Claire de Lune – Interview and Excerpt

strong>My apologies to my regular followers, I’ve been recovering from surgery and got a bit off schedule. Please join me in welcoming Claire de Lune to the Clog Blog. So Claire, where are you from?
I was born in South Yorkshire in England but now live in Dumfriesshire in Scotland
Q: Tell us your latest news?My latest book, Angel in Hell, was released on 31st July. I am working on book 2 and also a new Prometheus in Chains book.

Q: How long have you been writing?I started in April last year so 15 months. In some ways it seems as if I began to write yesterday as time has flown, In others it has now become such an integral part of my life that it seems as if I have been doing it for much longer.

Q: What inspired you to write your book, Initiation?
I was bored with the housework etc. I had always worked and had a challenging job. I read very widely and my youngest son challenged me to write a book. I am certain he never expected the erotic romance that I wrote.

Q: How did you come up with the title?
It described exactly what happened to Jane. She was curious about BDSM, found a man who loved her to distraction and initiated her into the lifestyle. That title was easy some of the others have not been.

Q: How did you come up with the idea for this series, about a Prometheus in Chains BDSM Club?
As I said I was bored and devoured a lot of ebooks. I was interested in BDSM and read a lot in the genre. There are some superb authors in this area. Prometheus was a name I liked for the Dom running the club. The rest just came to me.

Q: What was it about your book that made your editor want to buy it?
I think it was a few things. I wrote it from the heart. I think that shows and it made me a few very good friends. It’s different because the heroine is not a dazzling beauty in her teens. She’s a grandmother in her 60s.She has issues with her health and her self image to which we can all relate. Her struggle to overcome them and the love she finds on the way are what makes the book interesting.

Q: If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?
Mentor? Not sure I have one as such. I admire Jane Austen. I received a lot of help and encouragement from Cooper Mackenzie when I was starting out and I am very grateful to her. Master “K” has been very kind in his continuing help and advice about Kinbaku. On a personal level Sage Marlowe has become a close friend as have many of my readers and fellow authors, and I receive help and encouragement from all of them.

Q: What do you think is the biggest misconception in erotic romance fiction?
That is has to be confined to the young. Older people enjoy sex just as much as the young. Your sex-life does not end at 35 nor at 65 if you are lucky.

Q: Where can readers find you on the World Wide Web?

Q: Do you have a sexy excerpt you’d like to share with us?cdl-angelinhell-full<

Angel in Hell by Clair de Lune : ADULT EXCERPT
The smile that he bestowed on her showed his admiration of her lovely body. He took her arms and settled them around his neck, thus pulling her more to her knees. He wanted her, but he had iron control over his desires, and this first time he wanted to explore and savour her. Gods knew when he would get another chance or what awaited them in her father’s house. His hands caressed her face.
“You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Your hair is such a lovely shade. Your wings complement your eyes and hair. Can you fly?”
“Only very short distances, and we don’t stay in the air for longer than about half an hour. The ability to fly any great distance has been lost to us. The men didn’t want the women flying off, so it has been bred out of us.”
“The more I hear about this place, the sooner I want to leave and take you with me.”
“How can we? I can’t fly any distance, and there are no islands within less than two days' journey. I know you aren’t from one of them.”
“No. I don’t know where my home lies in regard to your island but I shall discover it when I need to. Enough talk. Kiss me.”
Her lips met his, and his hands explored her soft, rounded breasts with the hard nipples. Her delicately bronzed skin was satin to the touch, and his large hands easily engulfed her breasts. She moaned into his mouth as his fingers first kneaded the swelling mounds, then pulled and tweaked her nipples.
"Yes, oh yes please."
They seemed to harden even more under his touch. Her tongue stroked and danced over his, and his cock swelled in anticipation. His hands clasped her bottom carefully. She winced a little as he came in contact with the welts. His mouth descended on one breast, and he began to lick all around it, following the areola and finally finding her nipple. He took the tip between his teeth, and flicked it with his tongue, driving her wild in his arms. Finally he sucked most of one breast into his mouth, and suckled hard. Her mouth left his and she shrieked her appreciation. He redoubled his efforts, and was pleased with her sobs and moans. She didn’t protest when he left her breast but he knew she would eventually. He’d teach her to express all her desires out loud for his appreciation. Her wings fluttered as she arched her back, pressing her breast into his mouth. He was more than willing to oblige her, and suckled harder still. His hand descended to her pussy, and his probing fingers found the luxuriant curls he’d so admired. He tangled his fingers in them, and tweaked as she moaned. Next he exposed the swollen, puffy lips of her pussy. Dipping inside, he was delighted to find that she was so wet. He knew he was big, and his cock was thick, and he didn’t want to hurt her. In his opinion, she’d already been hurt enough to last a lifetime. Two fingers penetrated her, and finding her special spot, he massaged and stimulated it.
“What are you doing to me, Lord Arielle? It feels amazing.”
“No one has ever touched you here before?” The more he heard about this place, the less he liked it and the more impatient he became to leave it and take her and her partner with him.
“No, we were told not to do that in our instruction, but I like it so much. Please don’t stop.”
“Of course you do my lovely mate. You must always tell me what feels good for you. You were made for pleasure, and you shall have all I can give you.”
He continued to massage her spot, then began to fuck her with his fingers to the music of her moans and gasps of pleasure. When he could wait no longer, he took her by the waist, raised her up, and he slipped his cock deep within her. It was a snug fit but she took all of him in, and grasped him with her muscles. As he withdrew, they clasped his dick in their slick heat. She took her weight on her knees, and lifted herself almost off his cock then slammed down again and it was his turn to moan and gasp. Soon they established a rhythm.
"Yes little love, just like that."
He rose up to meet her as she impaled herself time and again on his throbbing dick. His fingers sought her folds as he felt the familiar tingles clutch at the base of his spine. He rubbed over her clit, gently at first, but with increasing pressure and never too fast. She soon convulsed around his cock as he pushed her over the edge, and she screamed.
“Lord Arielle!” The scalding heat of her sheath, the clenching of her internal muscles, and his own thrusts deep inside her, set off his release. He stilled, then his grateful dick emptied its contents inside her, and the release and pleasure flowed from his balls along bones and veins until he gasped for air. He clasped her tightly to his heaving chest, and he felt a similar hammering of her heart. Gradually the world slowed, and they returned to their normal breathing. He took her face in his hands.
“I knew you were mine the moment I laid eyes on you. I have fucked other women, but this is the first time I made love. Thank you my Colonsay. He kissed her eyelids, her nose, her mouth, and she smiled shyly at him. She laid her head against his chest. He felt the soft huff of her warm breath, and felt tears rain down on his chest. He put her from him, held her at arm’s length, and looked at her.
“What is it? Why are you weeping? Did I hurt you?”
“No, Lord Arielle, you didn’t. I have never felt like that before.

Thank you for inviting me onto your blog, It was such a pleasure to be here today/