Valentine’s Day Blog Hop – Tina’s TOP 15 most Romantic Movies

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I actually went looking for romantic movies and then was disappointed when I hadn’t seen half of them and only owned one.  So I thought I’d pull from my actual movie collection and list the movies I find the most romantic.

15.  Look Who’s Talking – I always thought the beginning should be used for Sex Ed. 

14.  Housesitter – I love Goldie Hawn’s Comedic Presence and the fabrication in this movie.  It’s both funny and the first time I watched it, I misted up a bit.

13. True Lies – befor Arnold was the Governor, he was an actor.  This movie has perfect comedic elements for his action style.  It’s also one of the only movies I remember Tom Arnold in.  You can also see see Jamie Lee Curtis gettin’ her funk on. 

12.  Overboard – Another Goldie Hawn movie with her longtime beau Kurt Russell.  This was on the Romantic Movie List.

11.  For Richer or Poorer – I love seeing Tim Allen and Kirstie Alley reconnect in an Amish Setting.  It’s pretty funny too.

10.  Disney’s Beauty and the Beast – The first time I saw this movie, I sobbed at the end when Beauty admits, “but I love you…”

9.  Romancing the Stone – Any Romance author can appreciate Joan Wilder writing during the Bodice Ripper era…the opening scene is priceless.   To watch Joan in her own romantic adventure is entertaining beyond words.

8.  Crocodile Dundee – Who doesn’t like the idea of a guy who knows his way around the bush and can kill a croc with a knife…

7.  Yours, Mine and Ours – Another in my tear-jerker collection.

6.  CutThroat Island – While not Romantic per say, there is a nice sexual energy by both lead characters.

5.  Beautician and the Beast – All around fun

4.  Love Potion #9 – Nerds need love too.

3.  Underworld – Vampires and Werewolves are just plain SEXY.

2.  The Mummy – Seeing Brendan Fraser as an action hero was nice…and while this movie is mostly sexual tension with a hint of romantic beginnings.  The second movie, “The Mummy Returns”  really brings out the love.


AND FINALLY my number one movie choice


1. 10 things I hate about you – Maybe it’s because of Heath Ledger, maybe it’s because it’s based loosely off my favorite Shakespeare play…but I heart this movie.

So what romantic movies are in your home collection?