Vote for Tina’s NaNo Project!

“Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month.”

“Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month.”

I’ve always been rather ambitious during NaNoWriMo or National Novel writing month.

I never know what project to pick so I’ve decided to have my friends, family and fans help me decide.  I have four stories rolling around in my head and have yet to put pen to paper, which makes them perfect NaNoWriMo projects.

1) Wind Resistant – Second book my Brave the Elements series.   Chase Ryder from Fireproof will be the hero.

2) Ryder Hard(Working Title) – Begin Flesh for Fantasy Series Book 1- set in Las Vegas BDSM Club Flesh. Cal Ryder from the Caulfield Cowboys will be the first hero.

3) To tempt an Angel – First book in a series about demons who were kicked out of hell and now trying to get back.  Hero is a shoulder demon who must tempt an angel to get back into hell.

4) Children of Chaos – First book in a post-apolcolyptic series where bikers have the only social and military organization to adapt to life without government.  Includes paranormal elements. Heroine is a succubus and old lady in a human biker gang. She must adjust when her old man is killed fighting a rival gang.

You have 48 hours to Vote.   It’s easy.

  1. Vote Below
  2. From the comments, I’ll pick a winner.
  3. Feel free to share, pin, retweet, etc.

I’ll announce the winner on November 1st and of course start writing.   In December I’ll share the first snippets.

Happy Voting.