

            He lay awake awhile longer, watching the flames of the tiny fire dance in the shadows of their hideaway. When sleep finally overtook him, he plummeted straight into a dream…

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AuThursday – Danielle D. Smith

Q:  When and why did you begin writing?

I originally began writing as a very young tween, around 10 years old. I was really into epic fantasy, mythology, and history very early on and that always impacted what I wrote. I had poetry and short fiction published in student journals and newspapers before letting writing fall to the wayside in favor of visual art. I jumped back into writing around two years ago as a de-stressor, got my first dark fantasy book published, and have never looked back.

Q:  What books have most influenced your life most?

 Gosh, that’s a hard one. General retellings of ancient myths and legends have always been big for me. I absolutely adore Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, especially the first book in the series, The Gunslinger. Other big influences have been the dark London fantasy King Rat by China Mieville, American Gods by Neil Gaiman, and Penny Dreadful by Will Christopher Baer. All of these books opened my imagination up all the more and allowed my art to flourish and, therefore, made my life richer and more fulfilling.

Q:  How do you make time to write?

 I am truly a Jack-of-all-trades, so trying to make time to write can be a challenge. I am a tattoo artist in a custom shop, a painter, and an illustrator/book cover designer as well so I have to manage my time carefully. I usually hit the laptop in the evening, after I get home from the tattoo shop. I always have a beer or glass of wine on hand as I write so I can relax and get into the mood.

 Q:  What tools do you feel are must-haves for writers?

 Obviously a good computer with a backup system. I like to keep notepads and pens in my purse, car, and by my bed for those sudden moments of inspiration. I think having a well- stocked bookshelf near your writing desk is an important tool: mine happens to be filled with favorite fiction/nonfiction books, foreign language references, and visual art books (images are as much of an inspiration to me as other people’s words can be). Good music that fits the story or characters is a staple (I always compile a “soundtrack” and burn a CD for each book I write). A favorite beverage or snack can ease the stress that can come with the creative process: a good beer, glass of red wine, or dirty martini tends to be my drug of choice (hey, I’m a tattoo artist–we’re all about the booze).

 Q:  What do you think is the biggest misconception in erotic romance fiction?

 That it’s pornography. In my humble opinion, good erotica is written artfully and with elegance.A good erotica writer can turn hardcore sex scenes into poetry.

 Q:  Tell about your latest book?

My latest novel, Black Dog and Rebel Rose, was released in August by Solstice Publishing. BD&RR is an erotic horror story in which I pulled out all the stops and threw in all of the naughty stuff that I love, both characterwise and in the setting of the story. BD&RR first introduces the reader to Skriker, the son of a True Native of Hell and a mortal lady of the night. He is a tattooed Harley riding half-demon hunter who specializes in the destruction of all the evils that dwell in the dark, including his own kind. When not hunting, he is a wanton seducer and lover of the female sex; a bad boy in the truest sense of the term! Word of a vampire-infested ghost town draws him in with the appeal of blowing vamp parts all over the place like a kid in a carnival game. In the middle of the hunt he runs (literally) into Rose, a bombshell of a woman with a tragic past. Rose, who just happens to be the now-grown Nephil (half-angel, half-human) daughter of Alexius and Psyche, has become a fierce huntress with a chip on her shoulder. When they decide to run together on the hunt, Skriker finds himself falling madly in love with his new companion, and Rose is forced to deal with unwelcome emotions that she swore she would never acknowledge. Their opposing ancestries lead to an interesting dilemma for both characters. This story is horror-flick gory and truly written with the erotica fan in mind—the sex is graphic and sizzling hot. A very fun angels-and-demons read! This is also my first book to be in print as well as ebook format, which I am crazy excited about.

 Q:  Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

 That love can truly conquer all–even if your daddy’s an angel with a chip on his shoulder and your boyfriend ends up being half demon.

 Q:  I know you do your own cover art.  Which comes first the art or the book?

Truthfully, both. I love doing character designs/sketches and will create my own images of the characters as I work on the novel; I am immensely picky about how my characters are portrayed (no stock photography for my book covers PERIOD). Drawing or painting a character can help me along with the overall vision and feel of the story.

 Q:  What are your current projects?

 I’m currently working on two new books. The top priority is the second novel in the Psyche’s Gate series. Titled Nephil’s Curse, this story chronicles Alexius and Psyche’s daughter Rose and her journey into adulthood. Skriker and Alexius are major characters, and I introduce my first werewolf characters here as well. My second project, In The Neon, is another erotica offering that tells the story of Skriker’s parents and how they met. I am also working on a comic book version of Black Dog and Rebel Rose, which I am very excited about.

 Q:  Where can readers find you on the world wide-web?

 On my website:

and my blog:

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