Saturday Sexcerpt – Hearts Unloched by Claire Gem

Hearts Unloched

This is from Claire’s next New Gothic romance, Hearts Unloched, coming soon:

Kate could count on one hand how many times a man had wanted to pleasure her with his mouth without being asked. And without reciprocation, of course. Her excitement spiked and she whispered, “Okay,” dumbly before leaning back with both palms on the table.

One leg at a time, he lifted hers and set them on his broad, muscular shoulders. Then he began his journey on the inside of her knee with soft kisses. One beside the other, ever so slowly, he worked his way along her thigh until his hot breath tickled her pubis. But when she went to tangle her fingers in his hair and pull him in, she found her wrist again held captive.

“Now, what did I tell you? Just lean back and let me get my own snack. I don’t want you to do a thing.” His voice had dropped an octave lower and rough, its tone sending a hot passion over Kate in waves.