Saturday Sexcerpt – TJ’s Story by A. Catherine Noon and Rachel Wilder

Caution:  M/M Sexy Teaser ahead.  Includes some language.  

TJ slipped into the bathroom and took care of business.  He got all the way back to his chair before he realized it.

He wasn’t alone.

He whirled, the Beretta from under the console cold in his hand.

“It’s me, Teej.  It’s okay.”

Mother fucker.  Craig leaned against the wall to the left of the door.  TJ hadn’t even smelled him!

“I can be unnoticed if I want to,” Craig murmured.  “Don’t be scared.”

“I’m not scared.”  TJ flushed, shame and rage chasing away the afterglow.  He put the gun back without taking his eyes off Craig’s face. “And why exactly can’t I smell you? I’m a freakin’ weretiger.”

Granted, he wasn’t the best in Neal Harrison’s squad of former-Marines-changed-into-tiger-shifters, but he had a decent nose on him.

“My mom’s a witch, remember?  I know all sorts of tricks.” Craig pushed off the wall with his hips and undulated toward TJ.  The leather pants moved like a second skin and TJ felt like his eyes locked on the swell at the crotch.

Craig certainly wasn’t small, that was for sure.

Fuck, man!  He hauled his eyes up but the fucking guy wore no shirt under that black silk vest.  A silver herringbone chain hung to just below his throat. TJ sank to the chair.

Part of his mind noted Craig’s nipples were a lot darker than Dillon’s, like dark cherry cola.

The monitors, Teej, look at the monitors.

He spun his chair and gripped the armrests with slick hands.  He couldn’t get enough air, dammit.

He called me Teej.

Craig’s hands slipped onto his shoulders and he jumped.

“We know you watch us,”  Craig whispered in his ear.  His breath tickled, both TJ’s ear and things all the way down.

“I have to, it’s my job –”

“Shh,” Craig interrupted.

TJ started to argue, to deny it, but Craig’s mouth closed on his flesh.  TJ froze.

“You taste good.” Craig licked the skin under TJ’s earlobe.  “We want you to watch us.  We want you to join us.”

A bolt of panic went through him from his throat to his ass.  “What?”  His voice came out all breathy and weak-sounding.

“Don’t wait too long, Teej.”

“Why?  The offer’s only short-term?”

Craig leaned forward, his naked chest hot against TJ’s arm and shoulder.  Craig stroked a hand over TJ’s buzz cut and cupped the back of his head.  His mouth came up flush against TJ’s ear.

“I can’t make Dillon wait much longer, Teej.  So make up your mind, or he’ll do it for you.”  He kissed TJ’s scalp.  “We know you want us.”

TJ squeezed his eyes closed and tried to just breathe.  Breathe, dammit, breathe.

Craig’s left hand cupped his face, the palm hot.  TJ didn’t resist as he moved his head, thinking Craig just wanted TJ to look at him.

Uh, no.

Craig kissed him.

And holy shit, but the cameras didn’t show the half of Craig’s talent.

His tongue slipped past TJ’s lips.  He tasted like strong peppermint candy and then Craig flipped the fucking mint into TJ’s mouth.  Craig hands felt hot enough they nearly burned, and he used the one on the back of TJ’s neck to press them together.  It lasted a lifetime, but Craig pulled away all too soon.

He spoke from inches away.  “We want you, TJ.  Please stop making us wait.”  He held TJ’s eyes a moment longer and then squeezed the back of his neck.

His hands left an impression of heat behind and TJ watched him walk out.

Don’t go, he tried to say.  Wait, God, please…

The door, when it closed behind Craig, seemed mocking.

Fuck, dammit, fuck!

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