Authursday – Cheryl Cheatham

Tell us a little about yourself and your background?
I am a grandmother of 3 little girls. I love reading books to them that are silly, full of adventure, and make them smile. I have written and illustrated 2 books and a matching coloring book. I have zero education in writing or illustrating. I started drawing pictures to my grandchildren during covid to stay connected and my stories and pictures took on a life of their own. That was 18 months, 2 books, a coloring book, and another in the works ago.
How do you make time to write?
I work on my books first thing in the morning or late at night.
Do you believe in writer’s block?
Tell us a bit about the genre you write and why you love it.
Children’s adventure. With 3 little grandchildren in my house A LOT, books are a favorite way to entertain, teach, and have fun. I enjoy the stories and enjoy seeing smiles on their faces when reading to them.
How are you publishing your recent book and why?
I have used a publisher, I have self-published, and moving forward I will never use a publisher again. Being a control freak I want my books to be my vision. I don’t think I was appropriately represented either because I wasn’t willing to spend many thousands of dollars on their marketing. I was told by my publisher I used too many colors in my illustrations – one of the things all the kids love about my books.
Are you an Introvert or an Extrovert? How does this affect your work?
Introvert definitely! It has taken me some time to gain the confidence to put myself out there. It can be intimidating, someone always scrutinizing your work. I do this for the kids, and they love Yaya The Sheep, Perry, and Polly.
What is your favorite motivational phrase?
Life is not measured by the amount of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. (Maya Angelou)
Every day matters!
What advice would you give to aspiring writers?
You better LOVE what you are writing about. You are going to be thinking, breathing, and sleeping about the topic for years! Do your research on publishing, printing, and selling, and know who your audience is.
Where can readers find you on the World Wide Web?
and on Facebook – Yaya The Sheep
Do you have an excerpt you’d like to share with us?
Yaya is an adorable sheep who loves her animal friends. Yaya and her super silly, furry, friends go on 17 adventures discovering what the world has to offer. They explore amazing, exciting, fun, jobs – a hot air balloon pilot, a pastry chef, a superhero, a butterfly catcher, and many more. Along the way, they learn about the value of love and kindness. The book is educational, inspiring, silly, and will put a smile on your face.