Saturday Sexcerpt –

This is from FALSE IMPRESSIONS, (Marianne’s)  latest release and the third book in the McKay-Tucker Men series. Each book is a standalone.


“If I could reach out and hold a star for every time you’ve made me smile, I’d hold the sky in the palm of my hand.”

“You are a tease,” she said as she stretched her tiny feet. He and Sam were in their usual spot on her couch in front of the fireplace, cuddled close, hands constantly touching each other.

“No,” he said, grabbing her hand and kissing her fingers. “That’s actually not a line. Well, okay, yeah, it is, but I mean it. Well, I mean them all, but it’s true, Sam. You’re an amazing mother. And you’re beautiful. And funny.” He kissed her fingers again. “And sexy. And…”

He cupped her cheek; she closed her eyes, turning her face into his hand. Slowly, he tilted her face toward his and kissed her lips. They tasted sweet, like tea, and wet and willing. She opened her mouth wider for him, and her tongue danced with his. Unsure who the moans were coming from, he pulled her body closer to his, wrapped his arms around her, and then lifted her on top of him. He knew he shouldn’t push her, especially with his secret looming over them, but she smelled like freshly fallen snow and her skin was as soft as a baby lamb’s coat. Everything about her was pure and innocent, and he was the devil trying to turn her into a black sheep. And damn if her body wasn’t one hundred percent receptive.

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AuThursday – Marianne Rice

Please join me in welcoming my fellow LSB author, Marianne Rice. Marianne, we are so glad you could join us today. So Marianne, how long have you been writing?  MarianneRice

I started writing nine summers ago when I was on maternity leave with my son. My girls were two and four at the time. Needless to say, my writing was sparse, but my first attempt (I say attempt because that manuscript—that took two years to write—is the typical “first book”. Perfect heroine who has two perfect men fighting over her. Blah).  Since then, I’ve written eight books and am almost finished with my ninth.

Q: What is your writing process? Do you outline, fly by the seat of your pants or a combination of both? Do you use mood music, candles, no noise, when you write?

In my earlier days I needed to have complete silence so I typically wrote at night after the kids went to bed. Now that they’re older and less needy, I can multi-task and tune them out, but I do like to be alone. Music is good if it’s soft—otherwise I sing along and too many lyrics end up in my book. I don’t plot, but I don’t fly by the seat of my pants. I use my non-writing-time to think about my characters and their conflicts. I “cook” my story and am able to write quickly when I do get a moment to sit at my laptop.

Q: What do you do to unwind and relax?

Read. Read. And read some more. Preferably in a lounge chair in the sun.

Q: How did you deal with rejection letters, if you received any?

They suck. There’s no other word for it. I didn’t query my books for quite a few years because I didn’t want to deal with rejection. Instead I wrote. When I finished one book I started the next. My first few rejections were form rejections. Of course I was upset and didn’t feel like writing anymore. That lasted an hour or so and then I went back at it. Two years ago I received two amazing telephone calls, one from an agent and one from an editor. They were kind rejections, but these two women took the time to call me and give me pointers on how to strengthen my writing. It was so inspiring. That’s when I actively pursued getting published.

Q: Would you tell us your story of getting “the call?”

Well, even though my two calls I got were kind rejections, I consider them a prequel to “the call”. My first contract came through an email. It was six thirty in the morning and no one was at work yet. I opened my email and had to read the message a few times to process. I forwarded it to my husband and my best friend and then ran up and down the hall waiting for people to get to work so I could show them my email.

Q: Why did you decide to write stories that take place in New England?

Write what you know, right? While I’m from California and my entire family lives out there, I love the small town contemporary romances. They feel cozier and heartfelt.  People escape to Maine (aka Vacationland) to relax and write. I get to live here. The setting goes very well with the types of stories I like to tell: small towns and family dynamics.

Q: What books can we expect to see in the near future?

The Wilde Sisters series just got picked up by Secret Craving Publishing. The first book, Sweet on You, comes out in September with the rest of the series coming out in January and May of 2016. I’ve also started another series—set in Rocky Harbor, Maine—centered around a family of six foster children all grown up and looking to find their place in the world.

Q: Where can readers find you on the World Wide Web?

You can find me just about everywhere:


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Saturday Sexcerpt – Soul Tie Seduction by KD Friedrich



When I asked KD if she had an excerpt, she’d like to share with us, her answer was ” Sure! Enjoy.” this excerpt from Soul Tie Seduction. 

“Are you afraid of me, sweetness?” he asked. His sweet breath tickled her throat. He smelled like minty toothpaste and a unique, exotic spice.

“Yes,” Ariella whispered. She didn’t want to lie to him. For some reason, he above all others deserved the truth.

“Perhaps you’re afraid of how I make you feel.” He nipped her sensitive flesh.

She gasped. “Stop teasing.” She managed to form two complete words with his mouth on her skin—pure talent.

Armen chuckled against her throat. “You are like a fine wine. One should never rush such a treat.”

Why didn’t he do it? Sink his fangs, take his fill, and be on his way. She dealt with selfishness for years living with Tony. Why did Armen have to make the exchange so—intimate? His tenderness led her closer to the end of the plank, tempting her to dive into his mysterious incalescence, sink into the smooth velvet sound of his voice, and disappear in his dark depths—depths she knew offered no escape. His magnetism seemed unnatural, impossible his mere presence caused such a genuine profound reaction.

“Are you controlling me? You said you wouldn’t.” There was no other explanation. Why else would she feel so much?

He growled in her ear. “I’m at your mercy, sweetness.”

His hands traveled over her hip, dipped to her waist, and came to rest upon her breast.

He tweaked her taut nipple beneath her thin T-shirt. Instant sparks exploded throughout her body, as if he had clipped electrodes to her areolas and flipped the switch to high.

She clung to him, digging her fingernails into his thick biceps. The action caused his muscles to tighten and swell. God, Ariella loved Armen’s thick, corded physique. His skin reminded her of smooth, tan, satin sheets stretched over hot, steel plates. Every vein in his forearms bulged under his tight flesh as he moved his palm even lower.

“Armen, please,” she begged, unsure she’d survive one more second of seduction.


Armen didn’t offer her a chance for second thought. He slid his hand beneath her waistband, past a thin band of lace, over a soft patch of silken hairs, and dipped a finger into heaven.

“Oh my God…Armen, please,” she cried out, her pleasure trailing off into another sexy mewl.

Damn, she dripped with need. So fucking hot and wet, he’d die without tasting her. He slid his finger from her depths, lifted it to his mouth, and sucked the soaked digit. A growl rolled up his throat as her unique, salty spice exploded across his senses. Her eyes widened at his action. Shock evident in her expression, yet he sensed—excitement. Yes, she liked to watch him savor her honey. Her gaze followed his tongue as he gave his finger one final lick.

Ooh.  That is wonderful. Thanks for sharing your time with us this week K.D.   Join me next AuThursday when Marianne Rice stops in at the Clog Blog.  

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AuThursday – K.D. Friedrich

Please Welcome fellow LSB writer K.D. Friedrich to the Clog Blog. We’re so happyyou could join us K.D. Let’s jump right in, shall we?  Can you tell us Where are you from?

It’s great to be here and thanks so much for having me. I’m from Bethpage, NY. It’s a town centering Long Island on the east coast. I’ve lived there my whole life.

Q: When and why did you begin writing?

I have always loved writing. When I was teen, I wrote mainly poetry and songs. I kept a journal as well. I found writing helped me get through some of the tough times growing up. As I got older, I found a love for romance novels. I started to create stories in my head. Characters, situations, and adventures began to come together in my imagination. It got to the point that if I didn’t write the ideas down, I couldn’t sleep. That was when I started writing my first novel.

Q: Do you use any techniques, tools, or aids to help you write?

The first thing I do is write a quick synopsis of my story. This gives me a starting point.  The story may stray from the original outline, but that’s okay. A novel doesn’t have to turn out like you’ve planned. Characters may not act the way you want them to and might steer you down a completely different road, but whatever path they take you, in the end, it’s usually the right direction.  My only two aids I can think of are a hot cup of coffee and a quiet room.

Q: How do you make time to write?

Working a day job makes finding time to write a challenge. Especially, since I’m a day writer. My mind works better in the morning and afternoon. So, I write every day during my lunch hour, on the weekends, and any other free time that happens to present itself. I leave my research, marketing, and all the other fun aspects that come with being a writer, to the evening hours.

Q: How did you deal with rejection letters, if you received any?

It wasn’t easy having someone reject my work, but it comes with the territory. Yeah, it hurts. I cried the first time I got a rejection letter for my novel Cross My Heart. What did I do…I started writing book two in the series. You have to develop a thick skin. Not everyone is going to like your book. No matter what, you have to keep writing.

Q: Would you tell us your story of getting “the call?”

I was working at my day job, sitting at my desk, feeling glum. My cell phone beeped signaling an incoming email. I opened the email from Liquid Silver Books, expecting another, “The book is nice, but not for us.” Instead, the email read, “We would love to publish you novel.” I would have screamed had I not been sitting in the middle of my office, surrounded by students and coworkers. I’ll never forget that moment for the rest of my life.

Q: How did you come up with the idea for both your series, The Heart Falls Heroes and The Jettison Brotherhood?

10362369_360734284114314_4606509467949226255_nCross My Heart, book one of The Heart Falls Heroes was originally going to be a stand-alone novel. As the other characters developed, I fell in love with them. I felt they deserved stories as well. Therefore, I started planning a series. What started as one book quickly became three. Now, as I write book three, some new characters are being introduced. If all goes as planned, the series could produce five books total. I even have an idea for a spin off series, but that’s just a thought right now.

soul tie seduction ad 1The Jettison Brotherhood comes from my love of paranormal romance. I didn’t want to write the typical vampire persona, but I wanted some of the same elements of the legend.  Demon’s seemed to fit into the cast I wanted to fill. I wondered. What would be the worst thing to happen to a creature bred in hell? Since demons were soulless, I figured the worst way to torture one would be to shove part of human soul into them. I wanted to add variety, so each member of the Jettison Brotherhood is a different type of demon, some more powerful than others. The demon in Soul Tie Seduction, the first book in the series, is an Incubus or sex demon. All of them are alpha type heroes, some darker than their brothers. Their salvation is the one woman who holds the other half of their soul, their Soul Tie. She completes them and in doing so, tames the demonic side of them. Without her, they could succumb to the evil within.

Q: Tell us your latest news?

HRcrossmyheartMy debut novel, Cross My Heart was released this past January. My next novel, Soul Tie Seduction is due to release on July 7, 2015 and is now available for pre-order at: .

I have also completed the second novel of the Heart Falls Heroes and I’m hoping to have it out soon.  Right now, I’m actively working on both series.

Q: Where can readers find you on the World Wide Web?

My website is


Goodreads link is:

Twitter: kdfriedrich_



Saturday Sexcerpt – Riverswept by Anneka Ever


When I asked Anneka if she had a sexy excerpt to share she answered “Of course.”  Below is  from her novel “Riverswept”. 

His eyes gleamed in the faint light of the dash. She thought of the wolves watching them from the dark and then she thought of the unknown person trying to get in her house. She started to shake. Grasping the door handle, she said, “Why don’t you come inside for a while?”

He followed her to the cottage but stood at the entrance. “I don’t want to get your floor wet. I’m dripping.”

Lightning flashed in the patch of sky framed by the door, creating an amethyst corona behind him. She grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him inside. He didn’t even give her time to shut the door before he embraced her. She touched her lips to the raindrops on his face and then pulled back to see his reaction. He stared at her with an intense expression. His eyes glinted like gold.

He lifted her arms and placed them around his neck. He wrapped his arms around her waist. A tic pulsed in the hollow of his throat. She laid her head against his chest and listened to his heart thump. Her brain screamed Danger! Danger! Danger! Her body ignored her brain.

She slid her hands under his damp shirt. She explored the topography of his chest. Moving her arms around him, she ran her fingers down his spine. She found two dimples in his lower back. Her thumbs fit there, as if his body had been designed to complement hers. She sighed. His mouth turned up just enough to let his dimple slip. He kissed her gently, his lips pressed against hers in a simple buss. The restraint in that kiss kindled such a fire inside Molly that she knew hell couldn’t be as hot as she was at that moment.

She pulled away from him and stumbled into the kitchen. Following her, he lifted her onto the counter. Sliding the sundress up to the top of her thighs, he placed his hands on her knees, pulled them apart, and stepped into the open space. Moaning, she wrapped her legs around him. Grasping his T-shirt, she peeled it off him and tossed it onto the floor. She grazed his nipple with her tongue; he tasted salty-sweet.

He lifted her into his arms and carried her to the bedroom. He leaned her back on the mattress and slid the dress down her body. Suddenly timid, she crossed her arms over her chest and closed her eyes.

Enveloping her body with his, he kissed her eyelids. “Look at me.” She turned her head. He clasped her chin and dragged her face back to his. “Please. Look at me.”

She opened her eyes. His golden hair hung around his face; his amber eyes narrowed with desire. Molly thought him splendid as the sun, her very own Helios.

Whispering to him in a language she did not know, she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him into her. They were together forever, or so it seemed during those sweet, aching moments. He was unselfish and uninhibited and skilled beyond her experience.

When they finished, they both fell back on the bed in a knot. His restless hands continued to explore her until he fell asleep. She lay awake a long time listening to the rain on the roof. She wondered if Alice had felt this bewildered when she fell down the rabbit hole.

AuThursday – Anneka Ever

Anneka Ever Head Shot (1)

Please welcome fellow LSB author Anneka Ever to the Clog Blog!  Woot! Woot! Let’s get down to it, shall we?

Q: What books have most influenced your life most?

The Lord of the Rings is my favorite book. I’ve read it more than 50 times. The works of Ray Bradbury, Edgar Allan Poe, and Stephen King. It’s strange that I ended up writing romance.

Q:  If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

Rita Sims Quillen (author of Her Secret Dream, Counting the Sums, and Hiding Ezra) has been my teacher and cheerleader. She’s very generous with her time and wisdom.

Q: Do you have a specific writing style?

I try to write with clarity and beautiful language. I hope that comes through in my work.

Q: What inspired you to write Riverswept?

I wanted to write a love letter to the mountains of Virginia. The final story turned out completely different from the first draft, but my love for the mountains remains evident throughout Riverswept.

Q: How much research did you conduct for Riverswept  and what was the most interesting thing you did while conducting your research?

Most of the research I conducted concerned the biodiversity of the Clinch River and the endangered species that call it home. My other research was hands-on activities, such as kayaking down the river. In Riverswept, the Clinch River became the Burns River.

Q: What was the most difficult aspect of writing Riverswept?

Revisions. Writing the first draft was fun but revising seemed more like work.

Q: What are your current projects?

Right now I’m working on another romance set in the fictional town of Burns, the town where Riverswept takes place. My Riverswept couple make a brief cameo appearance in this new book, but its main focus is a new couple.

Q:  Where can readers find you on the World Wide Web?

My website is

Social media links: