Saturday Sexcerpt-Black Dog and Rebel Rose by Danielle D. Smith

When I asked Danielle if she had a Sexy Excerpt to share with us her response was “Oh, I’m so glad you asked…”

 Well onto the Excerpt Naughty Boys and Girls…

 There was silence between them as they sat gazing at each other. The little fire crackled, warming the space around them. Suddenly their faces were drifting close together; close enough that each could smell the other’s breath. Skriker’s lips parted wet, sensing the sensual electricity that had picked up in the atmosphere surrounding them.

            She leaned in and kissed him. It was official. He wanted to fuck her brains out.

            Her lips were lush and dizzyingly soft, her breath and spit flower-sweet, and Skriker’s head was spinning.          His arms slid around her, his hands slipping up her back and under the fall of her wild dark hair, and their kiss deepened. She rubbed her long hands over his tattooed flesh, over the curvaceous muscle that swelled over his body. She gently touched the stabbing platinum blond spikes of his hair, brought her hands up to cup his face in her palms, probing his mouth with her warm velvety tongue. When she pulled away he was gasping, sweat standing out on his skin.

            “Holy shit,” he breathed. Rose was smiling at him, licking her lips, her arms draped over his broad shoulders.

            “You’re a good kisser,” she said silkily, her long black lashes brushing her cheekbones. Skriker leaned in to her eagerly and they kissed again. His dick was outrageously hard, a chunk of rock in his pants.

            “Yes…” he breathed against her mouth; he reached down and unzipped his leathers, jamming his hand inside to free the monster hiding within. Oh, God, this was perfect; a dead town full of vamps, like his own personal shooting gallery, and on top of that an incredibly hot fuck from the most stunning woman he had ever laid eyes on—

            And then he felt Rose stiffen; felt the energy, the heat, that had been so effortlessly flowing from her body into his suddenly tap out. Rose abruptly pulled away, and he groaned softly.

            “Rose,” he murmured. “Rose…baby…”

            She shook her head adamantly. Her breathing was ragged and trembling. Her cheeks were flushed like the blossom that had given her a name, but there was trepidation flickering across her face. “I can’t,” she whispered.

            “Why?” Oh, God, no. Oh, fuck.

            “I just…can’t. I’m sorry, but I run alone. I am alone. That won’t change. So forget about it.”

            She looked away then and the last of his hopes were crushed. “We’d better get some sleep. We have Bloods to hunt when the sun goes down. Fuckers will be out in full force, I’m sure.”

            Skriker watched as she smoothed out the folds of the blanket, an almost prissy activity that made her appear quite girlish. She lay down on her side, her back to him, using her leather pack as a pillow.

            Skriker sat by the fire, gazing at her. His dick, still halfway out of his trousers, throbbed spitefully as if scolding him for this monumental failure to get some pipe laid. He sank his teeth into his lip and pushed the hateful chunk of meat back into its prison, zipping his fly up with an abrupt jerk.

            He sat for a while longer, looking down at Rose. His eyes traced the smooth ripe slope of her hip, the luscious curve of her ass, and the devastating length of her legs. He could still taste her kiss on his lips, the soft flickering probe of her tongue, and it was an aching torment.

            Finally he asked, “Do you have any tattoos, Rose?”

            She grunted inaudibly. There was a brief silence. Then, “No.”

            She remained silent after that. Skriker balled his wife beater up and lay down on the side of the blanket closest to the fire, resting his head on the rumpled garment. He heard a shink as Rose pulled her knife into her fist, clutching it tight. Soon her breathing slowed and Skriker knew that she slept.

            He lay awake awhile longer, watching the flames of the tiny fire dance in the shadows of their hideaway. When sleep finally overtook him, he plummeted straight into a dream…

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