Writer Wednesday – When Life hands you FRICKEN Lemons…

when-life-gives-you-lemons-freeze-them-throw-them-4016398I get the whole make lemonade phrase…sort of, but rather than make lemonade, most of us want to throw the lemons at something…HARD.

Last week was a crap week for me.  My mother had a stroke and my baby girl’s fiance’ broke things off.  The week before my oldest lost her job as her company closed.   That’s a lot of lemons people.

I admire writers who can write through pain, and by write I mean fiction.  I very rarely use my true life in fiction.  I might years later, but not now.  I don’t abandon writing altogether, but I tend to stick to morning pages, hate letters that never get mailed, and maybe dark poetry that doesn’t rhyme.  That’s my process for pain – it always has been.

But to keep from heading in a downward spriral- I’ll use the same advice I gave my daughtter.   Talk to people, keep busy and be creative.

Don’t discount talking to people.  It helps the healing process and usually, the universe will help you when you most need it.

Keeping busy is keeping to routine – working, cleaning, organizing, things that can create order have always helped me. My house does rather have a look of not being lived in.  This is not for everyone.  Self Care might be more important for your healing process – Meditation, Yoga, Excercise, Walking the dog – creating a routine for self would also work.

For me, the creative side will be painting some kits I got or scrapbooking cards for these wonderful people in my life, but it will by no means be creative writing.  It’s not to say that I can’t be productive when my life is in the crapper unless I’m writing a dark scene, I generally avoid working on my WIP (Work In Progress).   Not to mention my inner critic is very high and I feel like all my writing is $h!t.

I think the whole lemonade thing really is the most positive spin on lemons in life, that you will overcome.  And likely you will, but take your time getting there, and accept help along the way in whatever form it comes.  🙂