Saturday Sexcerpt- Finding Zoe by Diane Saxon

Pure, unadulterated lust flowed like lava through her veins as she watched them prep him for the stunt. The stunt the blue-eyed devil had failed to warn her about. It wasn’t a warning she’d needed, but a “hazard—highly dangerous to women’s health” sign should have been hung around the entire set with red flashing lights and a cordon area of at least three hundred feet. Even that wouldn’t have been enough.

She pulled the neck of her T-shirt out and slyly blew cool air down the front of her chest, hoping if anyone noticed, they would think it was the heat of the day.

Unfortunately, she knew better.

They’d stripped him down to a pair of loose-fitting fireman coverall trousers that hung low on his hips, leaving his top half naked and showing every last muscle that rippled under his taut, smooth, bronze skin. Then, possibly just to make her squirm in her seat, as he stood shoulders back, chest out, they slicked oil all over his upper body to make it look sweaty for the camera. The cool oil made goose bumps stand out over his flesh, and his nipples hardened.

She almost slithered out of her seat onto the ground in a hot, wet mess.

Casually, she tucked a disheveled curl back into its unruly plait and tried to get it to stay with trembling fingers while molten heat rushed through her veins, clamoring to burn through her layers of skin and incinerate her on the spot.

He seemed totally oblivious to the ministrations of the makeup lady. If anything, his face still had a tinge of green, but as the woman moved away and left his body glowing to perfection in the golden sunlight, he cast Zoe a quick, hot glance that made her want to leap on him.
Amused despite herself, she envisioned launching straight at him and skidding off to land in a heap on her backside at his feet.

In her practical mind, she thought perhaps if they used something other than oil. A small groan escaped her, but she refused to take her eyes off him. Ice cream maybe…or melted chocolate. She sucked her bottom lip in, chewed on it while she allowed her imagination to take her on a short trip. Perhaps visually it may not have the same effect, but in her mind she could almost taste him as she licked every last inch of him.

Her gaze tracked up his gleaming chest and his hard, muscular neck. The unshaven shadow of his chin gave her the urge to lean forward and nip it. Further, she studied his sharp cheekbones, straight nose, and black hawk-like eyes staring back at her. Pure lust emanated from them, burning her to the spot, making every resolve she ever had about him disintegrate.

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