Sunday Submission – Call from LSB

From the desk of Acquistitions Editor Georgia Woods at Liquid Silver Books:
“I Need a HeroWhen you think of classic romance, what stories stick in your mind? What do all the best-loved stories have in common? We think that special something is a Hero.

Liquid Silver Books is looking for stories that feature Heroes. Whether these Heroes are on the nightly news, or unnoticed, or hidden as they go about their work, they all deserve that one person who’s not only their perfect partner, but who also brings them a very special “happily ever after.”

These stories’ protagonists must be strong and capable, but should not be perfect – they should feel real, complex, with normal faults and problems, and they should learn important lessons about themselves as they fight to overcome the odds. There can be strong secondary characters, but the building relationship between the protagonists while they battle an intense and gripping conflict or villain must be the main thrust of the story.

Heroes stories can fall within any heat level, fitting our Platinum, Sterling, Liquid, or Molten guidelines – see for more information on our heat levels. But they are romance stories, not erotica – there must be a strong and compelling story linking everything together, not a series of sex scenes. They must be 15K or longer, and can take place in any setting, from small town America to the vast light years of outer space. They can include paranormal elements, such as shifters or alternate worlds, but the underlying Heroes theme must ring true.

Do you have a larger-than-life Hero fighting against all odds in your latest manuscript? If so, we want to see it. We think strong ethics and leadership are in greater need today than ever, and we want to tell stories that showcase these qualities and entice our readers to add new books to their list of favorites.

If you have any questions, drop me an email – Georgia at . ”

Here’s a link to the LSB website:
Good Luck!

LSB “Summer Lovin” Submission Call open

Hot summer nights, blue skies, sandy beaches, bikinis, mojitos, hot and sexy heroes and heroines…that’s right, Liquid Silver Books is looking for Summer Lovin’ themed stories that cater to summer romances. Maybe Mr. Right is found while on vacation? The woman of his dreams is sunbathing on the beach? A lifeguard saves a life, who changes his/hers? Who knows, maybe a hunky bodyguard is hired to protect a swimsuit model!So many possibilities!! Let your imagination run wild. J

These summer romances that end with a HEA (Happily Ever After) or HFN (Happy For Now) but the key piece being hot and sexy romance.

This call is open to any genre and must feature a Summer Lovin’ theme. Each story will be published in 2010 as single titles.

Ø Submissions are open to all authors currently published with Liquid Silver books and those wishing to be published with Liquid Silver Books.
Ø All works must be new material. Previously published works or works currently part of a series will not be considered.
Ø All submissions must be exclusive to Liquid Silver Books; if we decline your submission; you are free to submit elsewhere.

Submission requirements:
ü Full manuscript in Ariel, 12pt saved as RTF.
ü Length: 20k – 80K
ü Genre: All genres, but must feature a Summer Lovin’.

Heat Level:
Ø Open to all our current heat levels – Sterling, Liquid and Molten. Please refer to our submission guidelines

for further information.
Submissions for this call are open until February 20th 2010.

To submit, please send manuscript via email to with CALL FOR SUBMISSION: SUMMER LOVIN’

in the subject line. Include your author bio on the first page of your manuscript, attach the MS and a one page snapshot synopsis with your email.