Saturday Excerpt -Beautiful Imperfection by Kathryn Bain

“I can’t believe you set me up. Why didn’t you tell me?” Teddy Federline knew she should have stayed home. She was in no way ready for this.
She adjusted her right bra strap in Club Jetty’s bathroom mirror and drew in a deep breath. The lights were bright, showing every pore in her face. The aroma of hyacinths cascaded over her from a woman who’d sprayed perfume moments earlier. Chill bumps formed on Teddy from the vent blowing cool air overhead. She rubbed her arms up and down. Why couldn’t the restaurant have the heat on? You’d almost think it summer instead of February.
Teddy dipped her finger in the concealer before applying it to the dark circles under her eyes. A loose strand of hair bounced over her cheek when she looked into the makeup bag. This new hairstyle reached her chin, enabling her to curl it back behind her ear. Not even a year ago, her hair fell to the middle of her back. She hated it short and curly, but at least it was her own.
“You’ve made too many excuses the past couple of weeks for me to chance it.” Claire Hoover, Teddy’s best friend, applied a fresh coat of lipstick. “Besides, after what Jim did to you, you need to find a decent guy.”
A pang darted into Teddy’s heart from the cruel words her former boyfriend left her with. “I didn’t sign up for this,” he’d said before he marched out of the restaurant, leaving her to pay the bill. Yeah, like she’d signed up for cancer. What a jerk.
Claire said something bringing Teddy back to the present. “Well? What do you think? Steve looks like a decent guy.”
“How can you be sure he’s decent when all you’ve noticed are his muscles?” Teddy sighed. From the way Steve spoke, he didn’t fit the good Christian man she’d dreamt of. “Saying I had to be a ten. Come on. He sounds part Neanderthal.” She looked pale, not sure whether it was from the overhead lights or her illness. During the chemotherapy, she lost eight pounds. Now due to her medication, she’d gained it back and more.
Claire took her hand. “I know you’re having a rough time, but I thought it’d make you feel better. ’Cuz nothing beats the blues more than someone cute giving you attention.” Claire released Teddy’s hand and turned back to the mirror.
“I’ll endure. I just wish Steve wouldn’t smile so much. The glare’s about to blind me.” Teddy laughed.
“It is a bit much, isn’t it?” Claire nudged Teddy with her hip as they walked out of the bathroom. “Can you say whitening treatments?”
Teddy jumped at three loud popping sounds. A woman screamed. Then instant silence.

Beautiful Imperfection is available at Amazon and B&N in E-book format. For other titles by Kathryn see her website.