Saturday Sexcerpt – Shadow of the Wolf by Dana Marie Bell

Here’s an excerpt from Dana Marie Bell’s current LSB release, Shadow of the Wolf:

Lana went down to breakfast Sunday morning a week later to find three of the four Beckett brothers seated at Christopher’s table. She wondered if Gareth’s pain medication had made him sleep in, or if he’d already been down to eat and gone back to bed. She was pretty certain it was the former.

Getting the oldest Beckett brother to move in temporarily had been a battle all on its own. He’d wanted to return to his home in Pittsburgh, feeling he would only be in the way now that he was groggy on pain meds. She and Chris had talked him into staying with them. It had been Chris’s argument that he’d feel safer knowing Gareth was there to protect Lana if anything happened to him that swayed the tide. He’d totally worked Gareth’s overdeveloped protective streak to their advantage. So far, nothing had happened, thank the Lord and Lady. She didn’t know if Cole was laying low after the attack at the wedding, or preparing for one hell of a spell. Either way having the Beckett brothers so close made guarding everyone that much easier.

She turned her eyes to Chris. Her wolf looked grumpy this morning, swatting Zach’s hand away from the last piece of toast with a low growl. “Save some for my mate, you heathen.”

“Speaking of which, good morning, Lana.” Daniel stood, pulling out her chair for her.

Chris took one look at her still wearing his shirt and frowned. “Why aren’t you dressed?”

“Thank you.” She took the seat gingerly, waiting until Daniel sat back down. “It’s Pajama Sunday.”

Chris blinked, a slow frown forming on his face. “Pajama Sunday.”

“Yup.” She snagged the last piece of toast and nibbled on it delicately. “I get to sit around in my jammies, watch television, and generally make a pig of myself.”

Chris chuckled. “I like it already.”

Zach ducked his head under the table. “Are you wearing underwear?”

“Zachary!” Chris yanked his brother up by the hair.

“Pig!” Lana threw her napkin at him.

“I am not a pig. I’m a growing boy. Can’t you tell?” Zachary flexed his muscles, throwing her a happy puppy look.

That happy puppy look changed to a grumble when Daniel snagged Zachary’s last piece of bacon. “We hope some day he’ll even grow a brain.”

Zach picked up the napkin she’d thrown at him and threw it at Daniel. “What is with you and stealing my food?”

Zachary slapped his hands over his plate. Daniel smirked. “I’m a growing boy.”

Lana bit her lip to keep from laughing. Chris’s head was in his hands, but she could see his shoulders shaking. Whether they were shaking from laughter or sobs she couldn’t tell.

“Could you two idiots go call Mom and Dad and let them know what’s going on? They’re at the Holiday Inn, room two-fifteen.” Chris stood, taking the dirty plates from the table into the kitchen.

Zachary and Daniel stared at Chris. “Me? Call Mom?” Zach pointed to Chris. “She’s your mate, you should call.”

Chris glared at Zach from the kitchen sink. “I’m not calling Mom and telling her Cole threatened my mate. Besides, I told her one of you would call with an update on Gareth.”

Daniel began backing slowly towards the patio door. “Don’t even think of asking me to do it.”

Zach stood. “Run?”

Daniel nodded. “Run.”

They ran, right out the door and straight onto the patio, shedding clothes as they went. Lana tried to peek around Chris to see the brothers disrobing, but he kept blocking her view.

“Party pooper.” She sat back, folding her arms over her chest and pouting for all she was worth. She laughed when he growled at her.

She stopped laughing when he picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder. She felt something sharp digging into her side. Claws? She twisted, trying to see his hand, but the smart smack he gave her butt stopped her. “You want to see a naked Beckett?”

She gulped and stilled. There was a deep, growling quality to his usually smooth voice that warned her to be very careful. She wasn’t afraid he would hurt her, but it was better not to tug on the wolf’s tail.

His hand caressed her bare ass. “Fucking naked under my shirt.” And he took off, carting her up the stairs so quickly the walls blurred. When they got to his bedroom, he slammed the door shut hard enough to rattle the walls. “No underwear. Trying to see my brothers’ bare asses. Parading around in front of them in nothing but my shirt. Are you trying to drive me insane?” Claws gently scraped her naked ass, his palm rough against her skin.

“Uh, wait?” She blinked. Why did that come out as a question?

He placed her on her feet, his expression full of heated lust. His hands drifted up her thighs, the cool rasp of his claws somehow heightening her arousal. She backed away, her gaze never leaving his heated expression.

And she was aroused. There was no denying that. Something about the feral way he was stalking her across the bedroom heated her blood.

Her back hit the wall. She’d run out of room.

His hands came to rest on either side of her head. “You like to tease, sweetheart?”

She licked her lips, her heart hammering in her chest. “Sometimes.” She wasn’t exactly fighting what he was about to do to her. In fact, she was looking forward to it. They could both use the relief a bout of hot, sweaty sex could give them. Still, she was in the mood to play a little. She resisted the urge to reach out and trace the muscles of his chest. She knew now exactly how hard and hot those muscles were, how they would twitch under the stroke of her fingers.

He reached out and cupped her breast through his shirt. “I like to tease too.” His thumb stroked over her nipple, bringing it to aching life. His lips curled in a sensuous smile. “But do you know what I like most of all?”

She shook her head, more than half her attention on his hand.

He tweaked her nipple between his thumb and finger. “I like to make my women scream.”

Her eyes narrowed. She snarled at him. Women?

He laughed, obviously delighted with her response. “Woman.” He reached down and lightly stroked her clit. “I bet I could make you, too.”

Everything in her bristled. “Oh no. I bet I could make you.

“You’re on.”

She blinked. Had she just agreed to…?

Oh. Oh.

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