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SR HowenPlease welcome S.R. Howen to the Clog Blog! So SR, where are you from?
I live in the sticks, in the hind end of nowhere, central Texas.

Q: Who is your favorite author and why?
A: This is a hard one; there are a number of authors that I read regularly. Right now, the one author I always buy is JD Robb. I like that her (Nora Roberts) in Death series, is a subtle SciFi, with a romance that doesn’t hit you in the face.

Q: Who has had the most influence on your writing?
A: My grandfather and my dad. Both are gone now, but things I learned from them still influence me. And it often comes through in my writing.

Q: Have you had any “ah ha” moments as a writer?
A: Many years ago, I had the idea that the only way to write a novel was to make an outline, and make character sketches, and location sketches, and then outline some more. I never got anywhere with any novel. It was like once I had done all that work, and setting things up and the back ground that the story was already told and it refused to go onto the paper. My ah ha moment came when at a writer’s conference in CA, the speaker, a well-known author was talking about writing without an outline, up to that point I had never heard of such a thing. For me that was a turning point, I discovered how to write, what worked for me.

Q: What, in your opinion, are the most important elements of good writing?
A: The mechanics. Grammar, Language, punctuation, all of it. You can have a good idea, even a need to tell a story, but without a basic understanding, and mastery, of the basics that’s all it will ever be, an idea, that won’t look the same on paper as it did in your head. I tell beginning writers, that they wouldn’t put a roof on a house without knowing how to swing a hammer, so why try to write a book without knowing the basics?

Q: Would you tell us a little about your new book, The Wizard’s Heart, Book 1 in the Tales of the Zingari series?
A: The Wizard’s Heart is a fantasy romance story. The Zingari are a tribe of gypsies who have had their land stolen from them by the royal family in the name of preventing a prophecy that would destroy the queen and take away her ruler ship. When the queen’s daughter meets the leader of the gypsies, they must set aside their differences to save the land and reveal the truth.

Q: What was the most difficult aspect of this book?
A: I’d never written a formula romance before, or traditional fantasy, dragons, and fairies and spells. So this book was getting out of my comfort zone and trying something new.

Q: What books can we expect to see in the near future?
A: Right now, I am contracted for a third book in my supernatural horror series, Medicine Man, and for two more Zingari books from Wild Child Publishing, and an erotic romance mystery, Life Flight, from Freya’s Bower. I’m also working on a paranormal erotic romance, as yet not contracted.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share about the Zingari books?
A: The majority of my characters are American Indian. With the exception of The Tales of the Zingari series. I like the idea of writing what I know as well as writing contemporary characters who share the struggle of what it is to be a modern Indian, and leave the stereotypes by the roadside.

Q: Where can readers find you on the World Wide Web?

Facebook Author’s Page
Blog: Critters at the Keyboard Web page
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Author’s Den
Linked In

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    Thanks so much for having me.


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    Very good interview, S.R. And very good advice and insight into the writing process, a journey that can teach a writer a lot about him/herself.


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