Writer Wednesday – Backin’ on up

computer_frustrationI think everyone has been there.  You’ve worked on something significant – a project, spreadsheet, or typed THE END on your latest story, and your PC crashes.   If you are lucky – it was a blip and maybe you lost your recent typing.  Worst case – you’ve lost everything and your PC needs to be re-built or you buy a new one.

Recently my desktop took a crash and I was unable to log in as me.  Thanks, Vista.  Grrr.  I was fortunate that the files are still on the computer and I was able to access them as an Administrator.

Since I type on a Chromebook, most all my manuscripts are saved to the cloud.  And as I update them, they are automatically backed up.   I also keep backups on Dropbox.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had issues with the stupid Vista PC.  About 2 years ago the whole thing crashed and I lost most of the data.  I backed my files up about once a month, which as a writer is not enough.  After that, I moved a significant portion of my files to Dropbox.   I do all my writing in Google docs, so my file is auto-saved.

I cannot stress the importance of backing up your manuscripts, contracts, promo copies and research notes as a writer.

I would recommend once a week at a minimum if you are doing work regularly.  If you type a significant amount of words or finish a project, I would recommend backing it up right away.