Saturday Sexcerpt – Sweet Cowboy Kisses by Stephanie Berget

“This is an excerpt from Sweet Cowboy Kisses, my story in Cowboys, Bulls & Buckles.”~Stephanie Berget

As Cody walked away, Kade looked down at the crumbled paper and tried to smooth it out.

Pansy took it from him and smoothed it on the stadium seats. “Here.”

He folded the day sheet one more time and stuck it in his shirt pocket. Taking Pansy’s hand, he sat then pulled her onto his lap. “Look, he’s just joking. You know, about finding all the women.”

The small jolt of jealousy was gone before she had time to resist it. Kade wasn’t a monk. That thought made her grin.

She’d even had a few flings since she’d left Montana, not that they’d lasted long or meant anything. “You always did have a knack for getting the girls to follow you around.”

“But I didn’t act on it when I was with you.”

The warmth of Kade’s arms around her and the look in his stormy gray eyes was like a welcome home party. “You never did, but I know you didn’t spend all those years apart pining for me. You had your life and I had mine.” Not that hers had been so great, but he didn’t need to know that.

He raised his hands and cupped her cheeks. “Pansy, there was never anyone but you.” His lips touched hers and the feeling of rightness overwhelmed her. All these years, she’d thought she’d been living. Now she knew she’d merely been surviving.

Pansy gave herself up to the feelings flooding her brain. This was not good, she knew heartache was in her future, but she hadn’t been so complete since Kade left.

She ran her fingertips up the back of his neck and tangled them in his hair like she used to, scraping her nails softly over his skin. Kade’s groan set her heart to racing.

When she got back to East Hope, this kind of behavior would have to stop, but for once, she was going to throw caution to the wind and hope the wind didn’t whip it back into her face.

Kade deepened the kiss. His hands roamed up and down her back as she pressed into him.

She heard a snicker and became aware of more people climbing the stands, searching for the best seat. Pansy put her hands on Kade’s wrists and moved his hands off her face.

“Let’s go somewhere else.” His voice was hoarse, his eyes dilated, probably much like her own.

She gave herself a quick lecture on propriety; she was her father’s daughter after all. Standing, she pulled away from his warmth. “You brought me to see your friend’s bulls. And watching bulls is what we’re going to do.”

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