AuThursday – Dakota Rebel

Please Welcome Dakota Rebel to the Clog Blog, so Dakota, what books have most influenced your life most?
Not to sound stereotypical or anything, but Dracula had a huge impact on me and on my writing. I found Bram Stoker when I was young, probably too young to be reading it to be honest, and my world view changed. The dark, romantic and heartbreaking sadness of that book just took my breath away. It made me fall in love with vampires and with star-crossed lovers. The book had everything: action, love, friendship, sex, death…it was the perfect storm of plot to an impressionable mind.

Q: Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?
Like a lot of authors, I don’t remember not writing. When I was in first grade I was writing stories about a girl who turned into a bird and flew away from home. (I guess even at the tender age of six I loved shifters.) I’ve always had piles of notebooks filled with angsty poetry, half-assed plot lines, title lists and broken lines of dialogue. Honestly, I believe I was born with the writing gene and as soon as I could form letters with a pen I was rushing to get all of the voices out of my head and down on paper.

Q: Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
Writing blurbs is about the hardest thing an author has to do. You’ve written your book and as an author you feel that every single piece of the story is relevant and important. Condensing a novel into a paragraph or two is damn near impossible. And yet we must do it for every book, every time. I often wait until the last minute so that I am forced to write something, otherwise I can stare at a blank document for hours trying to pick and choose which parts of the plot I can smoosh down into one or two sentences. Yeah, blurbs are rough.

Q: Do you have any advice for other writers?
My number one piece of advice for authors is to never, ever stop at the beginning of a sex scene in your book. When you’re writing erotic romance and your characters are in the mood, guess what? So are you. You are in the moment with them. Don’t think that you can take a break and come back and find that their chemistry and yours are still meshing. You need to keep with the flow of the narrative. Get them going at the very least. If you absolutely must stop, at least stop in the middle where you’re more likely to pick it back up later. If you get them to the bedroom and put them on pause, they could stay that way for a very long time.

Q: What do you think is the biggest misconception in erotic romance fiction?
That it is porn for women. First of all, it is not porn. Erotic Romance is just what it says, romance that doesn’t shut the door on the realistic aspects of a committed union. People who are in love have sex, it’s natural and beautiful and part of their story. Erotic romance just includes those scenes that old-school romance censored. Secondly, women watch porn on the internet just like men do. We don’t need to dress it up with a pretty name. We have porn thank you very much.

Q: Which one of your covers is your favorite and why?
My cover for Vamplet is probably my favorite. I love how the artist was able to tie the skull in and still make the men look sexy as hell. It is also one of my favorite stories that I’ve ever written, so that helps as well. The colors and the tone and the feel of the cover so convey what the story is about that I just adore it and always will.

Q: What is on tap for the rest of 2013?
I never really know what is going to strike me next. I work a full time day job, plus I have two children and a husband who for some reason like to spend time with me. I write when I am able to carve out the time and I have an idea on which to work. Seldom do those two things occur at the same time. I know I would like to finish working on Reagan, a follow up to my ever popular novel Mitch. I would also like to start the sequel to Kiss Me You Animal. Plus there are a few single shots that have been rolling around in my head trying to gain traction.
So unfortunately I don’t have any hard and fast plans for the rest of the year. Just things that I would like to do and probably won’t.

Q: Where can readers find you on the World Wide Web?
I use my blog for pretty much everything. People can always find me at Once you hit the blog there are links to my Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages.