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Tina fnlAbout the Book
Finding Your Path to Publishing is a book designed to help authors find a home for their work. Whether that is to find an agent and get a New York Contract, or to Indie Publish your works, every path is different. This book will help you find the right path for you.
Questions about your process and style will guide you to help make the best decision for your project and you as a writer.

The first time I met author Tina Holland, she asked me what I was doing as an author. She shared a genuine interest in my success and gave me several suggestions that I incorporated into my plans, which ultimately resulted in Rachel Wilder and I being offered our first publishing contract.
Tina’s passion for writing is second only to her passion for helping other writers succeed, to truly pay it forward in the writing world in a way that enriches and lifts up the people who come in contact with her. I first took her FEARS workshop, which stands for Finish, Edit, Analyze, Research, and Submit, several years ago and loved every minute of it. She makes what can be a bewildering array of options and tasks seem doable. She creates a clear path forward, whatever the writer’s ultimate goal – to land a “New York contract,” find an agent, publish with a small press, “Indie pub,” or blog.
I’m as excited about Finding Your Path to Publishing as I was when I first met Tina, because it does exactly what the title promises: guides you, teaches you, inspires you, to find your path.
~ A. Catherine Noon, Author
Founder of Writer Zen Garden

I’ve taught my FEARS workshop at:

Writer Zen Garden 

RWA Online 

Savvy Authors 

I believe members can access their archives for FREE! 

Currently, I assist authors with writing sprints, query letters, chapter critiques, and finding publishers that might be a good fit.   I do this through the organizations above as well as my local Critique group, F-M Word Weavers. 

I also conduct interviews every Thursday and do Book Spotlights every Saturday. If this is something that might interest you, feel free to contact me and I can send you some questions.   

I’m looking to expand into YouTube with my fellow Word Weaver Author Mary Jean Adams.  We are exploring the best way to do this and what it would look like. 

I love to hear from aspiring authors and can be contacted on social media or via e-mail. 

I can not express how important it is to be part of a writing group either locally or online.  Here are some online groups I’m a member of: 

Romance Divas

Romance Writers of America

Savvy Authors

Writer Zen Garden

There are also these other Groups if you don’t write in the Romance Genre:

Horror Writers Association

Mystery Writers of America

Science Fiction Writers of America

The Authors Guild