AuThursday – Bella J


Please welcome my fellow LSB author, Bella J Bella,  can you tell us where you hail from?

Hi, Tina, and thank you so much for hosting me.  I hail from the sunny city of Cape Town, South Africa—also known as the Cape of Storms and home of the beautiful Table Mountain.  People here in Cape Town—including me—always seem to be in vacation mode, especially during summer.  In winter we just hide and wish we could hibernate.  There’s a reason Cape Town is also known as the Cape of Storms.

Q: Tell us your latest news?

Resplendent Rush (Resplendence #2) is due for release on January 11th 2016, and I can’t wait for Lexi and Levi’s story to be out there.  I had so much fun writing this novel and putting these two characters together.  Rush is a fast paced, funny, hot and heartwarming story of two people finding love when they really weren’t looking for it.  They are two opposites, but whenever they are together it’s explosive.

Resplendent Rage (Resplendence #3) just got signed up, and is scheduled for release in March 2016.  Rage is a romantic suspense, but old characters are sure to make an appearance to bring a little ‘funny’ into the mix. 😉

Q: What inspired you to write your first book?

I can’t say that there was one specific thing that inspired me to write Resplendent Ruin, but I had this image of a sophisticated, refined and reserved character in my head—Juliette—and she just kept on pacing around in my mind for months. So eventually I started thinking that what if I throw a bad-boy, tattooed, biker with attitude in Juliette’s way?  How would she react to a beer drinking, cocky, arrogant man that hates responsibilities?  And when Knox’s image started floating around in my head, I just knew this was a story that needed to be told.  But since I love drama so much, I decided to add an ambitious, sophisticated, classy and stylish fiancé who from the outside seems perfect for Juliette.  That’s how Daniel became part of the story, and a very emotional love triangle was born.

Q: How did you come up with the title?

Coming up with the title was easy.  I knew I wanted ‘Ruin’ in there somewhere and I’ve always liked the word ‘Resplendent.’  If you ask me, it’s a word that doesn’t get used nearly enough.  When those two words got added together, I knew I was the perfect title for the story.

Q:  What is your writing process? Do you outline, fly by the seat of your pants or a combination of both? Do you use mood music, candles, no noise, when you write?

I don’t outline—at all.  Usually I start out with a character in my head, and I always know how I want that character’s story to end.  So I basically start with a hero or heroine—or sometimes both—and then an ending.  The rest in between consists of 80% ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ writing, while 20% is more planned to fit into the plot.  A lot of my scenes—especially the love scenes—I get my inspiration from music.  But other than that, I just write when I get the time. Since I have two kids and a full-time job, time isn’t something I have a lot of.  So when I do manage to have an hour or so, I know I have to make it count since there’s no telling when I’ll have that gap again.

Q: Would you tell us your story of getting “the call?”

Well, mine wasn’t a call—it was an email.  I got the email at 5am in the morning, and when I saw the words ‘CONGRATULATIONS’ and ‘CONTRACT’ I squealed like a teenage girl, and jumped on my husband like a crazy person.  Now, me acting crazy isn’t exactly a strange or rare occurrence, so my husband just kind of went along with it.  I’m thinking that maybe he thought I had something else in mind—*wink—but when I shoved my cellphone in his face he knew it couldn’t have been that since I’m not that kinky. LOL.

Q:  Where can readers find you on the World Wide Web?

Twitter:      @BellaJ_Author