AuThursday – Alice Orr

Alice 72 headshot[1]Please welcome Romantic Suspense Author Alice Orr to the Clog Blog. Alice, tell us…what are you working on at the moment?

At this moment, I’m doing my best to find my readers and begin a conversation with each one individually by way of my stories. This is a big part of any author’s life these days, as it must be. No matter how good your book may be, if nobody knows it’s out there, nobody will read it. That’s why another important thing I want to do is thank Tina, and other bloggers like her, for their generosity and support. Without Tina, I wouldn’t be here today, talking to you. P.S. the more direct answer would be that what I’m writing now is a story called A Time of Fear and Feasting – Riverton Road Romantic Suspense Book 5. I hope Tina will invite me back to talk about Amanda and Jack when their adventure is finished and flying in search of reader friends.

Q: Do you work to an outline or plot or do you prefer just to see where an idea takes you?

I used to be the queen of the synopsis. I even wrote an article for Writers’ Digest Magazine titled “The Pain-Free Synopsis.” Then I discovered pain-free wasn’t what I wanted. Not in a Fifty-Shades kind of way, but in an Invite-the-Story-Under-My-Skin kind of way. So I tried what the late and lovely Jo Beverley referred to as “Flying into the Mist.” At the start, I know the main characters – my heroine and hero, their family members relevant to the story, the outcome of the story or what I think the outcome will turn out to be. That last almost always changes by the time I type The End because, while I’ve been flying, the story has sprouted its own wings and grown into them. I’m speaking a lot about flying today, aren’t I? Maybe I need to get myself to an airport. But not until I’ve talked with you a bit longer.

Q:  How long on average does it take you to write a book?

I have no idea how long it takes me to write a book because that process is never a straight-line thing for me. I have a non-writing life, you see, and it enters into every day and week and month in often unanticipated ways. That’s not a misfortune. I love my work, and I love my life. I fit them around each other, like a garden around a cottage, which is sometimes filled with birdsong and other times roars with thunder. All of that is a blessing, but it doesn’t pay much attention to calendar time. You might say I’m on heart and soul time instead. P.S The more direct answer would be that my books take as long to write as they take to come alive without preventing me from doing the same.

Q: What are your thoughts on writing your RIVERTON ROAD ROMANTIC SUSPENSE series?

I am having the best time of my writing life so far. At first, I was terrified by the whole idea of creating a series. I had no idea how to go about it. But I’d spent over three decades leading writers’ workshops and handing out a sign that read “Do It Anyway!” at the end of almost every one. I had to practice what I’d preached. I leapt in and did it anyway, and I’m glad I did.

Q:  It looks like you are walking down the Indie publishing path. What would you say are the main advantages and disadvantages?

The main advantage is that I am in charge of everything that has to do with my writing life and my writing career. That is also the main disadvantage. With the power to take myself in my own chosen direction comes the responsibility for making sure I choose that direction carefully. Like most sword’s blades we walk in life, this one requires a well-balanced step.

Q: Why did you choose this (the Indie) route?

I chose this route for the same reason I chose to fly into the mist with my writing. I was ready to be free in a way I’d never been before as an author. I’d published several novels and novellas traditionally, plus a nonfiction book. I’d not only written inside the system, I’d been part of that system as first book editor and then a literary agent. I loved agenting in particular, but I’d taken a long hiatus to be more active in the lives of my grandchildren. I tried returning to traditional publishing after that, but I no longer fit there. I’d changed, but it hadn’t. So I decided to go this altogether different way. I was terrified yet again but, also yet again, I’m glad I did.

Q:  Who edited your book and how did you select him/her?

My first beta reader has always been my husband Jonathan. He reads for story and tells me what doesn’t work. Sometimes a thankless job, or even a perilous one, until the next day when I’ve cooled down enough to admit how wise he is and make most of the story changes he recommends. I also have a proofreader, who happens to be an excellent editor too. She mixes those roles with me, and I’m overjoyed that she does. I can’t give out her name here because she doesn’t want any more clients, but when you buy my book you’ll find her on the Acknowledgements page.

Q:  Who designs your book cover/s?

I do have permission to give out the name of my designer. The Killion Group Inc. creates my beautiful covers AND they format both the eBook and print versions of my novels AND they

upload the eBook version to several online retail platforms AND they manage my website at I can’t imagine my writing life without Killion in my corner.

Q: Where can readers find you on the World Wide Web?

I’m all over the internet, but my priority presences are these three. The website I just mentioned Facebook at Twitter at If you feel like poking around, you can also find me on Pinterest, Goodreads, Google +, Tumblr and probably some other sites that slip my mind just now. Most important, I’m on my Amazon Author Page at

Q: Do you have a sexy excerpt you’d like to share with us?

My latest book A Villain for Vanessa – Riverton Road Romantic Suspense Book 4A Villain for Vanessa 200 Image - Prefer for Guest Blogs & Online Promo does have sexy excerpts, as do the other books in the series. But, do you remember the grandchildren I mentioned earlier?Well, they’re all over the internet too, more places than I could ever imagine. For that reason, I have to say I can’t print those excerpts here. Sorry. On the other hand, you can find them in my books. Hint. Hint. Nudge. Nudge. I hope you enjoy those scenes, and every other scene in every one of my stories. That’s a big reason I wrote them after all – for you to enjoy. Blessings. Alice

~Thanks Alice.   Readers you can join me over at Nice Girls Writing Naughty on Saturday for #Saucy Saturday.  ~Tina