Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I actually got a jump on the holiday this year by going to Fargo’s St. Patrick’s day Parade.  0314151330

This is pre-parade as DH and I line up to get the best view.

I have to say St. Patrick’s is one of my favorite holidays. It’s right up there with Thanksgiving for me.

My mother makes one of two Irish meals:

Irish Stew


Corn Beef and Cabbage

I’m hoping for Irish Stew…as it is my favorite.   Its sort of a surprise until we show up for dinner.

Both meals are accompanied by Soda Bread and dessert usually consists of Chocolate Mint Cake and Irish Coffee (don’t bother holding the liquor).  🙂

Being Irish, I suppose makes the day a better excuse for my family to get together, but really who needs one.   Here’s hoping you have Happy St. Patrick’s day, whatever you are doing. have-a-sexy-st-pattys-day-graphic

Until next time Be Naughty,