AuThursday – Cindy Spencer Pape

Hello Naughty Boys and Girls!   Please welcome fellow Resplendence Author Cindy Spencer Pape.  Speaking of Authors…Cindy – Who is your favorite author and why?

I can’t claim to have any one favorite. Early influences would include Elizabeth Peters/Barbara Michaels, then later Jayne Ann Krentz, Elizabeth Lowell, and Linda Howard. More recently I’ve discovered Lora Leigh, Christine Warren, and Christine Feehan. Plus, outside of romance, I adore humorous SF/fantasy writers like Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, and more recently, Jim Butcher, and the occasional mystery.

Q: How do you develop your plots and characters? Do you use any set formula?

No, Every book unfolds a little differently. Some of it is plotting, some of it is waiting to see how

Q: Are you working on any books/projects that you would like to share with us? (We’ d love to hear all about them!) 

Well, I just sent a book off to my Ellora’s Cave editor, and I have projects under consideration with a few different houses. My current WIP’s include a trilogy with the fabulous Desiree Holt and Regina Carlysle, and my new love, a steampunk romance.

Q: Any recent appearances that you would like to share with us about/any upcoming ones?

I was at Romanticon in October and plan to be at the RT convention in April. Anything in between is still unknown.

Q: Do you have a favorite hero in all your books? For any particular reason? 

You know, I love them all, or I don’t think I could write them. A few favorites include Fitz from Crazy for the Cowboy (Wild Rose Press) David from Djinni and the Geek (Ellora’s Cave) and Will from Wings of the Raven (Total-E-Bound). Why? They’re all imperfect, but come through in the clutch.

Q: How hard is it to keep sex/love scenes fresh and interesting?

Always a challenge!

Q:  Where can readers find you on the World Wide Web?



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Join me on Saturday when Cindy shares a steamy excerpt from her latest book, “Nailed.”



Saturday Sexcerpt – Deadly Vision by Kris Norris

Deadly Vision

Deadly Vision

Here is Deadly Vision by Kris Norris


“Hey, baby. Where are you?”

Fallon smiled at the sultry sound of Gil’s voice, feeling shivers tingle down her spine. “I just picked up dinner and was heading home. Is everything okay?”

“Fine, babe. I was just wondering if you’d mind if Charlie stopped by too? We’ve got a few things to go over before tomorrow.”

Fallon smiled. Gil just couldn’t let a case go once he got hooked on it. “Do you have my favourite?”

“A whole case of coolers…strawberry flavour.”

“Then tell Charlie I’ll see him soon,” she replied, laughing at the sigh that rumbled across the phone. “Race you home, Gil.”

Gil and Charlie were waiting in the driveway when she pulled in, a sly smile tilting both their lips. “It’s cheating when you use your siren, you know,” she scolded Gil, handing him the bags of food.

“Ah, you’re just sore you lost. Now quit squawking and get inside. I’m starving.”

Fallon leaned into the kiss Gil planted on her lips, letting her nipples graze against his shirt. He groaned and pressed harder, tasting the depths of her mouth before finally releasing her and heading into the house. Fallon smiled and turned, brushing a kiss across Charlie’s cheek as he held the door for her. She headed straight for the kitchen, grabbing plates and forks from the cupboard before heading back to the coffee table. Gil already had the cartons spread across the table, and barely waited until Fallon handed him a fork before digging into the food.

“Didn’t you guys eat lunch?” she joked, watching the men devour the food.

“Only had time to grab a sandwich outta the machine,” mumbled Gil around a mouthful of rice. He looked over at her, smiling slyly. “And as I recall, I was too busy this morning to get breakfast before I left.”

Fallon blushed, remembering how she’d caught Gil in the shower. He’d been covered in soap, shampoo slowly dripping down the curve of his jaw, as he’d turned towards the door, his eyes brooding. He’d watched her slowly step inside, the water washing down her body, trickling across her shoulders and down the valley between her breasts. His cock had lengthened along his stomach, pulsing with his increased breath, as he watched the water cover her stomach, finally soaking through the short hair covering her sex. She’d smiled at him, and pressed her body against his, as she’d licked the water rinsing over his neck. It’d tasted like him and she hadn’t been able to contain her groan of pleasure. Gil hadn’t even waited to see if she was ready before pushing her against the side of the shower and plunging his cock deep inside. She’d screamed out his name at the sudden intrusion, locking her heels around his tailbone as he pummelled into her, stealing her breath as he sent her into orgasm. He hadn’t stopped at her convulsions, but had merely hitched her legs higher, pulling her thighs farther apart as he’d slipped his finger around to the cleft of her ass, firmly thrusting his finger inside her tight pucker.

Fallon blushed even deeper, remembering the exquisite feel of his fingers up her ass. She’d never imagined anal play to be so exciting, and was thinking about having him take her there tonight. It wasn’t something they always did, but when the mood was right, it was one of the fastest ways to send her over the edge.

She smiled back at Gil, ignoring the hooded gaze he flashed her. “Is that a complaint, darling?” she teased. “’Cause I can rein it in, if you’re not…” She let her eyes travel down the length of his body, resting on his crotch as she continued. “… up to it.”

Gil’s eyes darkened as she watched his erection bulge against his jeans. “Don’t worry, Fallon. I’ll show you later just how…up…to it I am.”

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AuThursday – Kris Norris


by Kris Norris

Hello Naughty Boys and Girls.  Please welcome fellow RP writer Kris Norris.


First off, thanks so much for having me today, Tina. I’m thrilled to be here.  

Q:  So Kris, When and why did you begin writing?

 I suppose I started writing my first true book about a decade ago. I’d just moved across the country and was considering what kind of career I really wanted. Up ‘til then I’d been making a living as a helicopter pilot (yes, and that story is another interview in itself). So I took some time and starting writing this story that was knocking around in my head. Of course, kids and family got in the way and I really didn’t do anything concrete until a few years ago, when I finally finished said story and thought about getting an agent. After a while of going nowhere, I wrote another book, then another, and I think I had four before I actually decided to submit a story to an e-publisher. To my surprise, after a couple rejections, I landed a contract with Total-e-Bound for my first novel, Deadly Vision. Since then, I’ve contracted several books with both TEB and Resplendence Publishing. Of course, the why is easy…because if I don’t I think my family might commit me! Apparently sane folks don’t have characters talking in their heads, but it’s okay for writers. So I guess I’m here to stay. OH, and that first book I wrote…it’s called Hard Target and will be out with Resplendence next November.

Q: When did you first consider yourself a writer?

I’d love to say I thought of myself as a writer from the start, but honestly, I don’t think I really believed it until that first contract arrived. I think it represented a benchmark state for me. I used to tell folks I wrote, but it’s hard to feel confident about it when you aren’t published. So having that first contract really made me feel as if my career choice was justified. Funny how I don’t consider how many books I sell as an indicator. I just love having them out there.

Q: How did you come up with your titles? Any interesting stories behind any?

Is it okay to admit that I totally suck at choosing titles? No, really. I swear I agonize over every one. And the couple that have popped into my head have been ones I’ve had to change. I wish I had an interesting story to go along with one, but quite frankly, I usually always end up asking for help. Though I’ve heard a few good stories behind titles. Don’t suppose I could claim one of them as mine?

Q: What do you want your readers to take away from your books?

I’d love for reader’s to feel satisfied, and maybe a bit sad it’s over. (Am I dreaming here?) I really believe books are like movies and TV, they’re there to let you escape and make you laugh or cry or just to have you sit on the edge of your seat, anxiously turning pages to find out what happens. If readers finish one of my books and thinks, wow, what a great ride, then I’m about as happy as I could get.

Q: What book are you reading now?

Oh, I just finished up Bronwyn Green’s Cuffed and Dangerous. It was absolutely fabulous. I’ve also got Fran Lee’s novel, Dictated by Fate on the go. For more mainstream fiction I still love anything by Stephen King and am putting some of his stuff on my Christmas wish list.

Q: What are your current projects?

I’ve currently got three series on the go, so I’m trying to start the next book in most of those. But my main focus right now is an erotic futuristic story I’m writing for Resplendence. It’s my first venture into that genre and I’m pretty excited about it. After that, I’m trying to get my next vampire story written and book two in my Enchanted Lovers series. Then I’ve got a ménage to write, a sequel, my third stalker book….way too many to count.

Q: Name one person that you feel supported you.

I’ve been fortunate to have a number of people rooting for me. My family have always believed in me and kept insisting that I’d make it if I just didn’t give up. My kids are always telling me how great I am, though they aren’t allowed to read my books yet, lol. But they love trying to help out with blog ideas and hints on how to make my book trailers better. I have friends who’ve volunteered to read my manuscripts, and who shout it out to the world for me. So there’s never been just one person. I’ve got the whole village scenario going on.

Q: What was the hardest part of writing for you personally?

I’m a perfectionist, at least for myself, lol. So it’s hard for me to get to a point where I say, yup, that book’s done. It’s as good as it can get. I’m the kind of girl who wants to keep tweaking it until I don’t think there’s anything left for the editor to do. I’m working on it, but it’s a hard trait to fix (and I’m not sure I want to).

Q: What do you feel is the biggest misconception about e-publishing?

I think the biggest misconception is that everyone who submits to an e-publisher gets accepted and that the stories e-pubs put out are of poor quality. Some of the best writing I’ve had the pleasure to read has been from e-book authors. And I happen to know that many publishers have top-notch editors scouring every page for inconsistencies, typos and just plain junk. I’d love for folks to give e-books a try without these preconceived notions stuck in their heads. I think they’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Q: Where can readers find you on the World Wide Web?

Folks can find me at my website

Or on my blog at

Join me on Saturday when Kris shares a steamy excerpt with us.

Until then – Be Naughty!


Saturday Sexcerpt – Handcuffs and Lies by Bronwyn Green


Handcuffs&Lies(2)You are in for a treat Naughty Girls – this is from Bronwyn’s August release, Handcuffs and Lies available now at Resplendence Publishing.

“You sure this is where you want to go?” the cab driver asked.

Michael’s motorcycle was parked in front of the house. “Yeah.”

The guy eyed her in the rearview mirror as he stopped in the middle of the street. “If you say so.”

She passed the fare over the seat. “Are you going to be in this area for a bit?”

“In this neighborhood? Hell, no.” He paused and scrawled something on a piece of paper. “Here’s my number. Call me if you need a ride.”

“Thanks.” Tori shoved the scrap of paper in her wallet and slid out of the car.

“Be careful out there,” the driver cautioned.

She smiled at him and hoped she wasn’t about to do something irreparably stupid.

Hands clammy, she wiped them on her jeans and walked up the rickety front steps to knock on the door. Her knuckled rasped against the peeling paint on the warped screen door. Nerves strung tightly, she jammed her hands in her pockets and waited for someone to answer.

The heavy front door swung open with a whoosh and she came face to face with the man she’d studiously avoided for three years. His rich brown hair hung loosely to his shoulders and he looked like hadn’t shaved for days. Brilliant hazel eyes stared at her registering surprise quickly followed by anger.

“I—I need to talk to you,” she stammered.

The sculpted shape of his lips thinned as they pulled into a tight line. Over his shoulder, she caught sight of three men coming toward the door. Instinctively, she retreated, but Michael’s arm snaked out and he tugged her against the hard planes of his body. Her traitorous nipples responded immediately. Despite the fact she could barely recall their one drunken encounter, her body certainly remembered, and it wanted more.

His eyes, intense and unwavering, bored into hers, and he lowered his head. Her heart sank as she realized he was going to kiss her and she couldn’t convince herself to move away. His mouth brushed against hers. The barest contact held her breath captive in her throat. It was all she could do to hold herself still and not shove her tongue in his mouth. With his chest skimming her breasts, his lips traced the line of her jaw, up to her ear.

“Act like you want me, or we’re both dead,” he growled softly.

With shaking hands, she reached out and grabbed his hips, pulling him flush against her. Michael fisted his hand in her hair and cupped the back of her head. Streaks of pleasure shot along her spine as his fingernails scraped across her scalp.

His lips descended on hers and his tongue slipped past her shocked defenses. A whimper escaped her as she released her pent up breath into his mouth. With a quiet groan, he pressed his lips to hers as he turned her and immobilized her against the door. Wrapping her leg around his, she kissed him back, her tongue darting into his mouth. He tasted like coffee, dark and rich, and something else that was entirely masculine and Michael. In spite of her misgivings, desire curled through her body, dampening her panties and pebbling her nipples where they pressed into his chest.

“Hey Mikey, we gonna finish our business, or what? ‘Less of course you’re sharing.”

The audible leer in the other man’s voice sent a shiver down her spine.

“Not a word,” Michael whispered against her lips. Turning his head toward the other men, he chuckled. It sounded cold. Deadly. “Sorry boys, this one’s mine.”

“You gonna fuck her, or are we gonna finish this?”

Michael looked at her, his eyes glowing with anger. “Oh yeah—I’m definitely gonna fuck her. Just as soon as we’re done here.”

Tori’s stomach dropped like an out-of-control freight elevator as she stared into his glittering hazel eyes. She should have waited for him to call back. She was so over her head.

Michael slid his hand possessively up her ribcage, stopping only when it rested under the swell of her breast. He held her gaze, as if daring her to object.

The three men drew closer. The man who’d spoken to Michael earlier reached out and tugged at one of her short curls. His eyes were small and cruel looking as he appraised her body with a hard stare. “C’mon darlin’, lemme show you what a real man is like.” He jerked his thumb toward a tall, lanky guy with watery blue eyes. “Me an’ my boy here can show you a real good time.”

Forcing a smile, Tori hooked her fingers in the front of Michael’s waistband. The backs of her fingers brushed across his tightly muscled stomach and his body heat soaked into her skin. She looked up at him through her lashes. “Sorry guys, Michael promised me the ride of my life.”

His fingers convulsed on her ribcage at her husky words. She knew, even if the others were clueless, that he was ready to throttle her.

            Michael chuckled again, that same cold, dead sound. “Let’s get this over with,” he said to the others. With ice in his eyes, he turned back to Tori and pulled her closer, close enough to feel the raging erection pushing against his fly. “Seems I’ve got things to do.”

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