Saturday Sexcerpt – Dangerous Beauty by Tali Spencer

Caution: Please note the below excerpt is Male/Male and  may contain scenes to steamy for vanilla readers.

When I asked Tali if she could share an excerpt with us her response was,

“I wouldn’t be a writer if I didn’t. Here’s a juicy one from Dangerous Beauty:”Dangerous Beauty Final #2

The man grabbed Endre’s other wrist and propelled him backward, suddenly off-balance, against one of the pergola’s granite pillars.

“Stay,” his assailant growled in a deep, barely accented voice. Holding Endre’s wrists pinned to the stone over his head, he pressed his body hard against his captive’s. His face slid beside Endre’s, rasping his cheek with bristles of beard. Full, lush lips caressed his ear, planting soft kisses, a hot tongue tracing its edges. “We’re being watched.”

Shit. Had Yanni circled back? One of his two guards wanting to see why he had not returned with the whore? It hardly mattered. The lips that had been softly plying his ear, driving him mad, had just found his mouth. What branded him now was raw and hot, urgent with need. Arshad sucked at his lips, seeking access and finding it, pulling from him the attraction he had fought against for weeks. Endre’s cock thickened with arousal, pushing against the body trapping his against the pillar.

Footsteps sounded on the gravel path, stopped, waited. Someone was there, listening for sure and maybe watching. His guard should have interrupted; Yanni surely would have. This had to be someone else. Frozen by indecision, Endre allowed Arshad’s lips to continue their artful assault. Sweep by sweep, those firm lips commanded his and he resisted less than he should have, kissing back, teeth on teeth, tongues warring as he fought for control. One of them would soon have to breathe and he broke first, throwing his head back, gasping for air. With a triumphant growl, Arshad began pressing hot kisses along the column of his exposed throat.

“Oh, Prophets!” Endre gasped. Overhead, moonlight spilled through the tangle of vines. He turned his head to the right and saw Arshad’s knotted hand manacling his wrist. Dense hair crushed against his cheek, the man’s mouth hot on his collarbone. His cock, already hard enough to be uncomfortable, stiffened painfully against his trousers and he groaned with need and discomfort from the now tight cock cuff.

Arshad ceased his kisses and slammed his body forcefully against him. “Everything you want,” he said, “I can give it to you. Every…fucking…thing.” Those powerful thighs ground his pelvis against Endre’s, rolling cock against stiff cock.

“Damn it, stop,” Endre grated, barely a whisper. Was their watcher still there? He didn’t even know. Worse, he no longer cared. His cock was on a rampage, straining against the cuff secured around his shaft and balls. He jammed his hips forward, pushing back, increasing the contact and the pleasure.

“Not on your life. You’ve been asking for this for weeks. This is what you’re here for, what you need. Not someone small and soft. You want it large and hard.” Arshad bent his head near again, lips brushing his ear, and murmured, “Say it, princeling. Let them hear you say you want it.”

That big hard cock was grinding against his now, creating such sweet friction he knew he would never last. Endre groaned against his clenched teeth. His head sagged forward, bumping Arshad’s shoulder, golden hair spilling across midnight velvet. He was on the fucking edge.

“Say it.” That dark voice vibrated softly beside his ear.

No, he wouldn’t do it. He wasn’t going to say it, no matter what his damn cock was feeling. He shook his head.

“Stubborn,” Arshad grunted. Taking the edge of Endre’s ear between his teeth, he gently bit.

“Ow!” When Endre’s head rocked back in surprise, those predatory eyes seized his with purpose before Arshad’s mouth descended, this time fiercely. His mouth was sealed by those lips, his breath trapped, as captive as he was. Something thick and hot, the other man’s tongue, thrust between his teeth to penetrate and fill him. Already lost to the demanding rhythm of the cock bumping and rubbing against his, he exploded, bucking against Arshad’s body as his shaft bunched and semen jetted into the confines of his trousers. His howl of protest and surrender was muffled by the supple, plundering muscle filling his mouth.

 Dangerous Beauty is available at Resplendence Publishing and also at AllRomance.

AuThursday – Tali Spencer

Please welcome fellow Resplendence author Tali Spencer.  So Tali, how long have you been writing?

Forever! J I won a poetry contest for children when I was 7 and started writing novels when I was 13 years old. I published my first novel when I was 22, but while raising my children I took a long break during which I didn’t try to get anything published. Even then, I was writing: novels and stories, public relations material, academic papers, and medical articles. I wrote campaign literature! Now I’m writing fiction again full-time and loving it. But how long have I been writing? All of my life.

Q: To date which of your books was the hardest to write and why?

 The hardest book to write is always the book I’m writing now. I’m so totally focused on it every problem seems magnified. I think I’ll never beat them down.  It’s like wrestling giants. After a book is finally written, I’m exhausted. Thank goodness I think editing is fun.

 Q:  When you are writing, who is in control? You or your characters?

 Me. Always me. I’m a control freak. That said, my process for writing is to follow my characters. I give them enormous freedom, perhaps too much, because occasionally they won’t go where I want them to go. Now I know I can force them to do whatever I want. I’ve done that at times, however much they dislike it. But sometimes they suggest a path I didn’t originally anticipate, and it’s a better path! In Captive Heart, I originally intended Julissa’s family (except for her conniving brother) to be loving and warm, but her father turned out to be a cold bastard. He was better that way and I embraced him. He’s a wonderful villain in Dangerous Beauty, where he is abusive to his son who has to hide that he’s gay.

 Q:  Who has had the most influence on your writing?

 My husband. Sounds strange, right? But it’s true! He’s been my biggest fan ever since I first showed him one of my stories, and he told me years ago I should write romance. I started out writing science fiction and fantasy, but I love the passion and intimacy of romance and he saw that. He’s also a wonderful editor and has helped me rein in my tendency to overwrite. In terms of who I admire as a writer, that would be Ursula LeGuin. Her prose is luminous.

 Q:  Have you had any “ah ha” moments as a writer?

 I have them all the time! I will see two characters together and realize I have a new pair to write about. Or a character will say something unexpected and I go “Ah-ha!” because they’ve just generated a new plot point or personality trait that I can make into something special. Often my moments are subtle things about how I can link characters and scenes thematically. That happened a lot in Dangerous Beauty, where I linked celestial mechanics to religion and sex.

 Q:  What advice do you have for other writers?

 Write. Just write. Don’t worry about getting your story published. Don’t worry about reviews of your recently published book. Just write the story you want to read. Take chances and trust your gut. On a more practical note, though: if you want to publish, make an effort to learn the business. Because it is a business and it pays off in spades to know as much as you can about the ins and outs.

 Q:  What do you find the most difficult aspect of this business we are in?

Every author will probably have a different answer to this one. For me, it’s promotion. I’m painfully shy and terribly respectful of other people, so I hate putting myself out there and saying, “Look at me. Please read this book. Give it a chance.”  I have a blog, and I really enjoy doing that, because people choose to visit it, so I do my best to make it interesting with free stories and fun posts. I also love going to conventions and talking directly to people. Go figure, right? I love meeting people, just not popping up on them asking for their time. You won’t find me spamming people on Twitter and Facebook. I shy away from tooting my own horn.

 Q:  What drew you as a writer to the M/M genre of erotic romance?

 I love romance in all its forms. My first book with Resplendence, Captive Heart, was a male/female romance. The second book in the series, Dangerous Beauty, has just been released and is M/M. It deals with the heroine’s brother. What I love about M/M is that I get to write about two heroes. I adore writing about men and the way they interact with each other. Men falling in love with other men is almost always against the societal norm, so as a writer I get to create not just the relationship but the social fabric in which it takes place. That’s why the Uttor books are special to me, because I move between pairings to show how all the brothers and sisters find love in a society torn by war and different religions.

 Q:  What is on tap for the rest of 2013?

 I am finishing the third Uttor book, about Gaspar’s sister Adora and her romance with Vallmer, a prince who desperately needs an alliance to save his beleaguered country. Problem is… she’s pregnant. I’m having fun writing about a relationship where going to bed with the heroine isn’t the foremost thought in the hero’s mind, at least not at first. He falls in love with her before he falls into lust. I’m also writing the fourth book, about Peta, the youngest brother and his romance with an Uttoran general, Darius. Besides the Uttor books, I’m working on a science fiction novel and a fantasy. And I have a M/M sword and sorcery buddy novel on submission about which I hope to hear something soon.

 Q:  Where can readers find you on the World Wide Web?

I’m pretty easy to find.  My blog:

 My author page. 

My Goodreads author page.

I’m on Facebook

and Twitter

And my email:

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