Saturday Sexcerpt – Soul Tie Seduction by KD Friedrich



When I asked KD if she had an excerpt, she’d like to share with us, her answer was ” Sure! Enjoy.” this excerpt from Soul Tie Seduction. 

“Are you afraid of me, sweetness?” he asked. His sweet breath tickled her throat. He smelled like minty toothpaste and a unique, exotic spice.

“Yes,” Ariella whispered. She didn’t want to lie to him. For some reason, he above all others deserved the truth.

“Perhaps you’re afraid of how I make you feel.” He nipped her sensitive flesh.

She gasped. “Stop teasing.” She managed to form two complete words with his mouth on her skin—pure talent.

Armen chuckled against her throat. “You are like a fine wine. One should never rush such a treat.”

Why didn’t he do it? Sink his fangs, take his fill, and be on his way. She dealt with selfishness for years living with Tony. Why did Armen have to make the exchange so—intimate? His tenderness led her closer to the end of the plank, tempting her to dive into his mysterious incalescence, sink into the smooth velvet sound of his voice, and disappear in his dark depths—depths she knew offered no escape. His magnetism seemed unnatural, impossible his mere presence caused such a genuine profound reaction.

“Are you controlling me? You said you wouldn’t.” There was no other explanation. Why else would she feel so much?

He growled in her ear. “I’m at your mercy, sweetness.”

His hands traveled over her hip, dipped to her waist, and came to rest upon her breast.

He tweaked her taut nipple beneath her thin T-shirt. Instant sparks exploded throughout her body, as if he had clipped electrodes to her areolas and flipped the switch to high.

She clung to him, digging her fingernails into his thick biceps. The action caused his muscles to tighten and swell. God, Ariella loved Armen’s thick, corded physique. His skin reminded her of smooth, tan, satin sheets stretched over hot, steel plates. Every vein in his forearms bulged under his tight flesh as he moved his palm even lower.

“Armen, please,” she begged, unsure she’d survive one more second of seduction.


Armen didn’t offer her a chance for second thought. He slid his hand beneath her waistband, past a thin band of lace, over a soft patch of silken hairs, and dipped a finger into heaven.

“Oh my God…Armen, please,” she cried out, her pleasure trailing off into another sexy mewl.

Damn, she dripped with need. So fucking hot and wet, he’d die without tasting her. He slid his finger from her depths, lifted it to his mouth, and sucked the soaked digit. A growl rolled up his throat as her unique, salty spice exploded across his senses. Her eyes widened at his action. Shock evident in her expression, yet he sensed—excitement. Yes, she liked to watch him savor her honey. Her gaze followed his tongue as he gave his finger one final lick.

Ooh.  That is wonderful. Thanks for sharing your time with us this week K.D.   Join me next AuThursday when Marianne Rice stops in at the Clog Blog.  

Until next time, be naughty.