Drake’s Desire is a FREE READ on iTunes

Good News for i-Pod & i-Pad owners.

For the next three months Apple (iTunes) is running a 1st in series free promotion in their romance section and Liquid Silver Books was invited to submit our 1st in series titles for this event. 

My 1st in (Dealing with Dead) series book,Drake’s Desire, will be featured as one of the titles from 9-2 to 9-17 on the iTunes Store>Books>Free Books.

If you haven’t had a chance to read Drake’s Desire, feel free to pick up your free copy at iTunes.  You can read an excerpt from Drake’s Desire by clicking on the book over here.~>

Tina Holland


Happy New Year!

Maybe the title should say Happy New School Year! I heard the other day on the radio that many people treat September like a New Beginning.

They begin the resolution process anew. I’m no different, actually I would hazard to say I’ve made more resolutions in September than in January.

I’m sure this is, because for many years, I had children who went to school and this was the time of year, I had a schedule.

It was also a time of routine – A set time to get up and get out the door. Activities on certain days of the week, so like many parents I fell into a routine. And I loved it.

For all my live in the moment lifestyle I crave routine. I like to do the same things each weekday.

As a writer, during the school year I tended to be much more productive. The kids had homework and I had writing. When they were done, I was done. Now that they are gone, I miss that routine. :(

My children are off at University likely doing homework, why shouldn’t I write. They’ve been gone for over a year and I fell out of my routine. I’m sure there’s some sort of empty-nest thing there. :)

This School year I vow to fall back into routine, so I can plug away at the work my readers are craving, and generally be a more productive writer.

Maybe I’ll start hitting the gym again too…Nah…that can wait until January. :)


Just Romance Me- Sizzling Summer Blog Post

Sizzling Summer

I can’t believe it’s already August. Seem’s like Summer has just flown by. It saddens me to see the School Supplies stocking department stores. :(

I’ve been working on a new novel set in a Steampunk World – which I’m totally loving.

I’m also a huge fan of Kristen Callahan’s Darkest London Series, as well as Bec McMaster’s Steampunk London series and have found them to be great summer reading.

I tend to use Summer as my exploratory reading phase for both fiction and non-fiction.

So what wonderful stories have you found this summer?

Guest Blog: How I Got Here – Kristin Wallace’s Journey

KristinWallace_HeadshotI was about 25 when I had the great epiphany that I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. Specifically…novel writing. I don’t know why this notion didn’t occur to me earlier. I’d always been a voracious reader (which I blame entirely on my mother). I didn’t just play Barbie’s…those dolls endured soap opera-like sagas. I’d actually started writing stories as far back as high school. But I never connected that with an actual career. I didn’t major in something useful like English or Journalism in college. Instead, I was a theatre major.
After college I drifted for a long time, unsure what I wanted to do. Then this bolt of lightening struck and told me to be a writer. For the next few years I wrote and submitted….and I got absolutely nowhere. At the same time, I was still no closer to finding a career that would let me do important things…like buy food and pay rent. I needed something where I could write and be creative, but actually get paid.
So, I stumbled on another career that I’d never considered…advertising. Specifically, I wanted to be an advertising copywriter. So, I put the writing dream aside and went back to school for the next 2 years. Then I started working. At some point I started writing again. That’s when I had another “great epiphany”. One afternoon I was sitting at my computer working on an outline for a new book and I literally stopped with my hands on the keyboard –and said to myself. “You’ve been doing this writing thing for 10 years and it hasn’t gone away…that has to mean something.”
I knew I had to try again. I joined Romance Writers of America and my local chapter, Florida Romance Writers. I quickly discovered that I knew absolutely nothing about actual writing. I started to learn, though. One thing I learned is that the selling a book to an agent or editor starts with a pitch. You have to be able to describe your 300+ page book in one paragraph or less. Imagine my surprise when I realized that wrestling large, complicated subjects into a line and a paragraph of copy was exactly what I did every day for my day job. I also got into the game at a time when publishing was undergoing a radical change. Authors were doing more and more marketing for themselves. Then the advent of epublishers and self-publishing exploded. Both of those avenues are all about marketing, and I’d spent the last decade of my life learning all the skills I would need to sell…myself.
Of course, the awaited book contract still didn’t come right away. It took 6 more years and more “no’s” than I can count. But FINALLY…on May 10, 2013…I got a yes and sold my first book to Astraea Press.

AuThursday – Guy Ogan

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPlease welcome Guy Ogan, a 70 year old retired military officer and retired psychologist who now writes about Guardian Vampires protecting humans and small animals from the evil type of vampires, human criminals, and dictatorial governments. So Guy, where are you from?
A: West Texas is where I currently reside, but I’ve lived all around the world.

Q: Tell us your latest news?
A: My third novel in my “Immortal Relations” series became available in print two weeks ago. I’m still waiting on the Kindle release.

Q: Do you have a specific writing style?
A: I believe they call it “flying by the seat of your paints” but I dream about my stories at night so I have it somewhat plotted out as to general storyline.

Q: What books have most influenced your life most?
A: I must have read the trilogy Lord of the Rings a hundred times, all of Tom Clancy’s works, Ann Rice’s “Servant of the Bones” and yes I’m a fan of the Twilight Stories (but I think the one Stephenie Meyer didn’t release, “Midnight Sun” was her best by far, you can “Google it” to read some of it).

Q: Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?
A: I am a little shy and prefer to write my thoughts and ideas rather than saying them aloud. I wasn’t a writer in my public school days, but when I started running long distances in track and cross-country I wanted to express the joys of running so I started submitting my writing to “The Long Distance Log” and other running magazines (long before Runner’s World was even thought of). While I’m sure they weren’t the best writing, they were always published. When I became interested in cars I submitted photos and descriptions of events I attended to magazines like “Cruising Style.” I often had three or more articles in every issue. Of course in my jobs in the Air Force and later, working for the Texas Prison System as a Specialist and Psychologist I did a lot of technical writing and even wrote a book on assessment and treatment for Attention Deficit Disorder. I guess you could say writing has always been a part of my life – just not writing novels. Had it not been for finding the photograph that is on page two of my first novel, I probably wouldn’t have written my novels.

Q: What was the hardest part of writing your book?
A: I think all authors; especially Indie Authors (those who have their books published by what used to be called “vanity press”) will say the hardest part is getting the word out about our works. Without blogs such as this one few readers would ever hear of our books.

Q: Do you have any advice for other writers?
A: Yes, while a constructive review of your work can be helpful, “Don’t let the bastards get you down…write what you believe and pay no attention to the nay-sayers and critics…if they were so creative they’d be writing rather than trying to rip your stuff to shreds.”

Q: Where can readers find you on the World Wide Web?
A: Below are the buy links; however, I love to write back and forth with readers and you can do that on my http://immortalrelations.blogspot.com and
I’m writervampire on Facebook or
E-Mail me at gog6692@msn.com (the fastest way).

“Immortal Relations” is at http://amzn.com/B006ZCBT6G

“Immortal Relations, Love and War” is at http://amzn.com/B00A4IEHL6

“Immortal Relations Coming Out” is at http://www.amazon.com/dp/1481822780 (this is the print version, the Kindle version should be out soon).

Join me on Saturday when we read an excerpt from Guy’s latest work.

Saturday Sexcerpt- Finding Zoe by Diane Saxon

Pure, unadulterated lust flowed like lava through her veins as she watched them prep him for the stunt. The stunt the blue-eyed devil had failed to warn her about. It wasn’t a warning she’d needed, but a “hazard—highly dangerous to women’s health” sign should have been hung around the entire set with red flashing lights and a cordon area of at least three hundred feet. Even that wouldn’t have been enough.

She pulled the neck of her T-shirt out and slyly blew cool air down the front of her chest, hoping if anyone noticed, they would think it was the heat of the day.

Unfortunately, she knew better.

They’d stripped him down to a pair of loose-fitting fireman coverall trousers that hung low on his hips, leaving his top half naked and showing every last muscle that rippled under his taut, smooth, bronze skin. Then, possibly just to make her squirm in her seat, as he stood shoulders back, chest out, they slicked oil all over his upper body to make it look sweaty for the camera. The cool oil made goose bumps stand out over his flesh, and his nipples hardened.

She almost slithered out of her seat onto the ground in a hot, wet mess.

Casually, she tucked a disheveled curl back into its unruly plait and tried to get it to stay with trembling fingers while molten heat rushed through her veins, clamoring to burn through her layers of skin and incinerate her on the spot.

He seemed totally oblivious to the ministrations of the makeup lady. If anything, his face still had a tinge of green, but as the woman moved away and left his body glowing to perfection in the golden sunlight, he cast Zoe a quick, hot glance that made her want to leap on him.
Amused despite herself, she envisioned launching straight at him and skidding off to land in a heap on her backside at his feet.

In her practical mind, she thought perhaps if they used something other than oil. A small groan escaped her, but she refused to take her eyes off him. Ice cream maybe…or melted chocolate. She sucked her bottom lip in, chewed on it while she allowed her imagination to take her on a short trip. Perhaps visually it may not have the same effect, but in her mind she could almost taste him as she licked every last inch of him.

Her gaze tracked up his gleaming chest and his hard, muscular neck. The unshaven shadow of his chin gave her the urge to lean forward and nip it. Further, she studied his sharp cheekbones, straight nose, and black hawk-like eyes staring back at her. Pure lust emanated from them, burning her to the spot, making every resolve she ever had about him disintegrate.

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