Saturday Sexcerpt -The Club by Sean Michael

theclublosinghiscoverCaution:  Male/Male Romance ahead…

“This is from The Club – the third book in the Losing His Cover Series.”~Sean Michael

Bruce put Alex’s hand back on his arm and walked with him to the back. He looked over to the bartender and the door in front of them buzzed, letting them in.

“Room two,” Bruce told him.

“Enjoy your boy, Brucy.”

He looked back to snap, but Bruce’s hand was on his back.

“You are, you know,” Bruce said as they went into their room and Bruce flicked on the lights, closed the door behind them.

“Are what?”


“I know that. I have the ring.” He caught sight of his arm, the colors of the new tattoo bright and cheery. “I have another appointment with Sledge on Sunday, don’t forget.”

“I’m not going to forget, babe. I love the work he’s doing.” Bruce drew him toward the bed. “He’s helping to bury Nicky.”

 “I don’t know if that’s possible anymore. He’s stubborn.”

“Not as stubborn as we are, babe. And I know how to banish him.” Bruce began to strip him down.

Bruce sounded so sure. “I wish it was that easy.”

“We don’t need easy, do we? We just need a chance.” Bruce pulled his T-shirt over his head and undid his belt, opened his jeans.

“Greedy man. You’re in your suit, still.”

Bruce pushed down his jeans. “And you’re pretty much naked.”

“Yes.” Naked and a little hard.

“I like it. Get on the bed.” Bruce sauntered over to the wardrobe.

“You don’t want to get naked?” He sat on the mattress, stretching until his back popped.

“I kind of like the dynamic of you being naked and needy while I’m still fully dressed.”

Alex pinked and, for the first time in years, thought about covering his cock with his hand.

Bruce’s gaze swept over him, his husband’s admiration absolutely clear. Then Bruce opened the wardrobe and began looking through it. “I’m looking for a cock ring. Don’t want you coming too soon.”

“Are we going to be here for more than a quickie?”

“I think you need more than a quickie.” Bruce grabbed something from the wardrobe then came back to him. “I think you need it long and hard.”

“Listen to you.” He reached out, cupped Bruce’s cock through his slacks.

“That’s feeling, not listening,” Bruce noted, pushing his hips forward, the heavy prick moving into his hand.

“Listening…” He leaned forward, nuzzled Bruce’s belly.

Bruce groaned for him. “You going to distract me with your ‘listening’?”

“I like distracting you.”

Bruce’s hand dropped onto his head, stroking over his hair. “Yeah, I like it, too.”

“You want me to suck you, love?”

“I do. But first I want to watch you put this on.” Bruce handed him the cock ring. “Sit back and spread your legs and let me watch.”

The cold metal ring slowly warmed in his hand.

“I love watching you touch yourself. It turns me on.” Bruce’s gaze never left him.

The Club blurb:

Home for two and a half weeks now, now retired undercover cop Alex must begin to deal with what he’s going to do with the rest of his life.

His husband, Bruce, has gone back to work after taking a two week vacation, and Alex is alone for the whole day for the first time since dropping the mantle of his undercover persona “Nicky”.

It is through Bruce’s work at a BDSM bar/club that he and Alex make the biggest inroads into expelling Alex’s undercover persona for good, and bringing Alex completely home in body, mind and spirit.


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Saturday Sexcerpt – Dangerous Beauty by Tali Spencer

Caution: Please note the below excerpt is Male/Male and  may contain scenes to steamy for vanilla readers.

When I asked Tali if she could share an excerpt with us her response was,

“I wouldn’t be a writer if I didn’t. Here’s a juicy one from Dangerous Beauty:”Dangerous Beauty Final #2

The man grabbed Endre’s other wrist and propelled him backward, suddenly off-balance, against one of the pergola’s granite pillars.

“Stay,” his assailant growled in a deep, barely accented voice. Holding Endre’s wrists pinned to the stone over his head, he pressed his body hard against his captive’s. His face slid beside Endre’s, rasping his cheek with bristles of beard. Full, lush lips caressed his ear, planting soft kisses, a hot tongue tracing its edges. “We’re being watched.”

Shit. Had Yanni circled back? One of his two guards wanting to see why he had not returned with the whore? It hardly mattered. The lips that had been softly plying his ear, driving him mad, had just found his mouth. What branded him now was raw and hot, urgent with need. Arshad sucked at his lips, seeking access and finding it, pulling from him the attraction he had fought against for weeks. Endre’s cock thickened with arousal, pushing against the body trapping his against the pillar.

Footsteps sounded on the gravel path, stopped, waited. Someone was there, listening for sure and maybe watching. His guard should have interrupted; Yanni surely would have. This had to be someone else. Frozen by indecision, Endre allowed Arshad’s lips to continue their artful assault. Sweep by sweep, those firm lips commanded his and he resisted less than he should have, kissing back, teeth on teeth, tongues warring as he fought for control. One of them would soon have to breathe and he broke first, throwing his head back, gasping for air. With a triumphant growl, Arshad began pressing hot kisses along the column of his exposed throat.

“Oh, Prophets!” Endre gasped. Overhead, moonlight spilled through the tangle of vines. He turned his head to the right and saw Arshad’s knotted hand manacling his wrist. Dense hair crushed against his cheek, the man’s mouth hot on his collarbone. His cock, already hard enough to be uncomfortable, stiffened painfully against his trousers and he groaned with need and discomfort from the now tight cock cuff.

Arshad ceased his kisses and slammed his body forcefully against him. “Everything you want,” he said, “I can give it to you. Every…fucking…thing.” Those powerful thighs ground his pelvis against Endre’s, rolling cock against stiff cock.

“Damn it, stop,” Endre grated, barely a whisper. Was their watcher still there? He didn’t even know. Worse, he no longer cared. His cock was on a rampage, straining against the cuff secured around his shaft and balls. He jammed his hips forward, pushing back, increasing the contact and the pleasure.

“Not on your life. You’ve been asking for this for weeks. This is what you’re here for, what you need. Not someone small and soft. You want it large and hard.” Arshad bent his head near again, lips brushing his ear, and murmured, “Say it, princeling. Let them hear you say you want it.”

That big hard cock was grinding against his now, creating such sweet friction he knew he would never last. Endre groaned against his clenched teeth. His head sagged forward, bumping Arshad’s shoulder, golden hair spilling across midnight velvet. He was on the fucking edge.

“Say it.” That dark voice vibrated softly beside his ear.

No, he wouldn’t do it. He wasn’t going to say it, no matter what his damn cock was feeling. He shook his head.

“Stubborn,” Arshad grunted. Taking the edge of Endre’s ear between his teeth, he gently bit.

“Ow!” When Endre’s head rocked back in surprise, those predatory eyes seized his with purpose before Arshad’s mouth descended, this time fiercely. His mouth was sealed by those lips, his breath trapped, as captive as he was. Something thick and hot, the other man’s tongue, thrust between his teeth to penetrate and fill him. Already lost to the demanding rhythm of the cock bumping and rubbing against his, he exploded, bucking against Arshad’s body as his shaft bunched and semen jetted into the confines of his trousers. His howl of protest and surrender was muffled by the supple, plundering muscle filling his mouth.

 Dangerous Beauty is available at Resplendence Publishing and also at AllRomance.

AuThursday – Tali Spencer

Please welcome fellow Resplendence author Tali Spencer.  So Tali, how long have you been writing?

Forever! J I won a poetry contest for children when I was 7 and started writing novels when I was 13 years old. I published my first novel when I was 22, but while raising my children I took a long break during which I didn’t try to get anything published. Even then, I was writing: novels and stories, public relations material, academic papers, and medical articles. I wrote campaign literature! Now I’m writing fiction again full-time and loving it. But how long have I been writing? All of my life.

Q: To date which of your books was the hardest to write and why?

 The hardest book to write is always the book I’m writing now. I’m so totally focused on it every problem seems magnified. I think I’ll never beat them down.  It’s like wrestling giants. After a book is finally written, I’m exhausted. Thank goodness I think editing is fun.

 Q:  When you are writing, who is in control? You or your characters?

 Me. Always me. I’m a control freak. That said, my process for writing is to follow my characters. I give them enormous freedom, perhaps too much, because occasionally they won’t go where I want them to go. Now I know I can force them to do whatever I want. I’ve done that at times, however much they dislike it. But sometimes they suggest a path I didn’t originally anticipate, and it’s a better path! In Captive Heart, I originally intended Julissa’s family (except for her conniving brother) to be loving and warm, but her father turned out to be a cold bastard. He was better that way and I embraced him. He’s a wonderful villain in Dangerous Beauty, where he is abusive to his son who has to hide that he’s gay.

 Q:  Who has had the most influence on your writing?

 My husband. Sounds strange, right? But it’s true! He’s been my biggest fan ever since I first showed him one of my stories, and he told me years ago I should write romance. I started out writing science fiction and fantasy, but I love the passion and intimacy of romance and he saw that. He’s also a wonderful editor and has helped me rein in my tendency to overwrite. In terms of who I admire as a writer, that would be Ursula LeGuin. Her prose is luminous.

 Q:  Have you had any “ah ha” moments as a writer?

 I have them all the time! I will see two characters together and realize I have a new pair to write about. Or a character will say something unexpected and I go “Ah-ha!” because they’ve just generated a new plot point or personality trait that I can make into something special. Often my moments are subtle things about how I can link characters and scenes thematically. That happened a lot in Dangerous Beauty, where I linked celestial mechanics to religion and sex.

 Q:  What advice do you have for other writers?

 Write. Just write. Don’t worry about getting your story published. Don’t worry about reviews of your recently published book. Just write the story you want to read. Take chances and trust your gut. On a more practical note, though: if you want to publish, make an effort to learn the business. Because it is a business and it pays off in spades to know as much as you can about the ins and outs.

 Q:  What do you find the most difficult aspect of this business we are in?

Every author will probably have a different answer to this one. For me, it’s promotion. I’m painfully shy and terribly respectful of other people, so I hate putting myself out there and saying, “Look at me. Please read this book. Give it a chance.”  I have a blog, and I really enjoy doing that, because people choose to visit it, so I do my best to make it interesting with free stories and fun posts. I also love going to conventions and talking directly to people. Go figure, right? I love meeting people, just not popping up on them asking for their time. You won’t find me spamming people on Twitter and Facebook. I shy away from tooting my own horn.

 Q:  What drew you as a writer to the M/M genre of erotic romance?

 I love romance in all its forms. My first book with Resplendence, Captive Heart, was a male/female romance. The second book in the series, Dangerous Beauty, has just been released and is M/M. It deals with the heroine’s brother. What I love about M/M is that I get to write about two heroes. I adore writing about men and the way they interact with each other. Men falling in love with other men is almost always against the societal norm, so as a writer I get to create not just the relationship but the social fabric in which it takes place. That’s why the Uttor books are special to me, because I move between pairings to show how all the brothers and sisters find love in a society torn by war and different religions.

 Q:  What is on tap for the rest of 2013?

 I am finishing the third Uttor book, about Gaspar’s sister Adora and her romance with Vallmer, a prince who desperately needs an alliance to save his beleaguered country. Problem is… she’s pregnant. I’m having fun writing about a relationship where going to bed with the heroine isn’t the foremost thought in the hero’s mind, at least not at first. He falls in love with her before he falls into lust. I’m also writing the fourth book, about Peta, the youngest brother and his romance with an Uttoran general, Darius. Besides the Uttor books, I’m working on a science fiction novel and a fantasy. And I have a M/M sword and sorcery buddy novel on submission about which I hope to hear something soon.

 Q:  Where can readers find you on the World Wide Web?

I’m pretty easy to find.  My blog:

 My author page. 

My Goodreads author page.

I’m on Facebook

and Twitter

And my email:

Please join me on Saturday when we read an excerpt from “Dangerous Beauty”


Saturday Sexcerpt – Faking Perfection by Mia Watts

CAUTION:  Male/Male Scene Ahead  (male/male – PG 13)

This is from Faking Perfection, coming out through DreamSpinner Press. Garth is a Priest and this book will be the first in the Men of the Cloth series.

The man held Garth’s face, a solid warm palm on either side. His fingers touched the top whirls of his ears. His thumb stroked Garth’s bottom lip. Shadows hid the man’s face dipping his eye sockets, jaw, throat into blackness where the planes were merely lit to charcoal gray obscurity. No features, no facial landmarks to distinguish this man from any of the other guests.

Garth knew what was coming. It was impossible not to as preciously as he was held and as rigid as the anonymous cock was which insistently pressed his. He knew he should pull away, yet curling his fingers through the man’s empty belt loops came far too naturally.

It was hot, forbidden to acknowledge and accept the invasion of tall, lean muscle into his space, to feel the way the man had difficulty catching his breath and the quick thrum of his heart when their chests met.

Garth dragged his hands up the man’s sides, enjoyed the firm ridges of honed flesh through thin cotton, the hills and valleys of ribcage, and the strangled groan his touch elicited in another human being. It had been so long since he’d been touched. It was the only rationalization Garth latched on to, his explanation for why he didn’t pull away.

He was going to hell, for sure.

The man wasted no time, sweeping his head down until his hair brushed Garth’s forehead. It should have prepared him, yet there existed no preparation for the tangled sensations of male lips and Garth’s guilty pleasure at being tasted in the darkness. He humored himself with pretending he hadn’t sought the kiss, that he hadn’t encouraged it until it was brought upon him under the cover of night. The truth beat at the door of his conscience, calling him out for a liar.

Garth wanted this kiss.

The man must have felt his initial hesitation, because he pulled back to allow Garth room, perhaps. The cooler night air touching Garth’s fevered, moist lips proved too much of a loss for him to ignore. With a guttural groan of his own, he pulled the man back, lifted his face to him and committed an irreversible moment to tactile memory.

A familiar face flashed behind Garth’s eyelids as he imagined that man and this, joined into the one who was kissing him. And that was the truth of his fall from grace. If it could be anyone, he’d want that man. Imagination spurred his desire and desire to action.

He slid his hands over the man’s chest, curled them into his shoulders, traced his throat with curious fingers, and finally clasped him closer still with hands on either side of his face in a mirrored, urgent embrace.

“I’ve wanted to do that all night,” the man whispered against Garth’s lips.

Questions stumbled through his mind. None found a voice. He’d assumed he’d been mistaken for someone else. But this man suggested he’d known who Garth was and had sought him out for the brief encounter.

Dread seeped around the edges of bliss. Knowing who he was, and kissing him anyway, meant there would always be someone who knew he’d slipped up. Yet Garth didn’t want the moment to end and there wouldn’t be another like it. He knew for a fact this experience was singular, because he couldn’t let it happen again.

Warm lips slid across his. If he’d be condemned, then he’d make the most of this moment. Temptation scattered his fears to the night. Garth parted his mouth, daring to touch the tip of his tongue to the other man’s. His quest met the hard edge of teeth and the man chuckled. Garth retreated, chagrined for trying to take too much when the kiss he’d been offered gave flight to a lifetime of fantasies he’d never pursue.

“Don’t you dare chicken out on me, now,” the man whispered, gruffly.

His fingers cradled the back of Garth’s head as he kissed in earnest. There was no escaping the forceful molding of his lips or the thrust of the man’s tongue as he penetrated Garth’s mouth with seductive purpose.

Garth’s knees went weak. Trying to regain his balance, he changed his hold to clasp the man’s shoulders. His world spun. Even closing his eyes didn’t keep the spinning sensation at bay. He wanted. Oh God, he wanted.

The kiss ended and his shadowed seducer pressed his cheek against Garth’s. “I meant to take that slower. Forgive me?”

Hysterical laughter stuttered from Garth’s chest. Forgiveness? How could the fallen offer forgiveness to anyone? Forgiveness? How could Garth ask for forgiveness when he had no illusion that he didn’t want this? There was no forgiveness without repentance and with sick dread Garth realized he’d never repent. Repentance meant moving on and this stranger, wearing another man’s image in Garth’s mind, had effectively captured him for the rest of time.

Hell would welcome him with open arms.

That was Naughty….You can find Mia Watts other works below.


Saturday Sexcerpt – Bedtime Stories for a Stolen Child by Anna Mayle


Something was tickling his thigh. Light, almost not a touch, it was moving over the skin on the inside of his leg just firm enough to brush the soft pale hairs there and cause the laughter inducing sensation.

Daniel squirmed and gasped lightly when the touch brushed deliciously close to his balls. He licked his lips and canted his hips just a bit forward to capture the feeling. It was still soft, soft and smooth, some separate touches but others all in a line and held together. The softest razor edge he’d ever experienced. Like a feather.

A feather! He stilled, unwilling to move the blanket lest he see something he didn’t want to. It was like the nightmares he’d had as a child, of being surrounded by creatures who meant him harm and being unable to move in case they saw him. He used to hide his head under the covers and lay there, panting and terrified until the sunlight scared away the shadows, but this time, he couldn’t hide that way. The monster was under the blanket with him.

That touch moved again and the muscles of his thigh jumped, a full body shiver wracking his broad frame. He was ashamed that it wasn’t completely fear which caused it. Near enough, though. It took all of his will to move a hand, slowly, toward the sensation. Waiting for those sharp fangs to bite down, waiting to come into contact with knotted and feather strewn hair.

I shouldn’t be this terrified. I’m a full grown man! I shouldn’t be afraid of monsters in the dark!

He despised the owlish creature for stealing away his comfort and giving him such a childish fear. At least he wasn’t hiding in the closet. God, no, the closet would mean he wasn’t in my bed! Why couldn’t he . . . no, it. It’s an it! One crisis of identity at a time, thank you! Why couldn’t it be a closet monster? Closet monster. Good God, tell me I’m dreaming. This is a nightmare. Delusion. I’m going insane. I never recovered from the accident and I’m laying in a coma somewhere, living a nightmare world inside of my head!

He felt his own leg and shifted the hand inward, down his hip and up around the outer thigh. Any moment . . .

Then he felt it, and his hand clamped down. Jumping into an upright position, he yanked the offending thing up to meet his eyes.

A feather. A single owl’s feather which had slipped into his briefs, probably from that ridiculous nest he’d been laying in before.

He closed his eyes in the exhaustion that only comes from the sudden absence of fear and gave a hiccupping sound. It might have been a laugh if not for the hollow and desperate edge to it. Crushing the feather in his fist, he fell back to the pillow.

Wait, I wasn’t wearing briefs.

His eyes opened wide, and he screamed when he came face to face with an owl’s gaze and that mouth with its Cheshire grin.

“Stole my face,” it accused, and reached for him.

 Daniel slammed his head into the wall when he jerked into wakefulness. He swore and bit his lip hard enough to make it bleed. His cock was straining in his Y-fronts as if he’d had an amazing wet dream, and he drew his legs up to himself, hiding the offending organ from his own eyes, hiding his depravity. Something was wrong with him. But he should be glad, right? It was only a dream.

The feather, crumpled and broken in his fist, mocked him.

Saturday Sexcerpt – Surrender Love

Today Kayelle shares with us an excerpt from her story Surrender Love.  The cover is by Anne Cain and she did an incredible job. Kayelle has  had T-shirts made like Izzorah’s on the cover. Her son Jamin did the artwork for the shirt.  Well,  on to the Sexcerpt!

Surrender Love by Kayelle Allen

Note: “kosset” is a term of endearment in Luc’s original tongue that means “my ultimate treasure.” In this scene, Izzorah Ceeow has pledged himself to being Luc Saint-Cyr’s lover, and Luc has wined and dined him all evening. They share a few shots of Luc’s favorite whiskey, and Luc decides his playful, younger lover will relax even more in a bubble bath. While on their knees beside the tub, they kiss, and the bath is momentarily forgotten as Luc leans Izzorah back onto the heated tile floor…



“Rah. Love.” Luc set a knuckle beneath his chin and angled Izzorah’s face toward his. “You’re bound to be afraid. It’s ok. Everyone is their first time. Would it help if I told you what we’re going to do?”

He swallowed again, nodded.

“Good. You lie right there, and I’ll go over all the details. You don’t have to worry about a thing.” Luc bent to kiss him. “First, I’m going to unbutton your shirt. Like this.” He undid the top one. “See? Is that ok?”

“Uh huh.” Izzorah nodded.

“And then I’ll work my way down. Slowly. Like this. See?” He lifted his hand. “One button at a time. I’ll kiss you as I bare each little bit of skin. Not too fast. Like this.” His lips felt warm against the center of Izzorah’s chest.

Closing his eyes because of the heat behind them, Izzorah sighed his pleasure.

Luc pushed aside his shirt, cupped a hand behind Izzorah and tilted him toward his mouth. He used his smooth tongue on one nipple.

What would a human tongue feel like on my cock? He giggled. Guess I’m going to find out.

“See, Izzorah? Gentle, easy. No hurry. No force. It’s called making love because it’s supposed to show the other person how much you love them.”

“How can you love me, Luc? You don’t know me at all.”

He moved back up to Izzorah’s face. “The moment I saw you, my heart did a somersault. I couldn’t even talk straight. I’ve never been affected like that by anyone, love. You were right.” He slid a fingertip down Izzorah’s nose. “You do make me happy. You said you would love me, remember?”

He nodded. “I meant that. I wasn’t drunk.”

“I know, kosset. I will love you, too, Izzorah. I want to prove it by making love to you.”

Those words kindled a hot joy inside him. He curled the tips of his claws into Luc’s short hair and drew him down for a kiss. When it ended, he skimmed his fingers across Luc’s shoulders and down the front of his chest. “Your chest is naked. No pelt.”

“No.” Luc pressed his hand against Izzorah’s, trapping it against his skin. “Humans have hair. Some, more than others. May I play with your pelt?”

“Do you want to? You don’t think it’s ugly?”

“Ugly!” Luc’s eyes widened. “God, no. It’s one of the sexiest things there is about Kin males. Who dared tell you, of all people, that you were ugly? I’ll break his stupid neck.”

Izzorah laughed. His ears were buzzing, and that, combined with Luc’s handling, left him light-headed. He twisted around a little. “No one. You can let your hackles down. Uh– I guess.” He grinned. “You sound as ferocious as a Kin, even if you’re not one.”

“Thank you.” Luc slid aside Izzorah’s shirt and looked down at his chest. “I knew your pelt would be golden, even though you have black hair.”

“It’s a Ceeow thing. Our clan has golden pelts.” Izzorah pulled his shirt all the way open. “It’s like the Fasra ear tufts, you know? All of ’em have it. Called a trait in Felis.”

“That’s our word for it, too.” Luc stroked his fingers through the thick mat of Izzorah’s pelt. It covered his upper body from the center of his chest up to the top of his pecs, leaving his nipples bare. “Yours is beautiful. Like a lion’s mane, only on your chest.”

The warmth of the room made him drowsy. “What’s a lion?”

“I’ll show you pictures later. Right now, I need to tell you what else we’re going to do. You want to know, don’t you?”

Izzorah nodded.

“These pants you’re wearing–they’re great for our time together.”

Feeling woozy, Izzorah flattened his free hand on the floor. “They are?”

“Mmm. No belt.” He opened the top. “I’m going to slide down the fastener, like this, and ease one hand inside. Oh, Izzorah.” With an open palm, Luc caressed his shaft. “You’re beautiful. Look at this gorgeous cock.”

Embarrassment scalded his cheeks, but the feeling of Luc’s hand on him soon channeled the heat other places. He fanned his face. “Hot in here.”

“It’s you, love. You’re what’s hot.” Luc bent to kiss him. “I love your cock. It’s perfect. Absolutely perfect.” He wrapped a fist around it. “Big enough around to fill my fist. So long I can’t hold it all.” Luc made a low humming sound. “This is the best part. This is where I kiss your cock the first time.” He bent toward Izzorah’s shaft, and moved to lie between Izzorah’s thighs. With one movement, he captured the head inside his mouth.

Izzorah arched his back and sucked in air over his teeth. He’d dreamed of this moment. Having a lover who’d cherish him, kiss him, take him into his mouth. Nothing had prepared him for the reality of it. The yearning that poured over him, the devastating heat of a real mouth capturing him.

Luc licked down the outside of his shaft. “I’m going to make love to every part of you, Izzorah.” He curled a finger beneath his balls and lifted them. “Suck these beauties into my mouth one at a time and drive you wild.”

Izzorah cried out, claws scraping against the tile floor as Luc did what he’d promised. The wet heat of Luc’s mouth wrung a cry from Izzorah’s throat. He shut his eyes, head tilted back.

“And now, I want to lavish more attention on this lovely cock.” Luc set both hands beneath the small of Izzorah’s back and tilted him upward, took all of him into his mouth and sucked.

Legs spread, captive within Luc’s mouth, Izzorah panted, all the while making little pleasure sounds he seemed helpless to stop. He stuffed a knuckle into his mouth and bit down, but he couldn’t hold back his cries. The hot wet slide of Luc’s mouth on his shaft, the swirling heat of his tongue, drove coherent thought far from him. Eyes shut tight, hands clenched, Izzorah whimpered.



It’s not rebound, loneliness, or great sex, and it’s beyond love. It’s surrender.

Izzorah — A little feral, a little innocent, all male. Fleeing a world that denies him basic rights, forced into a society blind to his needs, his music keeps him alive. When a freak accident throws him into the care of the most powerful man in the empire, the attention he receives is beyond anything he’d ever dreamed. But is the attraction he feels toward his rescuer gratitude, lust, or a deeper, abiding call to yield all that he is?

Luc — the prestige of his power, wealth, and influence directs an empire scattered across the stars. His word shapes the foundations of business and his financial prowess is of mythic proportions. Yet beneath the myths beats the heart of a man who craves what he has never given and is certain he will always be denied — steadfast, faithful love.

Will their different worlds and private secrets tear them apart, or will they learn the meaning of trust, faithfulness, and surrender…


Available now from Loose Id. This is book one of the Surrender series; Love, Trust, and Will.


Cover Art by Anne Cain

Editor Heather Hollis

Surrender Love by Kayelle Allen

Unstoppable heroes, Uncompromising love, Unforgettable passion
Book one of a scorching M/M Sci-Fi Romance trilogy – Surrender Love


The above link is actually this one from Loose Id:


Buy link:
Genre:  Erotic M/M Science Fiction Romance GLBT Multicultural/Interspecies Science Fiction/Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-59632-874-7
Warnings:  male/male sex, explicit content, anal sex
Heat Level:  R=graphic sex
Format:  ebook in multiple formats
Author website:
Author email:

Surrender Love

Surrender Love