Saturday Sexcerpt – Blood Moons by Alianne Donnelly

Dara reached out; then, her fingers brushing his brow, his temple, down to his cheek. “Your face is changing,” he heard her say. “Does it hurt?”

He heard his own growl, a purely animal sound no human vocal cords could produce. Did it hurt? Christ, yes. He was in agony just keeping still under her touch. Her fingers brushed into his hair, sifting through it, and he almost purred. Was his sight changing again? She hadn’t been so close to him before.

But it wasn’t Dara who’d moved. Without meaning to, he slid his hand forward to just beside her hip and shifted his weight on it in a slow, fluid motion, leaning closer to her. He never blinked as he watched her face. He could hear her heartbeat quicken and she was breathing in little gasps. Her pupils went wide, her cheeks became rosy, and her lips … Ah, it was a beautiful sight to behold them plumping the slightest bit and parting just a little.

He’d dreamed of this. Seeing her like this. Feeling her tremble beneath his touch. He’d imagined the feel of those lush lips on him so many times he’d lost count. In his dreams, he’d had her on all fours before him as he slammed into her and bit her shoulder in a frenzy. He’d seen her riding his cock in complete abandon, as wild as he felt. Tristan had felt her go down on him in his mind so many times he could almost believe it had really happened.

Dara thought he was trying to forget their kiss. She had no idea.

Saturday Sexcerpt – Secrets of Night by Virginia Cavanaugh


Here’s an excerpt from Virginia’s upcoming novella “Secrets of Night”

 Kierra approached Kale as he caught the Shifter’s weight and dragged him back into the room. She closed the door quietly behind them before turning to face Kale. She raised one brow in question at his seeming lack of surprise over the Shifter’s presence.

He shrugged. “I heard him return as we were searching the second floor.”

“And you didn’t think that I would like to know that we were no longer alone in this house?”

“I already planned to trance him, so why bother?”

“Hmph.” She pursed her lips, but in the end, his plan had worked so she decided to forget about it and move on. “You know, it is pretty freaky to watch you do that.”

“Why? Do you think that I’ve put you in a trance before and had my wicked way with you?” he asked flirtatiously.

The intimate images returned with thigh-clenching intensity. Visions of his lips as they hovered above her own, sharing the same breath with her, flooded into her mind. What would forbidden passion taste like? Would he lightly caress her aching breasts or would he squeeze them in his big powerful hands?   

Her eyelids slid closed a second before she shook her head slightly to dispel the images.



Saturday Sexcerpt-Black Dog and Rebel Rose by Danielle D. Smith

When I asked Danielle if she had a Sexy Excerpt to share with us her response was “Oh, I’m so glad you asked…”

 Well onto the Excerpt Naughty Boys and Girls…

 There was silence between them as they sat gazing at each other. The little fire crackled, warming the space around them. Suddenly their faces were drifting close together; close enough that each could smell the other’s breath. Skriker’s lips parted wet, sensing the sensual electricity that had picked up in the atmosphere surrounding them.

            She leaned in and kissed him. It was official. He wanted to fuck her brains out.

            Her lips were lush and dizzyingly soft, her breath and spit flower-sweet, and Skriker’s head was spinning.          His arms slid around her, his hands slipping up her back and under the fall of her wild dark hair, and their kiss deepened. She rubbed her long hands over his tattooed flesh, over the curvaceous muscle that swelled over his body. She gently touched the stabbing platinum blond spikes of his hair, brought her hands up to cup his face in her palms, probing his mouth with her warm velvety tongue. When she pulled away he was gasping, sweat standing out on his skin.

            “Holy shit,” he breathed. Rose was smiling at him, licking her lips, her arms draped over his broad shoulders.

            “You’re a good kisser,” she said silkily, her long black lashes brushing her cheekbones. Skriker leaned in to her eagerly and they kissed again. His dick was outrageously hard, a chunk of rock in his pants.

            “Yes…” he breathed against her mouth; he reached down and unzipped his leathers, jamming his hand inside to free the monster hiding within. Oh, God, this was perfect; a dead town full of vamps, like his own personal shooting gallery, and on top of that an incredibly hot fuck from the most stunning woman he had ever laid eyes on—

            And then he felt Rose stiffen; felt the energy, the heat, that had been so effortlessly flowing from her body into his suddenly tap out. Rose abruptly pulled away, and he groaned softly.

            “Rose,” he murmured. “Rose…baby…”

            She shook her head adamantly. Her breathing was ragged and trembling. Her cheeks were flushed like the blossom that had given her a name, but there was trepidation flickering across her face. “I can’t,” she whispered.

            “Why?” Oh, God, no. Oh, fuck.

            “I just…can’t. I’m sorry, but I run alone. I am alone. That won’t change. So forget about it.”

            She looked away then and the last of his hopes were crushed. “We’d better get some sleep. We have Bloods to hunt when the sun goes down. Fuckers will be out in full force, I’m sure.”

            Skriker watched as she smoothed out the folds of the blanket, an almost prissy activity that made her appear quite girlish. She lay down on her side, her back to him, using her leather pack as a pillow.

            Skriker sat by the fire, gazing at her. His dick, still halfway out of his trousers, throbbed spitefully as if scolding him for this monumental failure to get some pipe laid. He sank his teeth into his lip and pushed the hateful chunk of meat back into its prison, zipping his fly up with an abrupt jerk.

            He sat for a while longer, looking down at Rose. His eyes traced the smooth ripe slope of her hip, the luscious curve of her ass, and the devastating length of her legs. He could still taste her kiss on his lips, the soft flickering probe of her tongue, and it was an aching torment.

            Finally he asked, “Do you have any tattoos, Rose?”

            She grunted inaudibly. There was a brief silence. Then, “No.”

            She remained silent after that. Skriker balled his wife beater up and lay down on the side of the blanket closest to the fire, resting his head on the rumpled garment. He heard a shink as Rose pulled her knife into her fist, clutching it tight. Soon her breathing slowed and Skriker knew that she slept.

            He lay awake awhile longer, watching the flames of the tiny fire dance in the shadows of their hideaway. When sleep finally overtook him, he plummeted straight into a dream…

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Saturday Sexcerpt – Rough Edges by Jannifer Hoffman

A scene from Rough Edges by Jannifer Hoffman

Their bodies barely moved to the music. He had no idea if the song was even playing anymore, or if the other dancers had left.

He nuzzled his face close to her ear. “Lord, Julia, I’m not sure what just happened here. I’m charting new territory. What do we do now?”

Julia raised her head to look into his eyes. Her limbs were Jell-O and her female parts were charging full speed into overdrive. She wanted to kiss him, to climb inside him, but something in the back of her mind warned her that this wasn’t the place. “I don’t know,” she whispered. “But I want you so bad I ache with it.”

Dirk’s breath was hot and labored against her cheek. “Will you hate me tomorrow if I suggest we get a room?”

She gave a throaty laugh. “I’ll hate you if you don’t. Bruce needs the commission.”

He drew back, chuckling. “Thanks, I needed that right now. Come on.”

He grasped her hand, went back to the table and picked up her sweater and handbag. He released her long enough to fumble in his wallet and throw a hundred dollar bill on the table. With his arm around her shoulders and her arm around his back, they moved like Siamese twins, past the bar to the check-in counter. Julia suspected everyone in the room was watching them, but for once in her life she was going to be spontaneous and she wasn’t going to worry about what anyone else thought.

It took an interminable ten minutes to check-in. Before they left with keys in hand, Dirk reminded the clerk that Bruce recommended the room and to be sure he got his commission. Heady from the wine she’d drunk, Julia stifled a giggle as they all but raced each other like teenagers up the wide stairs to the second floor.

At the door, not wanting to be separated from Dirk even for a moment, she leaned against his back encircling his waist with her arms while he struggled to work the key card. When he finally got the little green light to come on, Dirk opened the room, pulled her inside and kicked the bulky pine door shut behind him.

Their lips met in a wild crashing frenzy. Julia tore at his clothes trying to reach his skin, barely conscious of the cool air on her own flesh as her dress, assisted by his eager hands, hiked up to her waist. Those buttons that didn’t give willingly under her trembling fingers popped free of their bindings.

Her mouth opened to devour his kisses, sensations crowding her brain. She was on fire, driven by a passion more urgent than anything she’d ever experienced in her life.

Finally his shirt pushed off his shoulders and her racing hands sought the taut muscles on his broad back, his solid arms, his firm chest.

He dropped his arms long enough to shake free of the shirt and when his hands came back up, the remains of her dress came with them. She gave a whimpered protest when their lips had to part long enough for him to pull the stretchy fabric over her head.

His warm hands touched the sensitive skin on her bare back, and a moment later, her lacy black bra dropped to the floor. When her black panties followed, and she’d kicked free of them, he lifted her in his arms and carried her to the bed.

It took him only seconds to shed the rest of his clothes and join her.

“You are so beautiful,” Dirk said before his lips came down to take her in another hungry kiss. Julia couldn’t get enough of running her hands over his solid shoulders, his arms, digging her fingers in his dark curly hair, moving her mouth to mate with his kisses.

“I love feeling you,” she managed to say. “You’re so strong, so muscular, your body is—” She cried out with pleasure when his mouth moved to her breast. “Please don’t tease me… I need you…inside me.”

“I know, honey, I need you too. I’ve needed you so long.” Instead of entering her, he slid to the side and touched her where the heat was building her need. He found the tiny nub, and began rubbing it as his mouth sucked at her breast. He pushed his leg between her knees and held her down as she cried out in release.

She panted, drawing deep gulps of air. “I want more, Dirk. I want to feel you inside me.” He gasped when she reached down and circled her fingers around his rigid shaft. “Please…now,” she pleaded.

“Oh, honey, I want you too. You are so wet, so ready for me. But honest to God, sweetheart, I didn’t plan this”

“It’s okay,” she said. “I didn’t either.”

“You don’t understand. I didn’t bring protection. I could make you pregnant.”

“You won’t. I had a depo shot…after my miscarriage… I won’t conceive.”

He paused for only a second to absorb what she’d said. He rolled on top of her and positioned himself between her legs. With his erection poised at the opening of her heat, he paused, took her face between his hands and stared down into her eyes.

“I think I’m falling in love with you, Julia.”

His raspy whisper came just before he claimed her mouth again, entering her at the same time. He moved slowly at first, quickly building to a starving urgency. Julia matched his thrusts with a fury of her own. She moaned, climaxing again only moments before he gave a roaring shudder. His body collapsed on top of her, his seed propelling with driving force inside her.

Dirk rolled to his side pulling her with him, reluctant to break the contact between them. “Sweetheart, you’ve done me in,” he said, chuckling.

She nuzzled his neck. “I think it’s the other way around. I’m exhausted. I’ve never…”

“Never what?” he asked when she stopped talking.

“Never climaxed twice in one night.”

Dirk lifted her chin until he could look in her emerald green eyes. “Are you serious?”

She nodded instead of answering.

He kissed her, tasting her with undue tenderness. “Honey, it’s not even fully dark yet. You’re going to do it more than twice before the night is over—and that’s a promise.”

She gave a soft chuckle. “You can’t do that again until you have a few hours to regenerate.”

He grabbed her buttocks and pressed his rigid erection against her. “Wanna bet?”

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Saturday Sexcerpt – Out of the Shadows by Cammie Eicher

available at Resplendence Publishing

Here’s an Excerpt from Cammie Eicher’s Out of the Shadows

Hide in the open.

The whisper from her subconscious quieted as Ahnya Fahre backed the small sedan between two SUVs in the cul-de-sac of a suburban neighborhood. The dash clock read a few minutes after four. She was grateful for a nearby street lamp and the glowing landscape lanterns in the yard beside her. Their narrow tunnels of light brightened the dark of early morning and made her feel less alone.

Exhaustion washing over her, Ahnya fumbled for the lever and released her seat to its full reclining position. She made certain the doors were locked before turning on her side to face the sleeping infant in a car seat next to her.

“Welcome to the world,” she murmured to the hours-old child, placing a protective hand on the baby as she herself drifted off to sleep.

She was awakened later by the dim dawn. Her neck was stiff, her shoulder ached from laying against the seat belt buckle, but her tiny charge was safe. Nothing else mattered.

Pulling the seat upright, she unlocked her door and stepped outside to stretch. She welcomed the pull in her muscles as she raised her arms above her head, then bent down to loosen her back. The small ache reminded her how soft she had become. She hadn’t been on the run for a long time. And back then, she’d been alone, with nothing at stake but her future.

She had a child to protect now. As the realization of what she’d agreed to struck Ahnya anew, she folded her arms around herself and gave in to a moment of fear.

“Misha,” she whispered, “what if I fail?”

Her only answer was the whisper of the wind and the song of a few early birds. She was alone, with nothing more to guide her than the contents of the envelope Misha had thrust at her as he’d urged her to take the baby and flee.

A substantial amount of cash, a false driver’s license for her and a fake birth certificate for the infant. But most importantly, the envelope also contained directions to find Misha’s deepest enemy.

The one man who could be trusted to keep her, and this child, alive.

* * * *

Louisville, Kentucky

Thirty-six hours earlier

Griff huddled beneath the protective branches of the old weeping willow tree, night goggles trained on the limestone mansion across the street. His camera with its zoom lens lay within easy reach. As stakeouts went, he’d been on worse. He liked this part of the city. Old Louisville, the locals called it, the epitome of Victorian elegance and tradition. The neighborhood was especially beautiful now in late April, with the dogwood trees in bloom and brilliant azalea bushes in red and pink flanking the wide steps to the houses. Since he was going to spend the night out here, he might as well enjoy the ambiance.

“Aw, shit, don’t park there,” he muttered as a long, black sedan coasted by. He held his breath as it slowed, expecting the driver to park between him and the mansion he watched. He settled back as the car sped up and turned at the end of the block, leaving the view unimpeded.

Griff relaxed and returned his attention to those entering the house. Dressed in formal wear, some carrying gifts, their appearance led him to new speculation. Maybe the event was nothing more than a Derby party. Only two weeks remained until the famed Run for the Roses, and Misha Tsarentza was known for extravagant entertainment during the season.

Yet Griff was sure whatever was going on had nothing to do with horseracing.

* * * *

Inside the mansion, the party was in full swing. The ballroom with its brocade wallpaper and polished floors was crowded tonight. The babble of voices floated across the music by the tuxedo-clad band; no invitation had been turned down. Everyone who was anyone in this particular circle was here, and the festivities would continue until almost dawn.

Ahnya stood at the top of a curved staircase, hands crossed on the carved rail. She stared down into the ballroom where a laughing Tatiana danced. Tonight, her young charge was very much the queen of the party. Why shouldn’t she be? This was, after all, Tatiana’s night. Her celebration.

Her changing.

“That little girl has become a very beautiful young woman.”

Ahnya smiled at the man next to her. “As I always expected. Did you ever doubt it?”

Misha shook his head. “Never. Not with her mother’s looks and her father’s spirit. Yet what you have given is most important.” He ran a gentle finger along the inside of Ahnya’s wrist, tracing the faded and narrow scar. “You have not forgotten how difficult it can be to be young. Your guidance will help Tatiana decide what to do with those gifts.”

“You flatter me. The love with which you, her family, surround her shapes her life. My role is small.”

“Perhaps we must agree to disagree.” Ahnya felt the coolness of Misha’s hand as he laid it atop hers and lapsed into silence. She wondered if he shared her thoughts as the girl danced with Stenos, her father. Tatiana had so much of her mother in her—her beautiful and strong-willed mother, whose recklessness had been her downfall and eventually, her death.

Misha was a satisfied man. Life was good. Things had gone well for his clan, for all his people, for many centuries. Secret truces hammered out hundreds of years ago with powerful church leaders and governments still stood; the unspoken agreements were in force. Yet change was coming. He had sensed it even before the Prophetess interrupted the last gathering of the council to warn of unexpected and unbidden chaos.

He could do little but wait…wait and gather around him those he could trust, and prepare himself for the unexpected.

Ahnya’s small sigh brought him back to the moment, and the reassuringly normal scene below.

“Do you tire?” Misha’s voice, smooth as velvet, was a throaty whisper as he moved closer to her. He sought not intimacy but the ability to speak without having to guard his speech. Every word, every action of an elder was noticed.

He waved a hand toward the throng below.

“No matter what our guests may think, this celebration belongs to you as well as my godchild. It would please me if you stay. However, the festivities have only begun, and the hour is late. If you choose to leave, I will understand.”

“I know.” Ahnya smiled at her friend and protector. “Unlike you and your guests, I’ve been up since early this morning. Still, I’m not tired enough to leave and miss the ceremony.”

“A wise woman, for Tatiana will not forgive you if you did.” Misha smiled and offered Ahnya his hand as the music stopped. They walked down the stairs to join the others moving down a wide hallway and away from the decorated ballroom.

Even after all these years, Ahnya had not forgotten her awe walking into this house for the first time with nothing but the clothes she wore and a dirty backpack holding the pitiful remnants of her life. The foyer alone was larger than the living room of the ranch home back in Kansas, and the high ceilings and elegant décor reminded her of a museum.

The first floor was formal, its walls covered with satin fabric, the parquet floors accented with a wide hall runner. The third story was unique. The rooms were arranged around a wide, open space looking down into the ballroom they had left. The dance floor shone from years of polishing, and the plaster walls were tinted a pale blue to contrast subtly with the ornate white ceiling.

The rest of this second floor, where she moved now with the others, was off-limits to all but Misha and his intimates. The private rooms of those in residence were lavish and welcoming. Ahnya’s own room had been at the end of this hallway, connected by a thick door to the room that had been Tatiana’s since her birth. Once her changing was complete, the girl would leave behind the room of her childhood and take up residence in one of the sumptuous suites they now passed.

And Ahnya would leave this world for the one she’d left thirteen years before.

She couldn’t bear to glance in the open door of the old nursery as they passed. Turned into a guest room, it reeked of opulence, furnished with mahogany furniture and an antique oriental rug. Ahnya had spent countless hours there when it was a baby’s room, decorated for a child of the clan whose life rivaled that of any princess.

She’d paced this hall many a day, Tatiana cradled against her, walking back and forth until the child finally fell asleep. Silence had surrounded them as the other occupants slept. In those early years, Ahnya had often pretended this was her house and her baby.

Pretended she, too, was an Ancient.

Misha’s gentle voice interrupted her musing.

“I must leave you.”

Misha gave Ahnya’s hand a final squeeze and joined his fellows, leaving her lingering outside the doorway. Her stomach tightened as she studied the ritual room with its sparse furnishings. She could not enter the sacred place. Only those of the blood were permitted inside.

A thick black rug covered the pale marble floor. Two pieces of furniture stood on its center: An elaborate carved, gilt-trimmed chair resembling a throne, and a red velvet Victorian fainting couch. The only illumination came from tapers in tall candelabras, the shadow of their flames flickering against the walls and dancing on the ceiling.

Ahnya stepped back as the Ancients formed a circle in the center of the room, and found a viewing place in the hall as their chant began in a language nearly as old as time. The rhythm of the words grew stronger and faster with each moment. The aroma of the oddly-scented candles filled the air until it seemed to press against Ahnya and made her dizzy.

The candlelight shimmered against the glittering dresses of the women, but Ahnya was captivated by their faces. Joy and expectation filled them as they threw back their heads. The high female voices grew increasingly louder, faster, more primitive, joined by the lower chanting of the males. The sound moved around her, through her, as the celebrants discarded the inhibitions of polite society.

A shiver snaked down Ahnya’s spine. She pressed back against the wall as the chant reached its pinnacle and a man entered the room. Tall and sharp-featured, he wore a long black robe that swept the floor behind him, and walked with the assurance of a man who knows ultimate power is his. Ahnya’s eyes widened as he approached the others and candlelight fell upon his face.

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Saturday Sexcerpt – Shadow of the Wolf by Dana Marie Bell

Here’s an excerpt from Dana Marie Bell’s current LSB release, Shadow of the Wolf:

Lana went down to breakfast Sunday morning a week later to find three of the four Beckett brothers seated at Christopher’s table. She wondered if Gareth’s pain medication had made him sleep in, or if he’d already been down to eat and gone back to bed. She was pretty certain it was the former.

Getting the oldest Beckett brother to move in temporarily had been a battle all on its own. He’d wanted to return to his home in Pittsburgh, feeling he would only be in the way now that he was groggy on pain meds. She and Chris had talked him into staying with them. It had been Chris’s argument that he’d feel safer knowing Gareth was there to protect Lana if anything happened to him that swayed the tide. He’d totally worked Gareth’s overdeveloped protective streak to their advantage. So far, nothing had happened, thank the Lord and Lady. She didn’t know if Cole was laying low after the attack at the wedding, or preparing for one hell of a spell. Either way having the Beckett brothers so close made guarding everyone that much easier.

She turned her eyes to Chris. Her wolf looked grumpy this morning, swatting Zach’s hand away from the last piece of toast with a low growl. “Save some for my mate, you heathen.”

“Speaking of which, good morning, Lana.” Daniel stood, pulling out her chair for her.

Chris took one look at her still wearing his shirt and frowned. “Why aren’t you dressed?”

“Thank you.” She took the seat gingerly, waiting until Daniel sat back down. “It’s Pajama Sunday.”

Chris blinked, a slow frown forming on his face. “Pajama Sunday.”

“Yup.” She snagged the last piece of toast and nibbled on it delicately. “I get to sit around in my jammies, watch television, and generally make a pig of myself.”

Chris chuckled. “I like it already.”

Zach ducked his head under the table. “Are you wearing underwear?”

“Zachary!” Chris yanked his brother up by the hair.

“Pig!” Lana threw her napkin at him.

“I am not a pig. I’m a growing boy. Can’t you tell?” Zachary flexed his muscles, throwing her a happy puppy look.

That happy puppy look changed to a grumble when Daniel snagged Zachary’s last piece of bacon. “We hope some day he’ll even grow a brain.”

Zach picked up the napkin she’d thrown at him and threw it at Daniel. “What is with you and stealing my food?”

Zachary slapped his hands over his plate. Daniel smirked. “I’m a growing boy.”

Lana bit her lip to keep from laughing. Chris’s head was in his hands, but she could see his shoulders shaking. Whether they were shaking from laughter or sobs she couldn’t tell.

“Could you two idiots go call Mom and Dad and let them know what’s going on? They’re at the Holiday Inn, room two-fifteen.” Chris stood, taking the dirty plates from the table into the kitchen.

Zachary and Daniel stared at Chris. “Me? Call Mom?” Zach pointed to Chris. “She’s your mate, you should call.”

Chris glared at Zach from the kitchen sink. “I’m not calling Mom and telling her Cole threatened my mate. Besides, I told her one of you would call with an update on Gareth.”

Daniel began backing slowly towards the patio door. “Don’t even think of asking me to do it.”

Zach stood. “Run?”

Daniel nodded. “Run.”

They ran, right out the door and straight onto the patio, shedding clothes as they went. Lana tried to peek around Chris to see the brothers disrobing, but he kept blocking her view.

“Party pooper.” She sat back, folding her arms over her chest and pouting for all she was worth. She laughed when he growled at her.

She stopped laughing when he picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder. She felt something sharp digging into her side. Claws? She twisted, trying to see his hand, but the smart smack he gave her butt stopped her. “You want to see a naked Beckett?”

She gulped and stilled. There was a deep, growling quality to his usually smooth voice that warned her to be very careful. She wasn’t afraid he would hurt her, but it was better not to tug on the wolf’s tail.

His hand caressed her bare ass. “Fucking naked under my shirt.” And he took off, carting her up the stairs so quickly the walls blurred. When they got to his bedroom, he slammed the door shut hard enough to rattle the walls. “No underwear. Trying to see my brothers’ bare asses. Parading around in front of them in nothing but my shirt. Are you trying to drive me insane?” Claws gently scraped her naked ass, his palm rough against her skin.

“Uh, wait?” She blinked. Why did that come out as a question?

He placed her on her feet, his expression full of heated lust. His hands drifted up her thighs, the cool rasp of his claws somehow heightening her arousal. She backed away, her gaze never leaving his heated expression.

And she was aroused. There was no denying that. Something about the feral way he was stalking her across the bedroom heated her blood.

Her back hit the wall. She’d run out of room.

His hands came to rest on either side of her head. “You like to tease, sweetheart?”

She licked her lips, her heart hammering in her chest. “Sometimes.” She wasn’t exactly fighting what he was about to do to her. In fact, she was looking forward to it. They could both use the relief a bout of hot, sweaty sex could give them. Still, she was in the mood to play a little. She resisted the urge to reach out and trace the muscles of his chest. She knew now exactly how hard and hot those muscles were, how they would twitch under the stroke of her fingers.

He reached out and cupped her breast through his shirt. “I like to tease too.” His thumb stroked over her nipple, bringing it to aching life. His lips curled in a sensuous smile. “But do you know what I like most of all?”

She shook her head, more than half her attention on his hand.

He tweaked her nipple between his thumb and finger. “I like to make my women scream.”

Her eyes narrowed. She snarled at him. Women?

He laughed, obviously delighted with her response. “Woman.” He reached down and lightly stroked her clit. “I bet I could make you, too.”

Everything in her bristled. “Oh no. I bet I could make you.

“You’re on.”

She blinked. Had she just agreed to…?

Oh. Oh.

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Saturday Sexcerpt – Préjà Vu by Alanna Coca

Sit back and enjoy this Steamy Sexcerpt from Alanna Coca.

He stepped closer, and lowered his head to hers, pinning her to the wall with those serious green eyes. “Don’t you trust yourself to be alone with me for two minutes?”

He was so damn sure of himself. The fact that he had read her correctly didn’t help her calm down. In fact it infuriated her. She glared at him, her teeth clenched so hard her jaw began to hurt, and long bursts of air came through her nose. When she remained silent, he shook his head.

“I swear, sometimes you act more like a spoiled little girl than a professional woman.”

She heard the sharp crack before she realized that she’d slapped him.

The angry sound reverberated against the empty walls, echoing in her ears. His head snapped around with the unexpected force of her hand. Very slowly, he swiveled his head back to face her. His eyes fairly burned holes into hers, those damn gorgeous eyes. She couldn’t believe she had actually struck him. She’d never raised a hand to anyone, not even in self-defense. Her hand stung with the contact, so she curled her fingers into a fist. Fear engulfed her, but she refused to apologize.

“Never,” he enunciated, “strike me again.”

She ignored the warning bells that went off in her head, and narrowed her eyes, imitating him, “Fuck … you.”

With a feral growl, one that caused an immediate spike in her heart rate, he gripped both of her elbows, so tightly that her hands almost immediately began to tingle. He secured her against the wall, and she started struggling in earnest. She wasn’t afraid of him, but of her own reaction to this man. Whenever she was in his vicinity, she didn’t trust herself. “Let go of me, you bastard.”

“You’re trying to piss me off so I’ll let you leave,” he spoke through his teeth. “It won’t work.”

She kicked his shins, she curled her hands into claws that if freed, would scratch his eyes out. She brought her knee up to emasculate him, but he dodged it just in time, kicking her feet out from under her, and toppling them both to the ground. She hissed in indignation. She bucked her body against him, and he used his weight to pin her to the floor. She brought his hands toward her mouth to try to bite them, but he was too strong for her and he used even more force. Just when she thought she might be able to bite his shoulder, he brought both of her hands over her head, gathering handfuls of her hair as he went, thereby keeping her head pinned as well. She fought with all her might, but when she realized what an immovable force he made, she whimpered, then collapsed.

His legs had hers pinned. Her chest expanded with each breath she sucked in, and the air that escaped her lungs was searing. She glared up at him, his face barely an inch away and not even in focus. She should scream. Why didn’t she? Didn’t she want someone to beat down the door and rescue her? Wouldn’t the mere threat of discovery be enough to make him release her? “Stop this, Ryann.”

She squeezed her eyes shut, and allowed herself to enjoy the vibrating heat of his muscles for only a moment. “Let me go,” she hissed.

“Not until you calm down and listen to me.”

“Get off of me.”

He speared her with his gaze. The fire behind it sizzled almost audibly. He glanced down at the pulse which was pounding against her collarbone. “I don’t think you want me to get off of you. I think you like it.” His lip curled.

“You’re a conceited bastard.”

“I can see it in your eyes, Ryann,” he continued as if she hadn’t spoken. “You like my weight on you. It gives you a little thrill to know how hard I am right now for you.”

“Don’t talk like that to me. You don’t know anything about me.” Damned if he wasn’t right. She didn’t want to feel that rigid flesh against her crotch, but it was there. She tried to turn her face away from him, to hide the obviously clear desire in her eyes, but he held her hair tight, immobilizing any movement at all.

“I know that you want me. I know that you started this little fight just so I’d put my hands on you. I know that you’ve got me right where you want me.”

She faced him again, narrowing her eyes. “I don’t want you anywhere, least of all on top of me.” Had she ever told such a bold-faced lie? She ignored the heat rising to her cheeks, and lifted her chin in defiance.

“You’re a liar, and I can prove it.”

“Ha! I’m not lying, and there’s no way for you to prove it anyway. Let me go.” She squirmed as much as his body would allow.

“Your nipples are hard.”

“That doesn’t mean anything. Exertion.”

He tsk’d, and shook his head with mock disappointment. “You should have taken that, because now the only other way to prove you’re aroused will involve a little more…”


“Admit it.”


He transferred both of her wrists and the handful of hair to his left hand. His right hand slid down her arm, paused for only a moment at her ribcage, then without permission or apology, he covered her breast. She made a furious animalistic sound. Not because she didn’t want him to touch her, but because she wanted it so much, and she denied herself.

“Don’t touch me you bastard. I’ll press charges.”

“Admit that you’re aroused and I’ll escort you to the door.” His hand left her breast to slide down her stomach.

“I’m not.”

“Ryann, this is your last chance.” His fingers flirted with the hem of her skirt, which had ridden up her thigh in their struggle.

“If you touch me I’ll scream.”

His smile was dangerous. “I know you will, that’s precisely what I’m going to prove. That’s what all this is about. This is why you’re so worked up. It has nothing to do with my being married, and everything to do with you. Denying the obvious. Admit it, and we’ll go from there.”


His eyes danced across her face, but otherwise he didn’t move. His grip on her wrists was still fierce, and his palm rested against her thigh, driving her mad with its immobility.

“Remember that kiss?”


He ignored her. “In your office? I was hard for you then, too. I remember how sweet you tasted on my tongue. You remember, don’t you Ryann?”

She whimpered. God yes she remembered that kiss. She would never forget the taste of chocolate on his tongue. Or her fingers on his chest. And how his heart beat in her hands… She pinched her eyes closed, turning away from that memory as much as his hold would allow.

“I see that you do,” he spoke against her mouth.

She almost surrendered there. She almost told him what he wanted to hear, and damn pride to hell, anything to get his body off of hers before she gave in to temptation and begged him to take her right here on the floor.

Saturday SEXcerpt – Starstruck: Hunter by Michelle Lauren

Starstruck: HunteI promised you an excerpt naughty boys and girls and here it is!  Wait for it…


Book One of the Celestial Lovers series

© 2009 Michelle Lauren


Adrenaline surged through Noah Benson as he stared at the weapon lying on the makeshift table that separated him from the three detectives.

“It won’t bite you, kid,” sneered the burly man to his right, Detective Johnson. “This baby hit the market at around five grand. It’s called the Sonar 6000. It goes from infrasonic to ultrasonic frequency.” He flipped a switch on its side. Immediately, a low hum filled the van. “You aim this at the ocean and you could beach six whales. Aim it at the sky—”

“You could ground six stars.” Noah made no move to take the gun. Johnson glanced at his partner, a broad, dark-skinned man in his late forties.

“You sure the kid can handle this, Earl?”

“This isn’t a routine sting for him. Tonight is personal, right Noah?”

Noah looked up, his pale brown eyes almost colorless. A grim smile parted his lips. Tonight went beyond personal. Tonight was about revenge. Revenge for a betrayal ten years old but as achingly fresh in his mind as the knife scar in his back. Revenge on the man who sent him to prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

Joel Whitaker.

At the time, Noah had been nineteen and in desperate need of cash to pay off his debts and finance his goal of becoming an astronomer. He hadn’t questioned when his friend offered him a chance to do both in one night. The job? Capturing a falling star.

In a city like Neptune, West Virginia, a place populated by creatures that went bump in the night, catching and selling a few stars for their life-prolonging energy seemed like child’s play.

Joel didn’t tell him star hunting was illegal, or that it carried a minimum sentence of seven years in a state penitentiary. He didn’t tell him no astronomy program would accept a convicted star hunter.

Worse, he didn’t tell him stars were sentient creatures.

When Noah realized this, he tried to stop Joel. All it got him was a double-edged knife in the back, driven so deep it punctured his lung. He had lain in the grass, bleeding and helpless, while he listened to the star’s dying screams as Joel and his cronies drained her of energy. The only evidence of their crimes had been a handful of cosmic dust.

Even now, at the age of thirty, Noah would never forget those screams. Tonight, Joel will finally pay for his crimes. He looked up when Earl, his mentor and friend, touched his shoulder.

“I know tonight will be tough for you. After all, Whitaker was your friend.”

“Not anymore.” A thread of steel entered Noah’s voice. He grasped the gun.

“Watch it!” Johnson yelped, losing some of his cockiness. “The concentrated energy in that could blast a hole the size of a Buick in a man.”

“Good to know.” Noah flicked off the energy boosters and slid the weapon inside a black duffel bag, which he slung over his shoulder. After adjusting the microphone embedded in the top button on his shirt, he exited the van.

“Don’t worry. The microchip implant in your arm will let us know where to find you. The wonders of technology, huh? Good luck.” Detective Johnson started to close the van doors.

“Wait! What’s the code word when I need backup?”


The doors slammed in his face. Noah shook his head. Cops have such weird senses of humor.

Glass crunched under his boots as he walked down Wythe Avenue, Neptune’s main street. Sweet gum and white mulberry trees lined the sidewalk between graffiti-sprayed brick buildings. The words “Life is short. Why wait?” flashed across a sign atop a twenty-four hour chapel adjoining a motel.

Suddenly, his senses prickled in warning. He spun toward the alley on his left just as a figure separated from the shadows. Broad and hirsute, it topped his 6’3” frame by at least five inches. It peered down at him with a predatory expression in its yellow eyes.

A werewolf. I should have known.

They were a fact of life in Neptune, one of the charter cities in the government’s program to foster unity between humans and paranormal creatures. The groups maintained a fragile peace that hinged on one rule:  during the day, it operated like any other town. But at night, it belonged to creatures like this.

He eyed the shifter. They got more aggressive this close to the full moon. In a lightning quick motion, Noah unsheathed the knife strapped to his inner forearm. Its silver blade glinted in the moonlight.

Still growling, the creature faded back into the shadows. Keeping the knife out, he crossed behind the chapel and headed to the designated field to wait. Ten minutes later, he was running out of patience when a hand gripped his shoulder.

In a move born from years of training, he spun, breaking the grip. His knife flickered, slicing through the silk shirt of his attacker and nicking the blond’s throat. Noah jumped back as several other men surged forward.

“Hold it!” Blood trickled between the blond man’s fingers as he touched his throat. “I see you finally learned how to use one of those, Noah.”

“Watching my back was the first thing I learned in prison, Joel. I never knew when someone would try shoving another knife in it.”

“Touché. Shall we get down to business?”

Noah nodded and stood. His brow arched when Joel summoned the five thickly-muscled men forward. “Friends of yours?”

“Security. You know how it is. If you’re legit, you have nothing to worry about. Show me the merchandise.”

The dagger slid into its sheath with a hiss. Noah unzipped the bag, revealing the weapon inside. He smirked when Joel whistled. “When we make the swap, I want sixty percent of the profit.”

“That was not our arrangement. They’re my clients. Thirty-five percent.”

“Forty-five or I walk.”

“Well, well. Looks like you grew some balls in prison. Forty. That’s my final offer.”

“Done. Who are the clients?”

“One is a rich geezer who wants to screw his relatives out of an inheritance by living forever. The other is an actress who wants to look younger so she can stop getting cast as the mother in films.” Joel rolled his eyes. “They want at least three stars. Mature ones, if possible. Think you can handle that?” Challenge glinted in his gray eyes.

With deliberate casualness, Noah aimed the Sonar 6000 at his former friend. He smirked when the shorter man flinched. “Yeah. This thing aims itself.”

“Good. Let’s go hunting.”

Noah hung back as the group tromped ahead. “Stardust,” he murmured before following. Two of the men stretched a thin silver net across the grass. It had a spider web design and a pair of hooks secured with a heavy-duty padlock. One of the other men withdrew a gun.

“Tranquilizers,” Joel explained. When Noah frowned, the blond chuckled. “I forgot; you’ve been out of the business awhile. The stars channel more energy this close to the full moon. They might fight us. The clients want the merchandise delivered by tomorrow morning so we don’t have much time.”

Noah nodded. He settled the gun over his shoulder, surreptitiously flicking on the safety. What are the police waiting for, a signal in the sky? Joel’s signed confession? Closing one eye, he focused on a particularly bright star and squeezed the trigger. The gun shook but nothing happened. He affected a puzzled look.

“You never could use these. The safety’s engaged.” Joel flicked a switch. A low hum filled the clearing as the Sonar 6000 powered up. “Let me aim. You’re more likely to shoot one of us than a star.”

He tugged on the gun. Noah jerked away, accidentally squeezing the trigger. The rebounding energy knocked both men to the ground. Light exploded in the sky. Noah watched in horror as a star rushed toward Earth, glowing brighter as it neared. Seconds later, tremors shook the ground. Triumph glinted in Joel’s eyes.

 “Bull’s eye.”

* * * *

When Noah pulled up to the Twilight Motel later Monday morning, it was almost two. He killed the engine on his motorcycle and dismounted, slinging the duffel bag over his shoulder.

The mission had officially gone to hell in a flaming hand basket.

Not only did Joel get away, but since the microphone in Noah’s shirt had malfunctioned, the police didn’t have enough evidence for a conviction. What a colossal waste of time. I should have just beaten a confession out of him.

Noah unlocked the door to his room and reached for the light switch. Nothing happened. Too late, he remembered he hadn’t paid the rent yet. This was the motel manager’s way of reminding him to pay up or do without. He crossed the stained carpet and grimaced when his boots crunched over a roach. He shed his shirt and started unbuckling his jeans as he stumbled into the bathroom.

Right now, all he wanted was to clean up, then fall into bed and forget tonight ever happened. The showerhead gurgled, then spat out a stream of icy water that quickly turned scalding. Noah ignored the pain as he thrust his head under the spray.

His mind returned to the fallen star. Joel had a dozen hunters tracking its energy trail. They would probably make a capture by dawn.

And I will have another innocent life on my conscience.

The knowledge weighed on Noah’s mind. After toweling off, he pulled on a pair of gray sweatpants and a black cotton T-shirt. On his way past the window, something in the motel building’s pool caught his attention. He looked closer and gasped.

A naked woman floated facedown in the water, long black hair spread around her. Instincts took over as he leapt onto the fire escape and rapidly descended the stairs. Water soaked all the outdoor furniture and chunks of concrete littered the ground.

Something more than her must have fallen in the pool to cause that much damage. He dove into the water and gasped. It was freezing. Grasping the woman around the waist, he pulled her to safety and stretched her body beside the pool.

Ignoring her nudity, he scanned her for injuries. She couldn’t have been in the water long because her cuts were still fresh. Blood trickled from a gash on her forehead and she sported a black eye. He checked her arms and relaxed slightly when he didn’t find the usual needle marks he saw on jumpers. At least this isn’t drug related.

“Hey lady, can you hear me?” Grasping her wrist, he felt for a pulse. Sluggish, but it was there. He pinched her nose and blew air into her lungs. He started chest compressions, but she didn’t respond. “Come on, fight!”

He lowered his mouth to continue CPR. The soft lips came alive beneath his as the woman sputtered. Her body jerked, and she rolled onto her side, expelling water from her lungs. Noah reached out to steady her. He blinked in surprise when she shrank away from his touch.

“I won’t hurt you. Don’t move. I’ll go call an ambulance.”

Thick lashes fluttered and hazel eyes pinned him before he could move. She had the largest pupils he had ever seen, like those sported by characters in anime cartoons. When she tried to sit up, he overrode the effort by placing a hand on her stomach.

With the immediate danger over, Noah suddenly became aware of the intimacy of their position. His eyes drifted down her body, lingering on the swells of her breasts and the dark areolas of her nipples, visible through the cottony curls plastered to her chest.

“Is this heaven?”

Her voice, husky and rich, rolled over his senses. It took a moment before the question registered. It surprised a laugh from him. Noah shook his head. “Far from it, sugar. This is Neptune.”

“Oh. What constellation is that in?”

His blood froze. “What did you say?”

She touched her temple, drawing his attention to the ring glittering on her left hand. “Something hit me when I was leaning out the window. I must have fallen.” Her expression morphed from confusion to terror as she stared at him.

“Where do you live?”

She pointed a trembling finger at the sky, cementing his suspicion: she was the star. His eyes closed. Of all the places she could have landed, why here? Should he contact the police? At least they would place her in protective custody. Then again, that was worth about as much as Confederate money these days. Noah knew from experience that Joel didn’t mind spilling a little blood to get what he wanted.

“Where am I?”

“Earth. I guess you’ve heard of it?” he said drolly when she gasped. He got the feeling that she would have run if she’d had the strength. He purposely gentled his voice. “Don’t worry; you’re safe with me. What’s your name?”


Leaning forward, he captured a tear as it slid down her cheek. It shimmered on the tip of his finger and crystallized. Amazing. “My name is Noah. Whoa!” He caught her as she fainted. He scanned the area, realizing for the first time how exposed they were. “Come on, sugar. Let’s get you inside.”

He carried her up the fire escape to his room and settled her on the bed. Moonlight streamed over her body, highlighting her delicate features. Unbidden, a memory leapt forward, that of pale eyes begging him for help. With grim resolve, he focused.

Ten years ago, he failed to protect a star. He would not fail again. He would protect this one no matter what. His lips ghosted over hers.

“You’re safe with me. I promise.”

Well worth the wait I say. 

Until next time…be naughty.