Double Trouble Tuesday!

Welcome to the first Double Trouble Tuesday!  This is where I compare two items that are similar in this case it’s book trailers with something in common.

Alien Sex 101 by Allie Ritch

Over My Undead Body by Debbie Cairo

Join me for more Double Trouble next Tuesday!



2 comments on “Double Trouble Tuesday!

  1. Allie Ritch says:

    Hey, Tina, I recognize one of these, lol. Kevin MacLeod has the best royalty-free music for things like this. I know a lot of us authors use his site for our trailer soundtracks, so it’s not surprising there’d be double trouble. The same thing happens with cover models if you look closely enough. You’ll see the same element or model on multiple books. What’s interesting to see is how you can take the same thing, like music, and use it for an entirely different effect. Thanks for posting my vid.


  2. Tina Holland says:

    That was my idea. If you ever run across a similar book cover or model feel free to pass it on for a Double Trouble Spot. -Tina


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