Saturday Sexcerpt – Calla’s Summer Fantasy by Amber Daulton

callas-summer-fantasy“…Here are the blurb and a sexy quick peek at Calla’s Summer Fantasy, my latest erotic romance novella from Resplendence Publishing.”~Amber Daulton


Calla Lansky needed help at playing the field.

She scheduled two dates for the same night at her favorite seafood restaurant and she owed her shocked boyfriends an explanation. To her surprise, Nathan Risley and Sam Tomlin handled the awkward situation like pros and happily agreed to her ultimate fantasy: a ménage à trois.

After the hottest night of her life, Calla faced the ultimate decision.

Should she commit to the one man who secretly loved her all along or keep her options open and indulge in her summer fantasy again and again?


Calla couldn’t decide which passionate, rock-hard hunk satisfied her body more.

She glanced back down at the bed coverings and kicked away her heels. Only a coward would continue to stall. Calla turned her back on her lovers, slowly untied the halter straps of her little blue dress and shimmied her hips. The clingy fabric slid down her body, pooled around her ankles and left her in nothing but a pair of lacy black panties and a matching bra. A flirty pout puckered her lips as she glanced behind her.

“Little tease.” Sam clenched one hand at his side, his gaze dropped to her perky ass, and he pumped his cock harder with his other hand.

She grinned, her self-confidence shot like a rocket into outer space, and she tunneled her hands through her hair to lift the heavy locks. The nape of her neck tingled and her hair cascaded back down in a slow fall to sway at the tip of her ass. Nathan growled as Calla reached for her bra clasp and she batted her eyelashes at him from over her shoulder. “You wanna do it?” Nathan liked undressing her, Sam enjoyed her strip shows, but Calla didn’t care how she undressed as long as she woke up sore in the morning.

Nathan crossed the blankets in three long strides and grasped her waist with his strong hands. His fingers dug a little hard into her skin. Desire shot through her and she almost melted as he trailed hard little kisses along her shoulder blade. She inadvertently transferred power and control of the situation to him but she couldn’t find the will or the want to steal it back. Nathan swiped her hair to one side, feathered his fingertips down her spine and wrapped his arms around her like two steel bands. Caged against his solid chest, his cock pressed into the small of her back and she felt scorched by his possessive hold.

He turned her around so they faced Sam. The photographer’s lustful gaze burned like hot coals over her body. Nathan cupped her breasts, tweaked her nipples through the lace and snapped the clasp of her bra free. The scrap of fabric fell down her arms. A light breeze hardened her achy nipples into stiff peaks. Her body hummed with awareness. Calla closed her eyes as Nathan massaged her breasts with a soft but firm grip.

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