Saturday Sexcerpt – West African Heat by Adam Mann

West African Heat 500x755


“The day of the party duly arrived.  We planned to get there about ten o’clock when the party was in full swing, and ride straight into the party on our ponies.  We decided to have a light dinner, and then get ready.

Now came a problem.  I had to use a piece of cotton wool and anoint Anna’s skin all over with the dye she had made.  It was alright until I came to her breasts, when Anna told me the cotton wool tickled, and then put her hands round my neck – that type of tickle!  She stood in front of me naked, and I realized I had to ‘paint’ the tops of her legs, right up to the edge of her knickers’ line, and then she in turn had to gently anoint my skin up to scrotum height.  We were both breathing hard by the time we stood and examined one another.  To make matters worse I had added some perfume to Anna’s dye as the oil smelt a bit, and some aftershave to mine.

We very nearly didn’t get to the party!”

Blushing Books published this novel in 2014 – West African Heat

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