Saturday Sexcerpt – Finding Mr. Right

Welcome Back Naughty Boys and Girls.  Shara is here to share an Naughty Excerpt.  Sit back and enjoy!

This one’s hot and humorous, from FINDING MR. RIGHT IS MURDER available at

And just like that the woman was out. Her lips parted slightly and her legs relaxed apart. For the first time in an hour, Gage noticed the curves under her satiny pajamas. A bra held her breasts in place on top of her chest, but the shirt itself slid off her shoulder, baring a strap to view. Not much, but it had him thinking about lowering the strap and revealing what he was sure would be a gorgeous view.

They should get moving, keep searching the house, stop a murderer, but suddenly that didn’t seem important. He had the fleeting thought of stop Hunton … before his body made the decision for him, his feet traveling across the room so he could join Leanne on the bed. Okay, so denying a conscious decision didn’t excuse him, but he didn’t care. He wanted to relax next to her, press against the length of her body.

She didn’t even murmur when the mattress creaked and shifted from his weight, so he spent some time examining her light pink lips, their curve and texture, while keeping his head propped on one hand. He listened to her breath, inhaling and exhaling, rhythmic and peaceful. Her eyelashes rested gently against her cheeks. Light eye shadow and liner accented her lids, but her lashes were unadorned and so feminine.

He examined the shape of her ears, mentally joking with himself about what a sap he’d become.

Hardboiled private detective pauses to admire ears.

If Carter only knew! But those lobes were so inviting. Would she mind if he just nibbled them for a bit, followed by those luscious lips? And maybe the eyelids, too. He’d stroke them with his tongue and kiss the bridge of her nose to her chin. Then he’d think about her delectable neck, so accessible, so sensitive to the touch of heated lips.

God, if only he were an artist or a poet, but he was just a man and his body demanded he do more than observe. He lightly tugged her blouse down her shoulder and found a choice bit of skin to kiss. She smelled fruity, like some kind of melon soap, but she tasted fresh and feminine.

She moaned and rolled toward him, keeping her eyes closed, though a smile played about her lips. He kissed her chin lightly, then quickly moved on to the tip of her nose.

Her smile grew and her eyes opened.

“Does this mean I’m in the clear?” she asked.

“Oh definitely.” He kissed one cheek then the other, feather light, purposely tame.

“But you could still be the murderer.”

“Not me. I’d murder Hunton, if anyone. No reason at all to off Doreen.”

“Oh, speak more hot words to me.”

He chuckled. “You started it.”

“Let me stop it.” She threaded her fingers behind his head and pulled him close enough to kiss.

*  *  *

He’s kissing me again! The ‘Sex God of the World’ and possible murderer is kissing me again!

Leanne realized she was asking for trouble, but as long as trouble felt this good, she’d keep on asking. Gage’s legs threaded with hers atop the soft mattress and bedspread. One of his arms was tucked under his ear while the other was draped over her shoulder so he could stroke her back. She held onto his waist as if her life depended on it, as his lips explored her face, her neck, her collarbone, and her lips again.

“You are such a distraction,” Gage whispered. “If you were the murderer, you could have stabbed me in the back by now and I wouldn’t have cared.”

“Ah, more sweet nothings. You’re really turning me on.”

Her voice was sardonic, but her body buzzed. Yes, the alcohol was in her system, but alcohol never felt this … hard. Gage’s hips rocked closer. Hard, his whole body was hard—his chest, the muscles in his back, his firm ass, which she’d unwisely let her hands explore. And of course, the erect muscle pushing into her abdomen.

She nibbled his lips, upper then lower, then traced her tongue between them. She wasn’t thinking too clearly, but this felt so right, so necessary, like being so close to death demanded she do something … alive.

“Ah,” Gage murmured, opening his mouth. Her hands kneading his ass inspired him to do the same. Liquid heat flooded Leanne’s body, as he scooted a bit lower so that the puzzle pieces fit better. The mere barrier of clothes did nothing to discourage his quest.  His cock pushed against the V of her legs and she widened them as much as possible from her sideways position, to allow him access.

“So good,” Leanne whispered, holding back a moan. Was it too early in the relationship to moan? God, she wanted to moan and rip his shirt off and claw at his shoulders.

Gage rolled Leanne onto her back and settled on top of her. His weight made her feel so protected … and so turned on. Now he had the mobility to explore more with his lips while his arms held some of his weight to avoid crushing her. But she wanted to be crushed, squashed, melded. Well, once they were naked, she wanted to be melded.  Random thoughts about letting Jenny down flowed through her brain, but her whiskey-soaked cells chased them away. She needed to be selfish for a little while, indulge in a little denial. If she was here in Gage’s arms, then nothing bad could happen to her. Nothing bad had happened. She was safe.

Shifting his weight to his lower body, Gage managed to unbutton her top with one hand, revealing her plain bra.

You should have worn the lace, dumb ass.

But Gage didn’t seem the least bit disappointed with the cotton as he ran his thumb over the fabric, torturing Leanne’s nipple into revealing itself. Once it did, he unhooked the front clasp, pushed the white aside and lowered his lips to her breast.

She moaned.

And she kept moaning as he rolled her sensitive nipple around his tongue and nudged it with his teeth, teasing and tasting and flipping her out. Her other nipple was beyond lonely. Pick me, it cried. Leanne switched from massaging Gage’s shoulders to combing her fingers through his hair, none too gently. He switched his attention finally, again sliding the fabric to the side so he could lick her neglected nipple while the left one remained ruby red with satisfaction.

When his mouth trekked lower, across her ribs, inside her belly button, her practical mind reared its unwanted head and mentioned birth control, condoms, STDs.

Oh shut up! Maybe he just wants to eat me out. Maybe he won’t want his own satisfaction.

Yeah, right.


“Um, Gage?”

He grunted and pulled the waistband of her pants lower on her hips.

“Gage, do you have a condom on you?” She could hope, right?

He grunted again, while kissing the upper curve of her hip. Oh my, that felt good.  She was tempted to let him continue having his way with her. What would it hurt? One time only.

Her inner pragmatist reminded her that it only took one time. Well, shit.

“Gage, unless you have a condom, we have to stop.”

His chin brushed a slip of pubic hair, revealed just above the top of her waistband.

She closed her eyes and breathed deeply in through her nose. Her body was totally rebelling against her common sense.


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AuThursday – Shara Lanel

Q: How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing my whole life, but I really decided to focus in on romance and a career in writing about 9 years ago. I joined my local RWA (Romance Writers of America) chapter and learned so much about the craft of writing and the professional side of things.

Q: What advice would you give to writers just starting out?

Start by learning your basics. Read Strunk and White’s Elements of Style and find a critique group or partner (preferably who knows more than you do). Attend any local writing workshops or meetings you can, and when you feel you’ve improved, enter some contests. Contests that offer critiques of your 1st chapter will give you an idea of how much more you need to learn. Don’t even worry about agents and editors until you’ve got a good handle on the craft.

Q: How did you deal with rejection letters, if you received any?

Well, that depended on what mood I was in and how many rejections I’d received in a row, like the time 20 agents rejected me in one month. Sigh. The reason I got so many rejections at once was because I was submitting like crazy. This meant I also received a few requests, so it was worth it. In some cases a rejection has made me determined to submit something better to the same publisher—I see it as a challenge. Sometimes you need to get a little angry to keep going, but don’t ignore the advice in the rejection when someone takes the time to give you specifics—that’s rare and useful.

Q: Any recent appearances that you would like to share with us about/any upcoming ones?

On Valentine’s Day five authors from my RWA chapter signed at our local Barnes & Noble. The store had a lot of foot traffic that day, so it was a very successful signing. I like signing with at least one other author so I have someone to chat with during the slow times. To keep up to date with my signings, etc , I have a Yahoo loop, announcements/newsletter only—not a chat loop. Join here:


Q: Do you have a favorite hero in all your books? For any particular reason?

I fall in love with each of my heros. I love Rick from Enlightened Love because he was my first and very fascinating (a virgin ex-monk). Then there’s Heath in Primitive Passion. He’s sexy, demanding, and a bit…well…primitive, but he’s fighting his own darkness—and that’s what I love the most about him. It makes him vulnerable.

Q: Who are some of your favorite authors?

This is constantly changing. For a while I bought every Evanovich book the second I could get my hands on them. I love older Nora Roberts—I haven’t read her as much lately—and can get deeply engrossed in an Elizabeth George novel (she also has an excellent writing book that I love). Most recently I just read book number one in Wendy Roberts Ghost Dusters series. Loved it!

Q: What´s coming up on your schedule, book-wise, in the next year?

I’ve finished a cute novella about a ghost hunter and a groovy 60s ghost, but it doesn’t have a home yet. Meanwhile I’m working on a sequel to my Loose Id release, Blame It on the Moon. No finish date yet.


I like the scenes to fit the characters and the story. The characters and their emotions are what make each sex scene hot, whether it’s traditional or…ahem…alternative.


When I sold my first book to Liquid Silver Books, I was given an excellent editor who not only helped me heat up my book to LSB standards, but improved my overall writing. I am so indebted to her. Since then I gained a much better grip on the market, so I can cater the heat to the publisher.

Q:  Where can Reader’s find you on the World Wide Web?

My web site is You can also find me on Facebook and my MySpace page is